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January 29th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1276 by Izetti

I was merrily firing in the answers and found that all were complete except for 9ac in 7 minutes. For once I didn’t have too much trouble with long anagrams and even the clues that sounded tough, including 11, 19 and 20ac, turned out to be fine. Then 9ac proved to be the rake that you stand on and the handle flies up, hits you between the eyes, and stops you dead in your tracks. I had all bar two letters and, for two minutes, couldn’t find a word for fix which fitted into an instrument I only barely remembered when at last the answer came. Still, I’ll always take a sub 10 solve for an Izetti - to whom thanks - especially for the rake handle which did, at least, wake me up this morning. Cod 13ac.

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Times Cryptic 27260

36 minutes. I was quite pleased with my solving time as there were some tricky moments along the way with a couple of subsitution clues that took some working out  - but I still managed to get one of them wrong!

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