March 15th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic No 1309 by Mara

A typically neat and entertaining puzzle from Mara today. Nothiing too difficult, I think, but I'm sure you will correct me if you found it otherwise; some may find 22A and 3D a bit of a stretch, perhaps. With dance, run, hop and fly in the first four clues I thought we might be having a bit of a theme of activity, but 13A and 21A put paid to that. There is much to enjoy in the surfaces and wordplay. I particularly liked 13A, 4D, 10D, 12D and (my favourite) 16D. How did you all get on? Update: Oops. I neglected to give my thanks to our setter for a great puzzle. I think the comments below speak for themselves, but let me add that I thought it was right in the Goldilocks zone, with lots for the experienced solver to smile at and the less-experienced to discover. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Mara!
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