May 15th, 2019


Times Quick Cryptic No 1352 by Des


I nearly finished this puzzle in 16'30", but it took me another three minutes to puzzle out and then Google my answer for 8 Down. In any case, my longish time made sense: the puzzle was straightforward, but my seasonal allergies had me sneezing and stopping to blow my nose every 30 seconds or so. My head wasn't together enough to push hard on any one clue, so I just kept moving and was able to finish the puzzle without any real difficulties.

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Times 27351 - Does a German Dogger Bight?

16 minutes for this light hearted offering, which for the first time in my 5 years of blogging regularity, does not (as far as I can see) have a 'hidden word' clue. Apart from the sneaky puzzles from yesteryear which occasionally pop up, of course. Does our setter know something we don't in the surface of 1a? I liked 8d because it made me think nostalgically of the Shipping Forecasts on Radio 4, for which at one time I could 'do' the areas in order from memory, now replaced by the Periodic Table for my sleep induction.

Just a reminder; ( )* = anagram fodder, italics = anagrist, underline = definition, DD = double definition.

1 Knowing those swinging both ways bound to be high up in church (10) EDIT apparently there was a late edit ! after I'd printed off my online edition to solve. It now reads "Knowing bachelor is bound ...". How the first version got past the censor is a mystery, and who spotted the bad taste? See various comments below.
ARCHBISHOP - ARCH = knowing, BIS = bisexuals, (now B = bachelor, IS), HOP = bound.
6 Unhappy about hard run (4)
DASH - SAD reversed, H for hard.
9 Not captured outside Mons initially is correct (10)
UNMISTAKEN - UNTAKEN = not captured, insert M = mons, I = initially is.
10 Philosopher works? (4)
MILL - DD, as in John Stuart Mill.
12 Progressive splitting around in-patients’ toilet? (7-7)
FORWARD-LOOKING - a WARD LOO would be an in-patients' toilet; insert into FORKING = splitting.
14 Showing due respect to Channel islands over hard water area (6)
ICECAP - CI = Channel Islands. /reverse that. PACE = showing due respect to; (the meaning is in Collins, from Latin Pax pace).  Reverse that too.
15 For mine, aluminium is wastefully extravagant (8)
PRODIGAL - PRO = for, DIG = mine, AL = Al, aluminium.
17 Diamond in box king left queen (8)
SPARKLER - SPAR = box, K = king, L = left, ER = Queen.
19 Stone, plastic or zinc (6)
22 Story by Scheherazade, perhaps, nearly a real treasure (3,2,1,8)
ONE IN A THOUSAND - Scheherezade told the king 1,001 stories, each finished the following night, in order to avoid being decapitated, as he had done to his previous 1,000 virgin brides after one night so they could never be unfaithful. He married her in the end; perhaps they had run out of virgins? Nice music though.
24 Some returned in carriage (4)
TRAP - PART reversed.
25 Torch English home — note what then appears? (4,6)
FIRE ENGINE - FIRE = torch, ENG, IN, E = note. Not the best ever clue.
26 Part of film is material for audience (4)
REEL - Sounds like REAL = material.
27 Republican leads top-secret rolling review (10)
1 Water in a boggy place, mostly (4)
2 Arrive holding prize dessert dish (7)
COMPOTE - Insert POT (prize) into COME.
3 Husband and wife coping with tailing vehicle moving in the outback (12)
BUSHWHACKING - H, W HACKING (coping) follows BUS.
4 Terribly artsy Romeo with many famous actors (6)
5 Wartime operation ended by Kitchener, perhaps (8)
OVERLORD - OVER = ended, LORD = Kitchener, perhaps.
7 Enduring bachelor involved in giving help (7)
ABIDING - B inserted into AIDING
8 Order for copter to stop flying in German island (10)
HELIGOLAND - HELI, GO LAND being the relevant order.
11 Bank handsome victory on beach? (7,5)
GOODWIN SANDS - GOOD WIN = handsome victory, SANDS = beach. Sandbank in the North Sea.
13 So to hers excitedly around nine in cowboy gear? (3-7)
SIX-SHOOTER - Insert IX = nine into (SO TO HERS)*.
16 Stand across from top amusement park attraction (8)
BESTRIDE - the BEST RIDE is the top amusement park attraction.
18 Mean storm follows hail (7)
AVERAGE - AVE = Latin for 'hail', RAGE = storm.
20 Disadvantage with very good pen (7)
CONFINE - CON(TRA) = disadvantage, FINE = very good.
21 One who’s affected position over Europe (6)
POSEUR - POS short for position, EUR short for Europe.
23 Quick and effective line out of Dutch city (4)
DEFT - DELFT has L removed.