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November 6th, 2018

Times Quick Cryptic 1216 by Howzat

Well, that was fun. I finished just shy of 14 minutes which would indicate a difficult QC in any case, but I’m now looking forward to writing the blog to piece together the many bits I’ve missed. I must confess to some biffing around and about the grid. LOsI 21dn and 3dn. There were two stand out clever short clues (14,16ac) which together merit COD - more of those later - here we go into the details.

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Times Cryptic 27188

My solving time was off the scale and it was well past an hour when I got to my final two missing answers at 16dn and 24dn. By that stage I had completely run out of ideas so I set the puzzle aside for a while and when I returned to it the answers miraculously came to mind. I was very pleased just to complete this without resorting to aids.

No change of blogging style from me, as I altered it 2-3 years ago to give more detail when it became apparent that we had an influx of new contributors joining us from the QC. Also, as I blog for both puzzles, it was handier for me not to have to switch gear when moving across from one to the other. As for revealing my thought processes when solving, I wouldn't wish to inflict some of them on people who may be of a nervous disposition! One can apply straight logic only so far and there comes a point where lateral thinking is required and that's seldom easy to explain in simple terms.

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