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December 4th, 2018

Times Quick Cryptic 1236 by Hurley

I really enjoyed today’s puzzle - lots of crinkly parsings and good surfaces but still quick by 15x15 standards. I particularly liked the simple yet chewy 22dn but that was pipped to COD by 15dn.
LOI was 16ac by a country mile - it’s 'crinkliness' took 2 minutes to unravel which just tipped me over the ten minute mark.

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Times Cryptic 27212

I found this very hard and after nearly an hour had completed only about a third of it so I took a short break. On returning I fared much better and knocked off most of what remained in about 8 minutes. It was still a DNF though, as detailed in my blog below, because I put a wrong answer at 10ac and this prevented me solving 7dn.

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