February 27th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1297 by Aureliano

A new setter, and some new vocabulary for me at 16dn. I found the bottom half harder than the top, and had to think a bit to untangle some of the wordplay, but still managed an average time. There are more than usual (fairly indicated) definitions by example (DBE), and an otherwise good mix of devices, so I hope that everyone managed to get a foothold somewhere. I especially enjoyed the long charade at 3dn (far more than the long charade to which it refers)!

There's a Nina too, the exposition of which I have hidden below in case you'd like to see if you can spot it first!

Welcome to the fold, Aureliano.

Definitions underlined.

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7 Spaniard perhaps turning in late, so jaded (4)
JOSE - hidden backwards in (turning in) latE SO Jaded
8 Fair representation of Buendias (8)
UNBIASED - anagram (representation) of BUENDIAS
9 Hour on and off to go round on quiet Japanese island (6)
HONSHU - alternate letters from (on and off) HoUr surrounding (to go round) ON and SH (quiet).
10 Worked hard to initially install light (6)
TOILED - TO, the first letter of (initially) Install, then LED (light emitting diode, light)
11 Small infant’s bed for bairn? (4)
SCOT - S (small) and COT (infant's bed). A bairn (a Scottish child) is a Scot, and the question mark takes care of the definition by example.
12 Safely secured fixing eg in bath (2,3,3)
IN THE BAG - anagram of (fixing) EG IN BATH.
15 Put at risk, cease to be annoyed? (8)
ENDANGER - END ANGER (cease to be annoyed).
17 Spurs? We can have them for breakfast! (4)
EGGS - Cryptic definition. The straight definition (spurs=eggs) from the sense of egging on/encouraging.
18 Show: a seaside attraction from what we are told (6)
APPEAR - sounds like (from what we are told) "a pier" (a seaside attraction).
21 Garcia Marquez, for one, nevertheless bathed in aura endlessly (6)
AUTHOR - THO' (though, nevertheless) surrounded by (bathed in) the first three letters of (endlessly) AURa.
22 Soldier married in Macondo originally (8)
COMMANDO - M (married) inside an anagram of (originally) MACONDO.
23 Getting warmer Thursday: not half warm, on reflection (4)
THAW - TH (thursday) and a reversal of (on reflection) the first half of (not half) WArm. I'm not sure about thaw/thawing, but I can see that 'get warmer Thursday' would make for a less satisfactory surface.

1 Male raccoon originally from part of N Africa (8)
MOROCCAN - M (male) and an anagram of (originally) RACCOON.
2 Small county? Italian finds room to live in (6)
BEDSIT - BEDS (abbreviation for (small) Bedfordshire (county)) and IT (Italian).
3 Question, one holding EU up repeatedly: no good waiting patiently? (8)
QUEUEING - Q (question) and I (one) surrounding (holding) a reversal of (up) EU EU (repeatedly), then N (no) and G (good). Phew!
4 Cockney’s custom? To an extent (1,3)
A BIT - how a Cockney might say 'habit' (custom), by dropping the 'h'.
5 Engineers to drink a French wine, gorge (6)
RAVINE - RE (Royal Engineers) surrounding (to drink) A and VIN (French wine).
6 Yours truly twice passed on cultural motif (4)
MEME - ME (yours truly) repeated (twice).
13 With intention of studying, or becoming bullfighter (8)
TOREADOR - TO READ (with intention of studying), as in 'I went to the library...', then OR.
14 Virtually the same, morally? (2,4,2)
AS GOOD AS - cryptic definition.
16 Sam Dee, flustered, cancels (6)
ADEEMS - anagram of (flustered) SAM DEE.
17 Lands in bottom of hole, say (6)
ESTATE - last letter (bottom) of holE then STATE (say).
19 Storyline’s particular lack of theme, first of all (4)
PLOT - first letters from (first of all) Particular Lack Of Theme.
20 Violent diatribe coming from Amaranta (4)
RANT - hidden in (coming from) amaRANTa.

Times 27285 - Not Harry Potter, or a 3a question

I pottered through this pleasant little challenge in my target of twenty minutes or so, held up at the end by 25a until I saw the devious definition. I think Mr Setter or Mr Editor must be being kind to me, after the snorter two weeks ago, as I don't think it will push the SNITCH over the 100 mark. My fav clue was 8d for avoiding silver = Ag for once and getting a smile. Not much else to add, unless 'disputed science' is worth disputing.

1 Secure temporary container for lighter, say (4)
LOCK -  A lighter can be a sort of cargo boat, so can be temporarily in a lock as on a canal. Or perhaps a loch in Scotland, hence the 'say' if it's a homophone clue. It's the only one today, so I think it must be.
3 Violently hector and rail in speech (10)
10 Transport minister meeting Russian? (7)
MINIVAN - MIN(ister) meets IVAN the russian.
11 Old airline to circle course (7)
BEARING - BEA (British European Airways, defunct), plus RING = circle.
12 Bury New Street collects intermittently larger tax abroad (8,7)
INTERNAL REVENUE - INTER = bury, N(ew), then AVENUE has L R E inserted, LRE being alternate letters of LARGER. Tax abroad seems an odd way of referring to it? I presume he means Federal tax in the USA, I think in the UK it was more usually called INLAND Revenue. Thankfully I only need to know about IMPOTS.GOUV
13 Old still can be this good, but not fine (6)
GRAINY - G(ood), RAINY so not fine.
14 Disputed science eastern genius devised to trap carbon (8)
EUGENICS - E = eastern, (GENIUS C)*, the C for carbon.
17 Client fools river bird heading west (8)
CONSUMER - CONS = fools, then R EMU reversed.
18 Commercial about Clio, say, was entertaining (6)
AMUSED - AD goes around MUSE, the Muses of whom Clio was one.
21 Booking calls for bands showing promise (10,5)
ENGAGEMENT RINGS - ENGAGEMENT = booking, RINGS = calls. Chestnut time.
23 Producer of evergreen staple song retired (4,3)
PINE NUT - PIN = staple, thenTUNE reversed.
24 One very dead strand (7)
ISOLATE - I (one) SO (very) LATE (dead).
25 Potter stars rush around, keeping track (10)
NURSERYMAN - NAMES RUN = stars rush around; reverse that and insert RY for track. I didn't see this until all the checkers went in, as was thinking of other kinds of potter, as in clay, or potter about = do this and that.
26 Crooked mountain top work shed (4)
BENT - BEN = mountain, T = TOP without OP.

1 Heather nursing English married couple's rodent (7)
LEMMING - LING = heather nurses E MM. I remember playing Lemmings on a very early PC many years ago, maybe 1991, probably before the mouse was being used; tricky fun but I finished it before 1993 I think.
2 Force prisoners on coach (9)
CONSTRAIN -  CONS = prisoners, TRAIN = coach.
4 Sea mist masks no good planes here (6)
HANGAR - HAAR has NG inserted.
5 Top Roman bishop in row with one American (8)
TIBERIUS - B for bishop, inside TIER = row, I, US.Roman Emperor, 14 AD - 37 AD.
6 Driver glances at this stern opinion by paper (4-4,6)
REAR-VIEW MIRROR - REAR = stern, VIEW = opinion, (Daily) Mirror.
7 Rocky pile of Irish tin boxes (5)
CAIRN - IR inside CAN = tin.
8 Silver was thus, on one side, hammered (7)
LEGLESS - Long John had only one leg; hammered as in drunk. Is this term used outside the UK?
9 Finished grant once, putting away too much (14)
OVERINDULGENCE - OVER = finished, INDULGENCE. Indulgences were granted in the early Catholic Church to reduce the punishment for sins, often in exchange for money or for dastardly deeds being done.
15 Subtly introduce new form of annuities (9)
16 Travel around eastern Maine to test some maths (8)
GEOMETRY - GO around E, ME = Maine, TRY = test.
17 Cut Mass among Anglicans before November (7)
CHEAPEN - HEAP = mass, without a capital M, inside CE for Anglicans, N(ovember). 'Cut' as in cut the price.
19 Protest as daughter gets posted (7)
DISSENT - D daughter IS SENT = gets posted.
20 Girl defending Joe's heartfelt complaint? (6)
ANGINA - ANNA has GI Joe inserted.
22 He's unlikely to recover unit in Greece (5)
GONER - GR = Greece has ONE = unit inserted.