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March 5th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1301 by Breadman

I breezed through this one (just over 7 minutes is fast for me) so quickly that I didn’t notice some of the intricacies of the word play. Having now gone through the blog I think this is an excellent QC. Whilst some clue constructions need unravelling and there is a usual smattering of initials and anagrams, the constituent parts all seem to be generously clued. I think the term 'accessible' applies to this puzzle so I hope newer solvers have fun. Old hands may be reaching for their PB history records.

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Times Cryptic 27290

My solving time was 33 minutes, so on the easy side but nevertheless a technical DNF for me as I gave up on my LOI at 1dn and resorted to aids.

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