April 9th, 2019


Times Quick Cryptic 1326 by Hurley

Quite a few anagrams, a bit of piecing together, some thought required on exact definitions and some clever clues. A good QC completed in 09:12. LOI 9ac, COD 10ac.
I know the QC is a long way from football but I thought I’d point to the happy chance of two clues appearing here after Sunday’s highly enjoyable (to a neutral such as me) game where the 6dn's produced 22ac at Wembley.

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  • jackkt

Times Cryptic 27320

This puzzle had a strange feel to it but I completed it in 24 minutes so it didn't present much of a challenge. Having said that, I have to admit to one error at 6dn which I discuss in more detail in the blog along with excuses offered in mitigation. There are at least a couple of very feeble clues, stray full stops (or missing following capital letters)  in another two, and one where the wordplay doesn't work logically, at least to my mind, suggesting that sadly once again production of the puzzle (or the editing) is not quite up to The Times's usually very high standards. On later edit, I've now confirmed that all three apparent errors in the on-line puzzle appear also in the printed edition.

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