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Times 27,161: By Hooke Or By Crook

I'd describe this one as a "hard easy puzzle" - looking down through the parsings everything seems rather straightforward, but as a result of this sancta simplicitas it wasn't always easy for me to find the required answer quickly. 1ac, 10ac and 18ac were the first three in, and quickly, but such things as the "service details in printed form", the measuring "residue", and the combinable synonyms for tax and limit, took longer to summon.

I also did exactly what I mustn't do in November and, with the timer a few seconds away from the ten minute mark, banged in STAKEHOLDER for 7dn and hit submit. Very foolish! Very verlaine.

Various amusing clues in the mix here but I think my Clue of the Day goes to the slightly racy 24ac, for finding a more interesting homophone for HOARD than the chestnutty "horde". Thanks setter for this and the rest of a fine puzzle.

1 A new hair preparation finds backer for production (5)
ANGEL - A N GEL [a | new | hair preparation]

4 Release detective's service details in printed form (9)
DISMISSAL - DI'S MISSAL [detective's | service details, in printed form]

9 Fresh maid organised beer and stout (9)
SOUBRETTE - (BEER + STOUT*) ["organised"]

10 Fine fish scraps (5)
FRAYS - F RAYS [fine | fish]

11 Means of measuring residue on vault (6,7)
SPRING BALANCE - BALANCE [residue] on SPRING [vault]

14 Article fifty covered by Times well (4)
ABLY - A [article] + L [fifty] "covered by" BY [times]

15 Land taken from previous county, in part hard to manage (10)
CUMBERSOME - CUMBER{land} [previous county, with "land" taken away] + SOME [in part]

18 Great unorthodox priest's last sermon due (10)
TREMENDOUS - ({pries}T SERMON DUE*) ["unorthodox"]

19 Detailed plan to protect pound is futile (4)
IDLE - IDE{a} ["de-tailed" plan] "to protect" L [pound]

21 Additional levy resulting from attack on fighting force (7,6)
SERVICE CHARGE - CHARGE [attack] on SERVICE [fighting force]

24 Save used tart, we're told (5)
HOARD - homophone of WHORED [used tart, "we're told"]

25 Retiring storyteller, sedate, skirting a bar to avoid accidents (9)
GUARDRAIL - reversed LIAR DRUG [storyteller | sedate], "skirting" A

27 Today's journalist held out (9)
PRESENTED - PRESENT ED [today's | journalist]

28 Energy required in violent exercise (5)
WIELD - E [energy] in WILD [violent]

1 Those attending function entertained by jazzmen, bishop having left (10)
ASSISTANTS - TAN [(mathematical) function] "entertained by" {b}ASSISTS [jazzmen, minus B for bishop]

2 African nomad's regular display of genius (3)
GNU - G{e}N{i}U{s}

3 A source of roar in wild cat? (6)
LARYNX - A + R{oar} in LYNX [wild cat], &lit

4 Required tax limit (4-5)
DUTY-BOUND - DUTY BOUND [tax | limit]

5 Shall we put up with a boarding pirate? (5)
STEAL - reversed LET'S [shall we?], with A "boarding"

6 Troops recently formed line (8)
INFANTRY - INFANT RY [recently formed | line]

7 Monarch once imprisoning queen upset senior investor (11)
SHAREHOLDER - SHAH [monarch once] "imprisoning" reversed ER [queen "upset"] + OLDER [senior]

8 Beyond redemption at sea (4)
LOST - double def

12 Shifting end of rack, restore all detachable footwear (6,5)
ROLLER SKATE - ({rac}K RESTORE ALL*) ["shifting"]. Most of the roller skates I've seen are no more detachable than any other kind of footwear, but some do just clip onto other shoes I expect.

13 Richly adorned Eastern believer eclipsed by lovely daughter (10)
BEJEWELLED - E JEW [eastern | believer] "eclipsed by" BELLE D [lovely | daughter]

16 Laboured badly crossing very wide city street (9)
BOULEVARD - (LABOURED*) ["badly"] "crossing" V [very]

17 Reluctantly admit Dickensian's supporting petition (8)
BEGRUDGE - RUDGE [Dickensian] is supporting BEG [petition]

20 Dog kept cutting inside pig (6)
SHADOW - HAD [kept] "cutting inside" SOW [pig]

22 Metal bar obscuring other exhibits (5)
INGOT - exhibited inside {obscur}ING OT{her}

23 Cold fruit flake (4)
CHIP - C HIP [cold | fruit]

26 A church provides one (3)
ACE - A CE [a | church]
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