March 22nd, 2019

Quick Cryptic 1314 by Teazel

This was more of a challenge than I have had in recent blogs, mainly because of defective general knowledge on may part. There is a good range of clues, though. A couple of very old chestnuts - I'm sure I've seen 10ac, 21ac and 3dn before, but overall fun and fair.

7 Big book about company not yet ready? (2,4)
TO COME - big book is a TOME with CO for company inside
8 Mass meeting consumes energy, in fact (6)
REALLY - Mass meeting is RALLY, with E
9 Criminal is grass (4)
BENT - Double definition. This one floored me for the simple reason that I did not know bent was a type of grass
10 Make people a gift (8)
DONATION - DO (make) + NATION (people)
11 Everything for factory (3,5)
THE WORKS - double definition
13 One’s turning over newspaper to examine closely (4)
SIFT - 'one's' backwards is SI, FT is a newspaper.
15 Strength of character exhibited by Magritte (4)
GRIT - hidden word: MaGRITte
16 Famous ostrich I dissected (8)
HISTORIC - anagram ('dissected') of OSTRICH I
18 One lassoing a troublemaker is unseemly (8)
IMPROPER - IMP is a troublemaker, ROPER is one lassoing
20 Confront fiascoes regularly (4)
FACE - alternate letters of fiascoes
21 One engaged to withdraw name from money affairs (6)
FIANCE - Money affairs is FINANCE, minus N for name
22 Ship’s officer errs, up for correction (6)
PURSER - anagram ('for correction') of ERRS UP

1 Cooperating for capturing woman (8)
2 Speaking exaggeratedly about plain drink being delicious (5-8)
3 Sensitive offer (6)
TENDER - double definition
4 Shortly trim American fruit-tree (6)
PRUNUS - trim is PRUNE, lose the last letter, add US
5 Anger after church service cancelled: a painful initiation (7,2,4)
BAPTISM OF FIRE - BAPTISM (church service) + OFF (cancelled) + IRE (anger)
6 What Prodigal Son shows additionally (4)
ALSO - hidden word: prodigAL SOn
12 Pet fish, one fine to rear (3)
KOI - I OK (one fine) backwards
14 Recoils from birds seen round lake (8)
FLINCHES - FINCHES outside L for lake
16 Take place, maybe up north (6)
HAPPEN - Another one that floored me, as I did not know the Northern English dialect usage of 'happen' to mean maybe.
17 Fight over drug is embarrassing predicament (6)
19 Worker installs one gas-pipe (4)
MAIN - MAN is worker, with I inside.