May 10th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic No 1349 by Izetti

It's Friday and today we have a puzzle from Izetti. "Goody", I thought when I saw the name at the top, anticipating we would get a nice end-of-the-week test, and I wasn't disappointed. Unusually, I was onto the wavelength straight away and got all but 10A of the across clues on first reading, and, although there are one or two down clues that held me up a bit more, I still managed a rare sub-5 minutes for an Izetti QC. I hesitate to say it is an easier than usual puzzle, though, as I think there are one or two clues that the less-experienced might find tricky. We are treated to typical Izetti smooth surfaces and neat wordplay and, what is more, we have a Pangram! "Lovely job", as they say in these parts. Thanks, Izetti. How did you all like it?
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