January 11th, 2019

Quick Cryptic 1264 by Felix

Pretty straightforward today from Felix. I don't know how often he sets but I wonder if there's a story behind the self-referential 2dn. Quite a lot of anagrams (7), some clunkier than others. LOI 12dn, which I stared at for a while. Probably just being a bit thick. 7 minutes

1 Embarrassed, being compared to one easily led? (8)
SHEEPISH - i.e. like a sheep
5 Some forgot totally German’s name? (4)
OTTO - hidden word: forgOT TOtally
9 Returned nearly half of fiction in one’s genre (3-2)
SCI-FI - FIC (half of fiction) inside IS (one's) all backwards
10 Declared Authorised Version was inaccurate (7)
AVERRED - AV (Authorised Version, i.e King James Bible) + ERRED
11 I re-select cop for training for shadowy force (6,6)
SECRET POLICE - anagram ('training') of I RE-SELECT COP
13 Most senior of the French embraced by English lieutenant (6)
ELDEST - 'of the' in french is DES, surroounded by E + LT
15 Fool first to help (6)
ASSIST - ASS + IST (1st)
17 Employs magic arranging sporting events (7,5)
OLYMPIC GAMES - anagram ('arranging') of EMPLOYS MAGIC
20 Dance that we often show to each partner, first of all (3-4)
TWO-STEP - first letters of That We Often Show To Each Partner
21 Catch girl with Oscar (5)
LASSO - LASS + O (phonetic alphabet)
22 Appreciates what landlady provides? (4)
DIGS - double definition
23 Rag Moses transformed into fine material (8)
GOSSAMER - anagram ('transformed') of RAG MOSES

1 Band of elite British soldiers descending on hotel (4)
2 Outcast Felix eventually shows up (5)
EXILE - another hidden word - fELIX Eventually
3 A version of Yellow Brick Road? (8,4)
PRIMROSE PATH - not sure what to say about this. Crypric definition that's not very cryptic?
4 Inadequate study: half of type’s missed (6)
SCANTY - study is SCAN , half of type is TY
6 Name in India originally for railway stations? (7)
TERMINI - anagram ('originally') of NAME IN I. (I being India in the phonetic alphabet) EDIT: idiot. Not an anagram at all, but as pointed out below TERM (name) + IN + I. Sorry....
7 Leftover items MD doesn’t put right (8)
ODDMENTS - anagram ('put right') of  MD DOESNT
8 Asp, foals, bees involved in these old animal tales (6,6)
AESOPS FABLES - anagram ('involved') of ASP FOALS BEES
12 Beaten again, or directed down a different path (8)
REROUTED - double definition. Took me a while to spot this one.
14 Light itch lasting twenty-four hours (7)
DAYLONG - light is DAY, itch is LONG
16 One small picture’s recalled old Roman general (6)
SCIPIO - I + S + PIC all backwards, + O
18 Poem’s written about racecourse (5)
EPSOM - anagram ('written about') of POEMS
19 Tart, small, for us (4)