April 5th, 2019

Quick Cryptic 1324 by Pedro

This was not straightforward. I seemed to do quite a lot of biffing* for a QC, with the parsing only coming later. There are a couple which I don't think quite work, and a few devices that are perhaps a bit sneaky for the QC. I am interested to see what you all made of it. Just under 10min for me.

(*BIFFING: from BIFD, Bunged In From Definition. When you guess the answer from the definition part of the clue, but have no idea how the cryptic part works)

1 Slave back in shifting coal out of doors (8)
ALFRESCO - Slave is SERF, backwards, inside an anagram ("shifting") of COAL
5 Rejection of plans for annoying emails (4)
SPAM - MAPS backwards
9 Nonsense written about a small Sunday meal (5)
ROAST - ROT outside AS
10 Recalled diving bird going behind one cold Arctic feature (7)
ICEBERG - GREBE backwards after IC
11 Baked food? Large quantity, not left (3)
PIE - PILE without L for left
12 Brothers I found in care of revolutionary priest of heavenly aspect (9)
AMBROSIAL - Brothers is BROS, with I inside LAMA backwards. The other words used to denote preist include REV and ELI (biblical figure). Other ecclesiatiacal abbreviations: 'Archdeacon' usually denotes VEN (venerable), 'Bishop' is usually B as in chess, but is occasionally RR for right reverend
13 Sheltered area is covered by agent not fully alert (6)
15 Newspaperman recalled repetition about one day (6)
EDITOR - ROTE backwards around I D
17 Soccer playing about to finish leading to increasing noise (9)
CRESCENDO -  anagram ("playing") of  SOCCER, around END
19 He perhaps requires odd bits of glass (3)
GAS - Alternate letters of glass. He is helium. Beware chemical elements masquerading as common words. The other one often seen is arsenic (As)
20 TV Andre recycled, being green (7)
VERDANT -  anagram ("recycled") of TV ANDRE
21 Make speech over level of tax? (5)
ORATE - O (over, cricket) + RATE. The question mark indicates that level of tax is one example of the use of RATE, rather than a direct definition.
22 Rule applied to new part of garden (4)
23 Always getting the same part of cooked pasty etc. (8)
TYPECAST -  anagram ("cooked") of PASTY ETC

1 A lot of words about musical work may be to the point (7)
APROPOS - I'm not sure this one quite works, and its maybe a bit stiff for the QC. 'A lot of' sometimes denotes a word that has been shortened. Here it's the word PROSE, placed around OP for musical work. Trouble is, you need the A at the beginning. If the A in the clue is perfoming that task, you are left with the phrase 'Lot of words', which has to somehow generate PROS
2 Peel having something false about Liberal (5)
FLAKE - FAKE outside L
3 Replaces taxi after crash? Wonderful (5-7)
EXTRA-SPECIAL -  anagram ("after crash") of REPLACES TAXI
4 Company’s first member to head for the top (5)
6 Foresee alcoholic drink turning up in pint container? (7)
PREDICT - another slightly stiff one. Here the alcoholic drink is CIDER,  which is placed backwards inside P and T, being the 'container' of PINT. I don't think I've seen that device before, and again I dont think it entirely works. P and T are not the container of 'PINT', if anything they are the container of 'IN'.
7 Magnate’s way of working? Ear pricked up (5)
MOGUL MO (modus operandi) + LUG backwards
8 Outstanding: another century, then adding single (6-2-4)
SECOND-TO-NONE - SECOND TON (another century) + ONE for single.
14 Watch British quarrel that’s curiously raised? (7)
EYEBROW - EYE (watch) B (British) ROW (quarrel). Raised when you're curious.
16 Others adopting physical exercise about to get appreciation (7)
RESPECT - Others is REST, around PE and C
17 Six in California make petty complaints (5)
CAVIL - CAL  with VI (6) inside
18 Looking swanky a couple of times in US city (5)
NATTY - A + T + T inside NY
19 Mostly vague when stewing a fruit (5)
GUAVA - another one that I think belongs in the 15 x 15. It's an anagram ("stewing") of an incomplete word (VAGU, i.e. mostly vague), with A added on.