February 15th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic No 1289 by Tracy

What a neat and entertaining QC from Tracy today! I enjoyed it a lot. Read and admire the concise and smooth surfaces. Plenty of practice of the A + B clue type but, unusually, only two partial anagrams and no hidden words. No obscure vocabulary but a couple of testing clues. I particularly liked 8A, 17A , 22A and 18D for the gentle(?) introduction to how devious a setter can be. Lots of other fun too. 1A, 22A, 5D and, my COD, 20D all gave me a smile. 9A and, appropriately, 15A my last two in, this took me over a minute longer than average. So not on the easy side. How did you all get on? Not too many tales of woe, I hope - this is a QC cracker. Thanks, Tracy, for the fun. [Edit: There is one clue (see below) that a lot of people struggled with and disliked, earning a not-so-coveted Golden Raspberry from commenters. Bad luck, Tracy].
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