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Times 27160 - Not Live From New York

Solving time: 15:03, with one rather thick-headed error. While I write this up there is a small gathering of blog regulars in New York City, unfortunately just a little too far away for me to make on a weeknight. Sounds like everyone is having a good time, so raise one for me!

I've had a pretty insane couple of weeks here to the point that this is the first daily puzzle I have solved in nearly two weeks. Wonder how long it takes to get rusty? Two weeks should do it - I took a bit longer than usual, and made a particularly careless mistake. Oh well... better get back in the game eh?

First definitions are underlined.

Away we go...

1 Disproof in due course turning round objection (8)
REBUTTAL - LATER(in due course) reversed around BUT(objection)
5 Cavalryman, one acting as surgeon? (6)
LANCER -  double definition
9 Panellist following trick: his? (8)
CONJUROR - JUROR(panellist) after CON(trick)
10 I regret returning a mobster’s first greeting (6)
SALAAM - ALAS(I regret) reversed, then A, M(obster)
12 Reluctant to punch hole in strip of wood (5)
LOATH - O is the hole in a LATH(strip of wood)
13 Ancient creature’s droppings covered by one lecturer (9)
IGUANODON - GUANO(droppings) surrounded by I(one), DON(lecturer). This was my undoing as without thinking I put in IGUANADON
14 Spotted pieces undergoing chain reaction (6,6)
DOMINO EFFECT - mostly a cryptic definition
18 Excessively disobediently scuttling boat (12)
INORDINATELY - INSUBORDINATELY(disobediently) with SUB(boat) removed
21 Try tiny portion, admitting it hurts not to be used (2,2,5)
GO TO WASTE - GO(try) and TASTE(tiny portion) containing OW(it hurts)
23 They are expecting one to open what is not his? (5)
HEIRS - I inside HERS(not his)
24 Artillery piece shooting from side to side (6)
RAKING - RA(artillery), KING(piece in chess)
25 Leave a key in flat, half inside self-contained unit (8)
MODULATE - half of flAT inside MODULE(self-contained unit). This is the musical use of the term
26 Day to depose a not entirely horrible ruler (6)
DYNAST - DAY missing A, then NAST(y(not quite horrible)
27 Move slowly by high ground for battle (8)
EDGEHILL - EDGE(move slowly), HILL(high ground)

1 Playground and dinner room, not hard to bring to mind (6)
RECALL - REC(playground) and HALL(dinner room) missing H
2 Stop eating all types of fig (6)
BANYAN - BAN(stop) containing ANY(all types)
3 Suppressing that hurt, couple make up, if they’re lucky (5,4)
TOUCH WOOD - OUCH(that hurt - this is a puzzle filled with pain), inside TWO(couple) and DO(make) reversed
4 Model mobilisation against slavery movement (12)
6 A trap pinches area on the other hand (5)
AGAIN - A, GIN(trap) containing A(area)
7 Dealer held new car after ordering (8)
CHANDLER - anagram of HELD,N,CAR
8 Consider carefully, hearing of space in boat (8)
RUMINATE - sounds like ROOM IN EIGHT(a boat with eight oars)
11 Beer may be safe (3,2,3,4)
OUT OF THE WOOD - double definition - beer could come from a wooden cask or firkin
15 Capacity audience gives good hand (4,5)
FULL HOUSE - double definition, the hand being in poker
16 Toyed with splendid diamonds, holding up plate (8)
FINGERED - FINE(splendid), D(diamonds) with REG(registration plate) reversed inside
17 Asking to change wine container (8)
19 One rule I would have lifted for festival (6)
DIWALI - I, LAW(rule), I'D(I would have) all reversed
20 Like a bone from very large duck? (6)
OSTEAL - OS(very large), TEAL(duck)
22 What pilot earns proceeds from bet, leaving pub (5)
WINGS - WINNINGS(proceeds from bet) missing INN(pub)
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