April 24th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1337 by Marty

I struggled accross the line in twice my normal time, and didn't really get to enjoy much of it unitl writing the blog. I thought the last few down clues were really good fun, for example, and my favourite is 18dn despite not knowing the word! Some others also took a bit of working out (14dn, 15dn, and inexplicably the anagram at 17ac), and I'm still not convinced by 6ac - what am I missing?

It's not unusual for me to turn red when, after blogging a puzzle I found quite easy, several commenters report that they had the very opposite experience. Let's hope it's the other way round today, and I turn green instead!

Definitions underlined.

1 Utilise CV somehow to create Biblical work (9)
LEVITICUS - anagram of (somehow) UTILSE CV.
6 Uniform worn by daughters is no good (3)
DUD - U (uniform, phonetic alphabet) surrounded by (worn by) two Ds (daughters). I think we may have had this conversation before, but to me 'X worn by Y' naturally indicates 'Y surrounded by/wearing X', not the other way round. Anyway, it's not Xs and Ys, it's Ds and Us, so the answer was easy enough.
8 Trouble removing edging from aperture, black (7)
PERTURB - all but the outermost letters (removing edging) from aPERTURe, with B (black).
9 Proportion grasped by adroit artist, looking back (5)
RATIO - reverse hidden (grasped by... looking back) adrOIT ARtist.
10 Put a different way, this order now transformed (2,5,5)
IN OTHER WORDS - anagram of (transformed) THIS ORDER NOW.
12 Every so often, bear will cry loudly (4)
BAWL - every other letter from (every so often) BeAr WiLl.
13 Previously, and never to be repeated? (4)
ONCE - double definition.
17 Ponder dismal moves to find paradise (8,4)
PROMISED LAND - anagram of (moves) PONDER DISMAL.
20 Bell for dinner perhaps catches one leaving (5)
GOING - GONG (bell for dinner, perhaps) surrounding (catches) I (one).
21 Pipe crossing road by a green (7)
VERDANT - VENT (pipe) surrounding (crossing) RD (road) and A.
23 Organ is present for Cockney speaking (3)
EAR - sounds like a Londoner saying (for Cockney speaking) "ere" (here, present).
24 Where to place billiards cue, being alert? (2,3,4)
ON THE BALL - double definition.

1 Bound to cut loose in the end (4)
LOPE - LOP (to cut) and the last letter of (in the end) loosE.
2 Queen entering London museum’s portico (7)
VERANDA - ER (queen) inside (entering) V AND A (Victoria and Albert, London museum).
3 Greek character is tense, failing to reach conclusion (3)
TAU - TAUt (tense) without the last letter (failing to reach conclusion).
4 Unfortunately, owe BBC for item of spin? (6)
COBWEB - anagram of (unfortunately) OWE BBC.
5 In which to gauge the opinions of suckers? (5,4)
STRAW POLL - cryptic definition.
6 Prevent gent leaving cleaning fluid (5)
DETER - DETERgent (cleaning fluid) with the 'gent' bit missing (leaving).
7 Sleepy and thirsty, suppressing pained cries (6)
DROWSY - DRY (thirsty) surrounding (suppressing) OWS (pained cries).
11 Lecture from monarch in total disarray (7-2)
TALKING-TO - KING (monarch) inside an anagram (disarray) of TOTAL.
14 Preserve farewell musical setting (7)
CANTATA - CAN (preserve) and TA-TA (farewell).
15 High point of a river: wow! (6)
APOGEE - A, PO (river), and GEE (wow).
16 Material taken from novel vetoed (6)
VELVET - hidden in (taken from) noVEL VEToed.
18 Willow, abnormally large, that is overlooking river (5)
OSIER - OS (outsize, abnormally large), I.E. (that is) on top of (overlooking) R (river).
19 Turned up after hours with others (2,2)
ET AL - reversal of (turn up) LATE (after hours).
22 Eggs in a line picked up? (3)
ROE - sounds like (picked up) "row" (a line).

Times 27333 - another midweek middle of the road

19 minutes for me to solve and parse this one, nothing to frighten any horses here. It has a slight literary flavour, with Kipling, Dickens and Shakespeare (for example) cropping up. I've never read Kipling's poetry, which seems to be regarded as non-PC these days, but 1a was clear enough. I remembered 9a from Dickens' David Copperfield, although I only read now that Dickens' own father was incarcerated there for a while.
I can't think of more to say about it, except that it was pleasantly straightforward and fair. No obscure elements, antelopes, plants, subatomic particles... nothing for a scientist to drivel on about.

1 Crew beginning to digest a poem — one by Kipling (8)
MANDALAY - MAN = crew, D(igest), A, LAY = poem.
5 Podgy head of company introducing partner (6)
CHUBBY - C(ompany), HUBBY = partner.
8 Way to engage English class (3)
SET - ST = street, way; insert E.
9 Old prison mother will inevitably visit, do we hear? (10)
MARSHALSEA - MA = mother, SHALSEA sounds like 'shall see'. Old prison in Southwark, referred to often in Dickens' works.
10 Fairly plump soldiers about to take a French course (8)
ROUNDISH - OR = soldiers, ordinary ranks; reversed = RO: UN = a in French; DISH = course.
11 Detached territory, one with seaside feature spanning lake (6)
ISLAND - I = one, SAND = seaside feature, insert L for lake.
12 Terminates alliances (4)
AXES - Double definition.
14 Pirate captain twinkles, entertaining last of many children (10)
KIDDYWINKS - KIDD being the pirate captain; WINKS = twinkles; insert Y being the last of manY.
17 Geometrician rejected books, heading off one arguing in defence (10)
TOPOLOGIST - OT = books; rejected = TO; (A)POLOGIST = one arguing in defence, with the head removed.
20 Exploit of daughter on river (4)
DEED - River Dee, D for daughter.
23 It may be fired about 45 inches in temper (6)
PELLET - An ELL measured 45 inches; insert it into PET which can mean a fit of temper.
24 Wicked one put out by my sneering? (8)
SCORNFUL - wicked = SINFUL; drop the I (one put out), insert COR = exclamation my!.
25 Limited view initially of girl missing point, hating some Brits (10)
ANGLOPHOBE - ANGL(E) = limited view; O = initially of; PHO(E)BE = girl missing E a compass point.
26 Aristocrat using good French in retirement (3)
NOB - French for good, reversed.
27 Port Wellington left before onset of engagement (6)
BOOTLE - BOOT = Wellington, L = left, E = onset of engagement.
28 Delaying getting accommodation for books, perhaps (8)
SHELVING - Double definition.

1 Perpetrator of terrible crimes — a soldier, possibly (9)
MISCREANT - (CRIMES)* then ANT = soldier possibly.
2 Carved toggle teens sported touring our country (7)
NETSUKE - (TEENS)* around UK. NETSUKE, as I have seen on the Antiques Roadshow, are small Japanese carved pieces, made of ivory or more recently of hippopotamus tooth. They are usually in the form of a toggle to close a bag with a string, as Japanese robes had no pockets so chaps had to carry a pouch or box for their bits and bobs.
3 Naval force represented by rising male artist (6)
ARMADA - ADAM = male, RA = artist, rising = reversed, ARMADA.
4 Striking? Police officers are doing it regularly (9)
ARRESTING - Double definition.
5 Miss Pecksniff, for example, showing wariness about appeal (7)
CHARITY - CHARY = showing wariness, IT = appeal, insert IT into CHARY. Charity Pecksniff was one of two daughters in Martin Chuzzlewit (the other was Mercy).
6 Pure evil on the up! Not taken to court about it? (9)
UNSULLIED - evil = ILL; reversed (on the up) = LLI; insert into UNSUED = not taken to court.
7 Attend prison, leaving note for 1950s dropout (7)
BEATNIK - If you attend prison you would BE AT NICK, drop the note C.
13 Draw attention to rebuff outside bank (9)
SPOTLIGHT - SLIGHT = rebuff, insert POT = bank, as in pot of money at poker perhaps.
15 Outmanoeuvre Charlie, reluctant washer-up (9)
DISHCLOTH - DISH = outmanoeuvre, C for Charlie, LOTH = reluctant.
16 Carrier starts to ship goods, securing awfully bad deal (9)
SADDLEBAG - S and G being the 'starts' to ship, goods; insert (BAD DEAL)*.
18 Circles in which literary princess is offered culinary herb (7)
OREGANO - REGAN daughter of King Lear, goes inside O O being circles.
19 Result of the writer supporting public business enterprise (7)
OUTCOME - OUT = public, CO = business, ME = the writer.
21 High-ranking old Turk’s aim visiting parts of Fife (7)
EFFENDI - END = aim, goes into (FIFE)*.
22 Trying experience of boy turning up during exam (6)
ORDEAL - ORAL = exam, insert ED reversed, Ed being a boy's name.