May 22nd, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1357 by Rongo

Good fun - not a total giveaway for me, as I was held up by the eternal youth and the anagram at 22ac (which for some reason would not come to mind). I was glad to be able to biff 2ac and 6ac then piece them together from their parts later. And thanks to the Friday 15x15 blogger, who evidently chose his nom de plume for just this scenario - without his foresight I would have been guessing at 11ac.

Definitions underlined.

1 Lines appended to mail? (10)
POSTSCRIPT - cryptic definition; lines appended and lines sent by mail.
8 Not in hospital room facing away (7)
OUTWARD - OUT (not in) and WARD (hospital room).
9 Picture with sound of enemy trail (5)
PHOTO - homophone of (sound of) "foe" (enemy) and "tow" (trail).
10 Small amount of speed (4)
DASH - double definition.
11 French poet’s verse translation of La Reine (8)
VERLAINE - V (verse) and an anagram (translation) of LE REINE.
13 Perhaps a bit of snow following a large amount of water (5)
FLAKE - F (following, used in citations to indicate the following page) and LAKE (a large amount of water).
14 No cry out for friend (5)
CRONY - anagram of (out) NO CRY.
16 Don’t hew a yew: some of it is coming up (2,3,3)
ON THE WAY - hidden in (some of it) dONT HEW A Yew. A masterful hidden, made trickier I think by the multi-word answer.
17 Vessel in snake pit at last (4)
BOAT - BOA (snake) and final letter of (at last) piT.
20 Bad time to bring back group of soldiers (5)
TROOP - reversal of (to bring back) POOR (bad) and T (time).
21 Window fixer initially gets less inclined to work (7)
GLAZIER - first letter of (initially) Gets, then LAZIER (less inclined to work).
22 Entry line winding around hotel, essentially (10)
INHERENTLY - anagram of (winding) ENTRY LINE, surrounding (around) H (hotel).

1 Poke about university, pleased with oneself (5)
PROUD - PROD (poke) surrounding (about) U (university).
2 Pleasure rested on one small dissenting subgroup (12)
SATISFACTION - SAT (rested), I (one), s (small), and FACTION (dissenting subgroup).
3 Hit friends turning up (4)
SLAP - reversal of (turning up) PALS (friends).
4 One who regrets accepting Doctor of Divinity as guide (6)
RUDDER - RUER (one who regrets) surrounding (accepting) DD (doctor of divinity).
5 People power unsettled a couple (8)
POPULACE - P (power) and an anagram of (unsettled) A COUPLE.
6 Towards eleven, company see main point for poisons expert (12)
TOXICOLOGIST - TO (towards), XI (eleven), CO (company), LO (see), and GIST (main point).
7 Humour to appear extremely dry (6)
COMEDY - COME (to appear) and outside letters from (extremely) DrY.
12 Eternal youth to dwindle and be exhausted (but not out in either case) (5,3)
PETER PAN - remove the 'out' (not out in either case) from PETER out (dwindle) and PAN out (be exhausted). At least, I think so. I'm not seeing the connection with 'pan out' and 'exhausted' (something to do with gold, perhaps?), but I'm happy to give the setter the benefit of the doubt for originality!
13 Cold tailless amphibian atop animal enclosure (6)
FROSTY - all but the last letter of (tailless) FROg (amphibian) on top of (atop) STY (animal enclosure).
15 Screw up masculine point of view (6)
MANGLE - M (masculine) and ANGLE (point of view).
18 Hang around, covered in pitch (5)
TARRY - double definition.
19 People go fast (4)
RACE - double definition.

Times 27357 - back to the North West Frontier, or the Great Lakes?

An odd mixture of clues I thought in this one, some easy, some eyebrow-raising and some downright hard unless you had served your time in the British Raj. I couldn't find any link to May 22 or people born or deceased this day to suggest why our esteemed setter-wallah might have chosen to include four clues on that theme, but a visit to the Rajdoot Balti in Oakham for a 9a Dhansak would seem in order this evening. And a 5d beforehand perhaps. CoD 20a.

1 Star female curiously the source of daughter’s frailty (5,4)
6 Good person not in fairness displaying energy (5)
JUICE - JUSTICE = fairness, remove ST (saint, good person).
9 Ducks out of strike: bravo, folks! (7)
LAMBKIN - LAM = strike, B for bravo, KIN = folks. Lambkin is "a term of endearment for a child" as is ducks, i presume.
10 Member of military caste turned to work — shock! (7)
RAJPOOT - I got this from checkers and wordplay, I knew the word from numerous Indian restaurants (some visited!) but not its exact meaning in Hindi. TO OP JAR is all reversed.
11 Where French gallery with large arch is looking shabby (3,2,5)
OUT AT ELBOW - OU = French for where (when with an accent), TATE = gallery, L, BOW = large, arch.
12 Remain confined to bed, missing quiet place (4)
LIEU - to LIE UP is to remain confined to bed; remove the P for quiet. Lieu being a French word for place.
14 Remove cap? That honour regularly goes to the Left (5)
UNHAT - Hidden, reversed, taking alternate letters of  T h A t H o N o U r. Is UNHAT really a word? I'll try it in Scrabble then.
15 Shatters convertible at maximum speed in this? (5-4)
CRASH-TEST - C (speed of light) (SHATTERS)*. I didn't now of it being hyphenated as opposed to two words, but there is that option in Collins Online.
16 Champion’s speed is key (9)
BACKSPACE - BACKS = champions, PACE = speed. For once, the idea of KEY referring to a keyboard did spring to mind quickly.
18 Short article: one way to get a degree (5)
THIRD - TH(E), I, RD = road, way. The fourth best degree you can get and still have honours, at the place i went to.
20 Raised from bed, picked up from here (4)
AWAY - I think it is a homophone for AWEiGH as in anchors aweigh, meaning anchors raised off the seabed. I like it.
21 Quote from animated character who’s put a CD out (5,2,3)
25 Browse ten gripping books, after exam certificate (3,4)
DIP INTO - DIP = diploma, IO = ten, insert the New Testament.
26 What, being retracted, is stuck in sullen alderman’s throat (3,4)
RED LANE - Hidden reversed in SULL(EN ALDER)MAN. Apparently 'red lane' or 'the little red lane' is a slang expression for throat.
27 Wood spirit no longer for drinking these days (5)
DRYAD - DRY = no longer for drinking, AD = Anno Domini.
28 Person milking crowds after backing charity (9)
DAIRYMAID - MYRIAD (crowds) reversed, AID = charity.
1 Extract coming from revolutionary manuscript (5)
FOLIO - "OIL OF ..." = extract coming from; all reversed.
2 Return of old woman to heave boxes (7)
REMATCH - RETCH (heave) 'boxes' MA = old woman.
3 Dress down, and start liking one’s job? (4,2,4)
TAKE TO TASK - DD, one whimsical.
4 Fussy hosts ultimately plan events for the year (5)
ANNAL - ANAL supposedly a synonym for fussy, insert N being the last letter of plaN. Collins explains this derived meaning of anal under 'psychoanalysis' at 2a and 2b.
5 After work, delay for a long drink (4,2,3)
6 Finishes off twin projects, displaying extraordinary power (4)
JUJU - JUTS JUTS being 'twin projects', lose their 'finishes'. JUJU being an African or voodoo origin power, probably from a Hausa word Dju-Dju.
7 One to drop off packs left one set on pedestal (7)
IDOLIZE - I (one), DOZE (drop off), insert L(eft), I (one).
8 Wrong RE student committed (9)
13 Festival with popular songs in German and ever poetic (4,6)
WHIT SUNDAY - I have to admit I biffed this and decoded it laboriously afterwards. W = with, HITS = popular songs, UND = 'and' in German, AY = poetic word for ever. No need to know any German songs, thankfully.
14 Lead attack on journalist after United criticised (9)
UPBRAIDED - U (united), PB (Pb, lead), RAID (attack), ED( journalist).
15 A lot of passengers in train see notice (9)
COACHLOAD - COACH = train, LO = see, AD = notice.
17 Cautious when circling naval officer’s bedstead (7)
CHARPOY - Another Indian heritage clue I deduced then had to check its veracity. CHARY = cautious, insert PO for Petty Officer. An Urdu word for a simple cot or bed.
19 State of record company endlessly attracting gossip (7)
INDIANA - INDI(E) = record company, endlessly; ANA = gossip. Collins for ANA says "a collection of anecdotes, reminiscences, etc., esp. by or about a particular person".
22 Note about period headgear (5)
TERAI - Yet another one I guessed from wordplay and then found its origin. TE being a note, insert ERA a period. A terai is a wide brimmed felt sun hat, named after a region in NW India.
23 Beliefs of the uninitiated prolonged speech (5)
CREED - I think this must be SCREED, 'uninitiated'. But I'd think a screed was a long written piece, not necessarily a speech?
24 Girl repelled Geordie with primitive instincts (4)
ENID - NE = Geordie, one from the north-east area of England; reverse that = repelled; ID the primitive part of the unconscious mind, as opposed to the ego or superego.