February 22nd, 2019

Quick Cryptic 1294 by Wurm

Not a difficult puzzle, but praise due for lots of very smooth surfaces, and very few clunkers. A tad over 6 minutes for me

1 Crucial point made in last bit of poetry? (6,4)
BOTTOM LINE - double definition
8 Thick section in garden seat (5)
DENSE - hidden word: garDEN SEat
9 Real men excited to find girl (7)
MARLENE - anagram ('excited') of REAL MEN
10 Desperate to survive drop (4-5)
LAST-DITCH - LAST (survive) + DITCH (drop)
12 Peg, youngster endlessly (3)
TEE - TEEN without its end
13 Paintings new and used, needing restoration (5)
NUDES - N (new) + anagram ('needing restoration') of USED
15 Moves at speed in waterworks (5)
TEARS - double definition
17 Some upturned vessel (3)
URN - hidden word: uptURNed. Whenever you see the word 'some', suspect a hidden word.
18 Free from stench in Lourdes, so revived (9)
ODOURLESS - anagram ('revived') of LOURDES SO
20 Mixed glue to secure charged particle (7)
GRANULE - anagram ('mixed') of GLUE, with RAN (charged) inside.
21 Only about five crack the clues (5)
SOLVE - SOLE (only) arranged about V (five)
22 Remembers crashing Beetle cars (10)
CELEBRATES - anagram ('crashing') of BEETLE CARS

1 Glad you began to make telling gestures? (4,8)
BODY LANGUAGE - anagram ('to make') of GLAD YOU BEGAN
2 Port one gets in casks (5)
TUNIS - TUNS (casks) with I inside
3 United were victorious reportedly (3)
ONE - homophone, sounds like WON
4 Checks borders (6)
LIMITS - double definition
5 Leading light in surprisingly short rant (5,4)
NORTH STAR - anagram ('surprisingly') of SHORT RANT
6 Woman's bad breath (6)
BERTHA - anagram ('bad') of BREATH
7 Nuns under cardinal in Haringey area (5,7)
SEVEN SISTERS - CARDINAL always means a cardinal number, except on rare occasions when it means red. NUNS are SISTERS. The answer is a place in North London. Some wag took this rather clever photo at the tube station there.
11 Degenerate is loudest when drunk (9)
DISSOLUTE - anagram ('drunk') of IS LOUDEST
14 Scottish monarch’s horse is able (6)
DUNCAN - DUN (type of horse) + CAN (is able)
16 Animated sailor, Leo, perhaps, meeting you (6)
POPEYE - Leo was a POPE, plus YE for you. I guess there's only one animated sailor
19 Chapter in story sent up brilliant success (5)
ECLAT - Story is TALE, 'sent up' i.e. backwards, with C for chapter inside.
21 Gentleman's address father cut short (3)
SIR - Father (verb) is SIRE, cut short. For future reference, in any clue indicating a shortened word ('cut short', 'endlessly', 'nearly' etc) the word in question only EVER loses one letter.