May 18th, 2019

  • brnchn

Times Cryptic No 27348 - Saturday, 11 May 2019. A Walk in the Woods.

If you knew that Terence Rattigan wrote the play mentioned in the title, you probably found this whole crossword a walk in the park! Otherwise, you might have had to tax your mind a bit at 1ac, 26ac and 1dn. Everything else was very relaxing for a Saturday, I thought. Apart, that is, from 2dn which I struggled to parse for no obvious reason.

The clue of the day was undoubtedly 1ac for the refreshing cryptic device. I got there in the end! Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle.

Clues are in blue, with definitions underlined. Answers are in BOLD CAPS, then wordplay. (ABC*) means 'anagram of ABC'. Deletions are in [square brackets].

1 Play filmed three times, four times possibly (8,6)
SEPARATE TABLES: the three-times table and four-times table are separate tables, surely! Separate Tables was filmed once, in 1958.

9 Men rejected notice — factory disruption on the way (9)
ROADWORKS: RO=OR (men) “rejected”, AD (notice), WORKS (factory).

10 Couple dance: miss work (5)
GALOP: GAL (a “miss”), OP (work).

11 Expand study by women's organisation (5)
WIDEN: WI (Women’s Institute), DEN (study).

12 Veg Tiny Tim initially held in contempt (9)
SWEETCORN: WEE (tiny) T (Tim, initially) in SCORN (contempt).

13 Authorised denomination housed in terminal (8)
ENTITLED: TITLE (denomination) in END (terminal).

15 Student population once almost entirely male in college (6)
ALUMNI: AL (all=entirely, “almost”), then M in UNI.

17 Three couples in precipitate entrance (6)
RAVISH: VI (3 x 2, in Roman numerals), in RASH. I started thinking “precipitate” might be RAIN, but that wouldn’t work!

19 High jumper got back across free-flowing river (4,4)
TREE FROG: TOG=GOT “back”, “across” (FREE R*) “flowing” – an anagram, where the extra R is for “river”.

22 Favoured second crest, reduced, with coloured frame (9)
RESEMBLED: “favoured her mother”, for example. It’s S for second, EMBLE[m] “reduced”, in RED coloured “frame”.

23 Supplement in honour of youngster (3-2)
TOP-UP: the toast would be “TO [the] PUP”.

24 Quick drink recruit drained (5)
ALERT: ALE (drink), R[ecrui]T “drained”.

25 Runner's been and got lost, accepting contrary directions (2-7)
GO-BETWEEN: anagram (“lost”) of (BEEN GOT*), accepting E and W, the “opposite directions”.

26 One settlement scheme remains to be covered in Tory speech (4,2,8)

1 Surrounding temperature troubled Byron's rare war horse (10,4)
STRAWBERRY ROAN: anagram (“troubled”) of (BYRONS RARE WAR*), “surrounding” T (temperature). There seem to be various films and songs about strawberry roans, so I’m not sure if the setter had a specific one in mind. Views welcome.

2 Acclaim mounting for two in the end (7)
PLAUDIT: LAUD=DUAL (for two) “mounting”, in TIP.

3 Tree line primarily advancing north (5)
ROWAN: ROW (line), A N from “advancing north” (primarily).

4 One's liable to hit extremely tough bit of bacon (8)
THRASHER: “extremely” T[oug]H, RASHER.

5 Charged like king in Mr Heath's clutches? (6)

6 Those attending during Giselle, eg, shortly to get trifle (9)
BAGATELLE: Giselle is a ballet. So we have GATE in BALLE[t] “shortly”.

7 Parasitic threat to crops having me lower supply (7)
EELWORM: anagram “supplied by” (ME LOWER*).

8 Visiting gents dispatching a cage nearly empty, to carry piano (8,1,5)
SPENDING A PENNY: P (piano) in SENDING A PEN, followed by an “empty” N[earl]Y.

14 Make sure striker is fit for international? (4,5)
TEST MATCH: double definition, the first one whimsical.

16 Wartime pin-up girl's drawn in poster that can be ordered (8)
GRADABLE: Betty GRABLE, “drawing in” an AD.

18 Strangling first person, criminal craves guts (7)
VISCERA: “criminal” anagram of (CRAVES*) “strangling” I (first person).

20 Left at end of theatre season in Paris more than satisfied (7)
REPLETE: REP (theatre), L (left), ÉTÉ (French for summer).

21 Red or white container such as tall staff may have? (6)
FLAGON: well, the flagstaff will often have a FLAG ON.

23 Tribespeople's trust, oddly, is rising (5)
TUTSI: TUT (odd letters of TrUsT), SI=IS “rising”.