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April 2nd, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1321 by Teazel

Lots to enjoy here - and I took my time doing so - 13 minutes making sure I’d fully understood each clue. Some really do repay the effort - I particularly liked the brief but very intelligent 4dn but COD to 19ac. LOI 13ac. Have fun!

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Times Cryptic 27314

I had a few problems with this one, including ages spent staring at my LOI (8dn)  which for some reason eluded me. I got there eventually in 46 minutes. There seem to be a lot of references to booze and thirst in the Across clues.

In passing I would mention that if any members of the TftT community were adversely affected by Ulaca's announcement and comments in yesterday's blog they may care to revisit it and cast an eye over some of the later contributions confirming it had the smell of fish about it.

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