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March 26th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1316 by Orpheus

A good QC from Orpheus. I’d have been quicker than 10 mins if I hadn’t continued my spell of messing up on a particular clue (this time LOI 8ac). Hopefully you’ll all be OK - let us know how you got on. As always, all questions are welcome.

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Times Cryptic 27308

I found some of this very tough having taken 6 full minutes to come up with my first answer. I gave myself a break about 40 minutes in and then forgot to record my total time which certainly exceeded an hour. The delay in starting had knocked my confidence but it was then damaged further by not being sure of the unchecked letter at 7dn - but more on that later. Having now prepared  the blog, I'm not sure why I found the puzzle so difficult as, on reflection, many of the clues seem quite straightforward.

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