January 25th, 2019


Times 27,257: Burns Notice

I couldn't get anything right in the puzzles earlier this evening, managing to submit a very careless TOTAL ECLIPSE in the QC and a mystifying DEBOUCHER here, even after thinking through how "ban" was a synonym for "debar". Enjoyable middle of the road solve here though, with some fun-seeming clues, a few bits of mad vocab (Uniat? Aoudad? Sorb?) and my COD at 1d for its nod to the late lamented Pterry. Thanks to the setter; and now I'm afraid I have to go to bed, I've left things late enough as it is!

1 In the vicinity of Lourdes he'd hobbled, so appearing to slump? (5-10)
ROUND-SHOULDERED - ROUND [in the vicinity of] + (LOURDES HE'D*) ["hobbled"]

9 Trouble here again in back Street, traffic queues (9)
TAILBACKS - AIL BACK [trouble | here again] in reversed ST [street]

10 One sticky mess has got left in hut (5)
IGLOO - I GOO [one | sticky mess] has got L [left] in

11 Be severely critical of record, maybe, away from home (3,3)
HIT OUT - HIT [record, maybe] + OUT [away from home]

12 Disease in quiet Indian city — measure must be introduced (8)
PELLAGRA - P AGRA [quiet | Indian city] - ELL [measure] must be introduced

13 As rubbish remains, attempt to collect it (6)
TRASHY - ASH [remains], TRY [attempt] to collect it

15 Violent quarrel: some revolutionary squatted? Never! (8)
VENDETTA - hidden reversed in {squ}ATTED? NEV{er!}

18 Engrossed, lying down, eating fruit from tree (8)
ABSORBED - ABED [lying down], "eating" SORB [fruit from tree]

19 A superior old man penning old African sheep (6)
AOUDAD - A U DAD [a | superior | old man] "penning" O [old]

21 Firm into trendy chinaware arriving on the scene (8)
INCOMING - CO [firm] "into" IN MING [trendy | chinaware]

23 Farewell message reported in Times repeatedly (3-3)
BYE-BYE - homophone of BY BY [times (repeatedly)]

26 Tests of ethical standards leader ignored (5)
ORALS - {m}ORALS [ethical standards, "leader ignored"]

27 Potency of prominent Nazi holding a feast (9)
HEADINESS - HESS [prominent Nazi] "holding" A DINE [a | feast]

28 Travelling reps, chiefly on an oceanic group of islands (6,9)

1 Mechanical device used by fantasy author, not the first or the last (7)
RATCHET - {p}RATCHET{t} [fantasy author Terry, "not the first or the last"]

2 Division sealed by adult member of church (5)
UNIAT - UNIT [division] "sealed by" A [adult]

3 University revolutionary in ban, being a very indulgent type (9)
DEBAUCHER - U CHE [university | revolutionary] in DEBAR [ban]

4 Wine’s unpleasant surprise, when head is gone! (4)
HOCK - {s}HOCK [unpleasant surprise]

5 As lesser player, you finally wanted to pen “Succeeded!” (8)
UNSEEDED - {yo}U + NEEDED [wanted] to "pen" S [succeeded]

6 Practice material (5)
DRILL - double def

7 Looking angry about messenger being banished (9)
RELEGATED - RED [looking angry] about LEGATE [messenger]

8 Scene designer, a graduate of the arts faculty? (7)
DIORAMA - DIOR A M.A. [designer | a | graduate of the arts faculty]

14 Halfwit officer in charge I had as companion (9)
ASSOCIATE - ASS O.C. I ATE [halfway | officer in charge | I | had]

16 Spontaneously sensual and noisy, I will go wild (9)
DIONYSIAN - (AND NOISY I*) ["will go wild"]

17 Cathedral office’s article penned in study with craft (8)
DEANSHIP - A [article] "penned in DEN [study] with SHIP [craft]

18 Rather rude sailor on island meeting posh chap (1,3,3)
A BIT OFF - A.B. [sailor] on I [island] meeting TOFF [posh chap]

20 Well down in a place where water is plentiful (4-3)
DEEP-SEA - cryptic def

22 Greek character thus gets score? (5)
MUSIC - MU SIC [Greek character | thus]

24 Bishop not so much set aside for holy purpose? (5)
BLESS - B LESS [bishop | not so much]

25 Delivery of inflatable bags, half going astray (4)
BALL - BALL{oons} [inflatable bag, "half going astray"]

Quick Cryptic 1274 by Mara

I seem to have tackled this one without serious obstruction, despite my ignorance of equine anatomy. 11ac seems to be some sort of error, but a pleasant solve overall.

1 Before disaster, switch footwear (4-4)
FLIP-FLOP - switch is FLIP, disaster is FLOP
5 Highly excited in the past, disappointing ultimately (4)
AGOG - AGO is in the past + G (last letter of disappointing)
9 Find small amount (5)
TRACE - Double definition
10 New butler admitting old problem (7)
TROUBLE - anagram ('new') of BUTLER, with O for old inside
11 Whale in horror, caught (3)
ORC -  now, I think this is an error unless I'm missing something. The clue as written would work if the answer was ORCA (hidden word: horrOR CAught). It's still a hidden word, but I can't find any reference to ORC being a whale.
12 A race isn't terribly bigoted (9)
SECTARIAN -  anagram ('terribly') of A RACE ISN'T
13 Snatch forty winks beside youth (6)
KIDNAP - KID (youth) + NAP (forty winks)
15 Sense change so near (6)
REASON - anagram ('change') of  SO NEAR
17 Rush, healthy plant (9)
SPEEDWELL - SPEED (rush) + WELL (healthy)
19 Gold initially like hydrogen, say? (3)
GAS - G (gold, initially) + AS (like)
20 Airmen bombed a country (7)
ARMENIA - anagram ('bombed') of AIRMEN,  with an additional A
21 Aircraft ugly, did you say? (5)
PLANE - sounds like PLAIN (ugly)
22 Unusual way to serve steak (4)
RARE - double definition
23 Southern mountain most steep (8)

1 Sheep eating last bits of the wiriest horse's hair (7)
FETLOCK - FLOCK (sheep) 'eating' ET (last letters of 'the' and 'wiriest'). I was about to call foul on this too, thinking that FETLOCK meant only the joint in a horse's leg, but apparently it also means the tuft of hair over that region.
2 Biblical character in short, Abraham's able child, originally (5)
ISAAC - first letters of In Short Abraham's Able Child
3 Liberated status unsupported (12)
FREESTANDING - FREE (liberated) + STANDING (status)
4 Choose one colour, primarily, for drinks dispenser (5)
OPTIC - OPT (choose) + I + C (first letter of 'colour')
6 Bacterium having arisen, discards scraps (7)
GUBBINS - bacterium is BUG, 'having arisen' makes it GUB, + BINS (discards)
7 Sportingly where one would be putting colour (5)
GREEN - double definition, the first a golfy one.
8 Extraordinary pearl is close, phenomenal sight (5,7)
SOLAR ECLIPSE -  anagram ('extraordinary') of PEARL IS CLOSE
14 Fantasist in daughter, back to embrace me (7)
DREAMER -  D (daughter) + REAR (back) with ME inside
16 Unpredictable seat won with ease (2,5)
NO SWEAT - anagram ('unpredictable') of SEAT WON
17 Look hard, did you say, for step? (5)
STAIR - Sounds like STARE
18 Remove some platter, as empty (5)
ERASE - hidden word: plattER AS Empty
19 Serious accent (5)
GRAVE - double definition, the second one being that which helps the French distingush their où from their ou.