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February 5th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1281 by Hurley

I feel happy to have finished a whisker inside 10 minutes for this, as it seemed sticky going in parts. My advice is, more than usual, to trust in the word play. There were a couple of unknowns which broke down into 'must be' and other 'knowns' which weren’t obvious as a definition but fell into place easily (e.g. Cod 14dn and loi 2dn). So, will the SCC chug serenely through the word plays or get bamboozled? Will the Formula 1 set (F1S) have always known the Spanish writer and the wise man and scream into a sub 4 minute solve or trip up over an ill-judged bif? Do let me know.

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Times Cryptic 27266

Solving time: 30 minutes. A curious mix of clues that would not be out of place in a Quick Cryptic and moderately tricky ones, but nothing that should disturb the most sensitive of equines.

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