May 17th, 2019

Quick Cryptic 1354 by Hurley

I made unnecessarily heavy weather of this, but in retrospect I think it is quite fair. One problem is I'm typing in the car while Mrs Curarist drives us down to Folkestone with the sole apparent intention of making me throw up.

1 Alcohol initially banned in skating area (4)
RINK - DRINK minus the first letter
3 Orchestral musician, popular, into red wine (8)
CLARINET - red wine is CLARET, with IN for popular inserted
9 Privateer recalling Capri as rocky in part (7)
CORSAIR - reverse hidden word; capRI AS ROCky.
10 Chess player’s success welcomed by bridge partners (5)
WHITE - success is HIT, West and East are bridge partners
11 Loudly announce point in cellar (5)
CRYPT - Loudly announce is CRY, point is PT
12 Flier’s usual nonsense? (6)
PARROT - PAR (usual) + ROT (nonsense)
14 Film “Titanic” — argued new version is needed (9,4)
EDUCATING RITA - anagram ("new version is needed") of TITANIC ARGUED
17 Cardinal slow on way back, everybody disheartened (6)
WOLSEY - this got me hook line and sinker. Cardinal ending in Y? Twenty? Thirty? Ninety? No, for once it's an ACTUAL cardinal. Overthinking it again. SLOW backwards + EY (''everybody" with the insides removed)
19 Scoundrel in vogue given new start (5)
ROGUE - VOGUE given new start.
22 Like sheep or like cow (not British) (5)
OVINE - BOVINE minus B for British
23 In from France, happy to embrace new country (7)
ENGLAND - EN + GLAD with N inserted
24 Present lady, without publicity, in kind manner (8)
TENDERLY - Present (verb) is TENDER, LADY minus the publicity (AD) is LY
25 Our group by Irish river feature (4)
WEIR - WE + IR. Spent hours trying to get US to fit in here.

1 Erotic dancing outside church — rebound hard to predict? (8)
RICOCHET - anagram ("dancing") of EROTIC with CH for church inside.
2 Irritable as vessel held in New York (5)
NARKY - ARK is vessel, NY is New York
4 Peer over lavatory, close, to see senior minister (4,5,4)
LORD PRIVY SEAL - Peer is LORD, lavatory is PRIVY, close is SEAL. An obsolete office of state whose original job was to look after the monarch's personal seal, as opposed to the seal of the realm whose custodian is the Lord Chancellor.
5 One in boat dispute? I’m not sure (5)
ROWER - Dispute is ROW, I'm not sure is ER...
6 Atmosphere Old Boy found in Northern Ireland’s capital city (7)
NAIROBI - Atmosphere is AIR, old boy is OB, all inside NI.
7 River in the news oddly (4)
TEES - alternate letters of ThE nEwS
8 Slogan from shaman tradition (6)
MANTRA - hidden word shaMAN TRAdition
13 Originally Vicky learned about perfume (8)
LAVENDER - anagram ("orginally") of V + LEARNED
15 Unrealistic upper-class head boy (7)
UTOPIAN - U is upper class thanks to Nancy Mitford, + TOP + IAN
16 Style of rock music that could get you back on road? (6)
GARAGE - double definition
18 Encirclement, say, if enemy gets energetic at outset (5)
SIEGE - initial letters of Say, If Enemy Gets Energetic
20 Stable worker in extremely grazeable clearing in forest (5)
GLADE - Stable worker is LAD, inside GE (the extremes of grazeable)
21 Foxtrot and tango as alternatives in soldiers’ place? (4)
FORT - Foxtrot or tango, F or T.

Times Jumbo 1379: QJ

This very much had the air of a Jumbo-fied QC. I took my first 3 minutes printing it out for a friend and still almost got it done inside a quarter hour. Apart from a couple of interesting words there is nothing here to scare the horses, except perhaps some curiously old fashioned lady dancers and lady garments at 17ac and 28dn. I think my favourite clue may have been 6dn due to the two very different types of screen; I also enjoyed the ASBO and four quarters. Thanks setter!

1 Small growths extremely likely to fill small cracks (6)
POLYPS - L{ikel}Y "to fill" POPS [small cracks]

4 Experiences fellow feeling, with English politician at his tablets (10)
EMPATHISES - E MP AT HIS E'S [English | politician | at | his | tablets]

10 Representing noble of the French state (5)
DUCAL - DU CAL [of the (in) French | state (California)]

14 Criminal female comes in handy with debtor's notes (9)
NEFARIOUS - F [female] comes in NEAR [handy] + IOU'S [debtor's notes]

15 Suspect streak in hugely rich sport on wheels (6-7)
ROLLER-SKATING - (STREAK*)["suspect"] in ROLLING [hugely rich]

16 Ace is away boxing, causing worry (7)
AGONISE - A [ace] + IS, GONE [away] "boxing"

17 Mentioned poet providing woman’s undergarment (7)
SPENCER - homophone of SPENSER [poet]

18 Umpteenth rally more than enough to reveal rivet (7)
ENTHRAL - hidden in {umpte}ENTH RAL{ly}

19 Swimmers should avoid this Iberian armed ship (10,3-2-3) (5)

21 Originally the supreme autocrat, leader of Russia (4)
TSAR - T{he} S{upreme} A{utocrat} + R{ussia}, &lit

24 Acclaim legend about fencing clubs (5)
ECLAT - reversed TALE [legend] "fencing" C [clubs]

26 Starving old American pursues crow (8)
RAVENOUS - O US [old | American] pursues RAVEN [crow]

27 Shuffles fish during drinks (5-3)
SHAKE-UPS - HAKE [fish] during SUPS [drinks]

29 Graduate, lout and English guy cross fine sea area (3,2,6)
BAY OF BENGAL BA, YOB + ENG AL [graduate | lout | English | guy] "cross" F [fine]

30 The most timid avoid eastern unit in national park (11)
YELLOWSTONE - YELLOW{e}ST [the most timid "avoid E (= eastern)"] + ONE [unit]

32 Rodney plugs terrible sweetener (6,5)

35 Old warship had go and turned unexpectedly (11)
DREADNOUGHT - (HAD GO + TURNED*) ["unexpectedly"]

37 Tea during the present time? That's definitely out (2,6)
NO CHANCE - CHA [tea] during NONCE [the present time]

39 Where film would be kept secretly (2,6)
IN CAMERA - double def

40 Time when Powell has gained power, replacing Nationalist (5)
EPOCH - take ENOCH [Powell], and replace N = Nationalist with P = power

43 Pupils no longer returning after a punishment (4)
ASBO - reversed OB'S [pupils no longer] after A

44 Spare no effort to play the pipes at full volume (4,3,3,3,5)
PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS - double def, pertaining to pulling out organ stops

47 Pretend deal includes song (7)
PLAYACT - PACT [deal] includes LAY [song]. A hard one to see, when not hyphenated.

48 New displays in gallery the lady's backing with dread almost (7)
REHANGS - reversed HER [the lady] + ANGS{t} [dread "almost"]

50 Ring about gunmen casing home, blow it! (7)
OCARINA - O CA RA [ring | about (= circa)| gunmen (= Royal Artillery)] "casing" IN [home]

51 Priest in church has men close to pulpit for Albert, say (6,7)
PRINCE CONSORT - PR IN CE CONS OR [priest | in | church | has (= tricks)| OR (= Other Ranks)] + {pulpi}T

52 Main man eats one like some Glasgow chocolate bars? (4-5)
DEEP FRIED - DEEP FRED [main | man] "eats" I [one]

53 Poles brought in money for viola (5)
PANSY - N S [(both) poles] "brought in" PAY [money]

54 Busy Italians accepting revolutionary firm's withdrawn (10)
ANTISOCIAL - (ITALIANS*) ["busy"] "accepting" reversed CO [firm]

55 Plucky one locked in iron enclosure (6)
FEISTY - I [one] "locked in" FE STY [iron | enclosure]

1 Long drink filled with very soft fruit (9)
PINEAPPLE - PINE ALE [long (for)| drink] "filled with" PP [very soft]

2 Firefly Leo and I manoeuvred, making excellent time (4,2,5)
LIFE OF RILEY - (FIREFLY LEO + I*) ["manoeuvred"]

3 Border stitch that is used at the front (7)
PURLIEU - PURL IE [stitch | that is ] + U{sed}

5 Lawmaker takes a stroll, avoiding Yankee (5)
MOSES - MOSE{y}S [takes a stroll, "avoiding Y = Yankee]

6 Two kinds of screen for part of Heathrow (3,8)
AIR TERMINAL - AIR [screen (verb)] + TERMINAL [screen (noun)]

7 Batter felt raunchy, making good score (4-7)
HALF-CENTURY - (FELT RAUNCHY*) ["batter..."]

8 Vow to give up fade after last of hooks (5,3)
SWEAR OFF - WEAR OFF [fade] after {hook}S

9 Englishman and SAS chase criminal around north (9)
SASSENACH - (SAS CHASE*) ["criminal"] around N [north]

10 Note conductor's deficiency (6)
DEARTH - D EARTH [note | (electrical) conductor]

11 Like artwork in Fifty Shades of Grey? (11)
CHIAROSCURO - cryptic def

12 It's acceptable for one article to appear between lines (5)
LEGAL - EG A [for one | article] to appear between L + L [(two) lines]

13 On radio, what makes one stud's leading part? (12)
FOREQUARTERS - homophone of FOUR QUARTERS, which sum to one

20 It recalled silver in highly uncivilised state (8)
SAVAGERY - SA [sex appeal = it] + AG [silver] in VERY [highly]. Not sure what the "recalled" is doing...

22 Admire scripture cult absorbing pressure (7)
RESPECT - RE SECT [scripture | cult] "absorbing" P [pressure]

23 Second opener for Kent is to run sports venue (3,5)
SKI SLOPE - S [second] + K{ent} + IS + LOPE [to run]

25 Cloths in which to wrap up oily cheeses? (8)
TAFFETAS - reversed FAT [oily] + FETAS [cheeses]

28 Obscene call for former dancing girl (8)
BLUEBELL - BLUE BELL [obscene | call]

29 Almost clear off one initially aggressive plant (7)
BEGONIA - BEGON{e} ["almost" clear off!] + I [one] + A{ggressive}

31 Authority in east London built square (3-9)
OLD-FASHIONED - 'OLD [authority, as a Cockney would say it] + FASHIONED [built].
Spent so long thinking this was a synonym for "authority" in (E LONDON*)...

33 Late study of lutetium, copper and boron quota (11)
LUCUBRATION - LU CU + B RATION [lutetium | copper | boron | quota]

34 Leg reduces impact of aids for sewers (11)
PINCUSHIONS - PIN CUSHIONS [leg | reduces impact]

35 Confusing enigmatic ad showing oddly attractive quality (11)

36 Global subject, say, upset old, old drunk cutting images (11)
GEOPOLITICS - reversed EG [say] + O [old] + O LIT [old | drunk] "cutting" PICS [images]

38 Marine arthropods covering hole in one area (9)
CRUSTACEA - CRUST ACE A [covering | hole in one | area]

41 Farming hours now and then on group lines (9)
HUSBANDRY - H{o}U{r}S, on BAND RY [group | lines]

42 Wine inspires latest member of orchestra (8)
CLARINET - CLARET [wine] "inspires" IN [latest]

45 Pinch a bit (7)
SNAFFLE - double def

46 Religious publication cautious about credit (3,3)
WAR CRY - WARY [cautious] about CR [credit]

47 Children's drink more costly, like some of their books? (3-2)
POP-UP - POP [children's drink] + UP [more costly]

49 Hindu workers, 500 in part of Koran (5)
SUDRA - D [500] in SURA [part of Koran]