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June 23rd, 2018

Jumbo 1328

Nothing particularly problematic in this, just a couple of things to check after solving (15D, part of 19D and the definition part of 35D).

A couple of words (26A and 28D) that I have only ever seen in crosswords, but reasonably frequently there.

1 KNEES-UP - KNEE = KEEN = eager, with N = name moved forward, SUP = have a meal
5 POSTHORN - POOR = impecunious, around STH = south, (musicia)N
9 PODIUM - POD = school, I = one, U = upper, M(aster)
13 THE VENERABLE BEDE - THE = article, around all of EVEN = just, E.R. = queen, ABLE = skilled, and B.ED. = teacher
14 PENTAD - PEN = write, AD = publicity, around T(his)
16 CARILLON - CALL ON = visit, around R.I. = Rhode Island
17 USER - U.S. = American, ER = hesitation
18 OTHERNESS - SHOT*, around ERNES = sea eagles
20 TITANATE - TIT = bird, AN, ATE = avenging goddess
21 AGRICULTURE - A, GRI(m) = harsh, CULTURE = way of life
24 NEOPHYTES - ONE*, PHYTES sounds like FIGHTS = battles
25 INHUMANE - IN = trendy, HUE = colour, around MAN = crew
26 ADIT - A, D(aughter), I.T. = computer studies
29 ENTHRALLING - double definition
31 RALLENTANDO - (LAND LATER ON)*. I have seen this word in crosswords before
33 PANHELLENIC - PANIC = alarm, around H(ard) and ELLEN = woman
36 MOUNTAIN CAT - MOUNT = horse, (IN A)*, CAT = a sailing vessel
38 LYRE - sounds like LIAR = story-teller
39 EREMITIC - ERIC = fellow, around EMIT = broadcast
41 COOKHOUSE - COHO USE = provision of salmon, around OK = right
44 CHAIN LETTER - CHATTER = tittle-tattle, around LINE*
45 EMERGENT - EMER = R.E.M.E. = army corps, reversed, GENT = bloke
48 ADDRESSER - A, DRESSER = surgeon's assistant
49 ITEM - I, TEM = MET = encountered, reversed
50 ETHEREAL - E.T. = film, HERE = this place, AL = a chap
52 BELONG - BE LONG = take a lot of time
53 CALL A SPADE A SPADE - double definition, the second mildly cryptic
54 RUGGED - double definition, the second mildly cryptic where RUG = wig
55 BETRAYER - BEER = drink, around TRAY = device for carrying
56 SANDPIT - SPIT = TIPS = hints, reversed, around AND = joiner
1 KITSCH - KIT = equipment, SCH = school
2 EXEDRA - EX = former, ED = journalist, R.A. = art establishment
3 SHELLFISH - S(econd), HELLISH = rotten, around F(emale)
5 PEAT - P = quietly, EAT = consume
6 SELF-SEEKING - SEE KING = visit monarch, around ELF = mischief-maker and S(on)
7 HABERDASHER - HER, around A,B = keys, DASHER = reindeer
10 OVERRULE - OVER = deliveries, RUE = Parisian street, around L(eft)
11 IN THE PUDDING CLUB - double definition, the second mildly cryptic
12 MODISTE - MODE = fashion, around I = current and ST(reet) = way
15 CHACONNE - CH(urch), A, CONNE sounds like CON = criminal
19 FAUSTIAN - A(ttired) in FUSTIAN = hard-wearing fabric
22 INTERPOL - (w)INTER POL(l) = December election
23 COST AN ARM AND A LEG - double definition, the second mildly cryptic
27 TROUTLET - TOUT = hawk, LET = obstruction, around R(iver)
28 ETUI - (magistrat)E, TUI sounds like TWEE = very sentimental
30 REEF - hidden in aRE EFfectively
32 LAUNCHER - LUNCHER = person taking courses, around A
35 CATERPILLAR - CATER = provide, PILLAR = upright support. A wall is a type of butterfly
36 MACKEREL SKY - cryptic definition
37 THOUGHTLESS - THOUGH = albeit, LESS = not so much, around T(ory)
40 MOTORCADE - MAD = crazy, around O(ld), and TORC = armband, E(astern)
42 HANGERS-ON - (wealt)H, ANGER = enrage, SON = family member
43 INTERNEE - INTER = between, N(ewgat)E, E = echo
44 CHAMBER - CHAR = daily help, around M.B.E. = honour
46 DECAMP - DAMP = unhealthy condition, around E.C. = city
47 ALBERT - ALERT = warning, around B(lack)
51 HAAR - HR = hour, around A, A = articles
This took me just over 17 minutes – a new PB, I’m sure, even though I still had several clues to parse for this blog. In fact the blog caused me to reconsider 17ac, so ignore the time above! For all the speed, I greatly enjoyed too many clues to list! I’m not sure I can even pick a clue of the day, although some of you may have favourites. Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle.

Clues are in blue, with definitions underlined. Answers are in BOLD CAPS, followed by the wordplay. (ABC*) means 'anagram of ABC', with the anagram indicator in bold italics. Deletions are in {curly brackets}.

1 Confused about scent, yet judging on a superficial basis (6,7)

8 Moon, perhaps, shunning European friends (4)
KITH: Keith Moon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Moon was the drummer in The Who. Drop the “e”.  Nice disguise – I didn’t realise till I started the blog that Moon was a person not a secondary planet. Could EKITH be a moon, I wondered?! D’oh!

9 Pageants look better when they're on (10)
SPECTACLES: a jocular double definition.

10 Britain's left PM a couple short, going back through north-east (8)
NEARSIDE: DISRAELI minus his last two letter and reversed, inside NE. I suspect “nearside” might be a particularly British usage, for the side of a car nearer the side of the road - so, the left in Britain, since they drive on that side.

11 Stop believer embracing saint (6)
DESIST: S for saint inside DEIST.

13 Hopeful boy is getting into drink dispenser (10)
OPTIMISTIC: TIM IS inside OPTIC (the measuring device they use in pubs).

16 Brown horse bearing black foal, say (4)
BABY: B for black inside BAY.

17 Blubber in round mass taken from sound (4)
BAWL: sounds like BALL. My first thought was “WAIL” sounding like “WHALE”, but that left me unable to explain why “round” was in the clue. Let second thoughts prevail.

18 Sorry detective force involved in breaking rule (10)
REMORSEFUL: MORSE is the fictional detective, F is force. Put inside (RULE*).

20 Deplore embargo covering moody music (6)
BEMOAN: EMO (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emo: a musical style of which I’m happy to be ignorant), inside BAN.

22 Gangster that's expert in head protection? (8)
SCARFACE: the ACE to consult about a SCARF.

24 The old years with DTs affected past times (10)
YESTERDAYS: (YE YEARS DTS*). YE being the old form of “the”. Although this was my LOI, it was easy to biff with all the helpers. It took a bit of thinking to figure out the wordplay!

26 Smash hit's a near thing (4)
THIS: (HITS*). A nice surface.

27 MacCool, say, to respond shortly, clutching a king's Irish book (9,4)
FINNEGANS WAKE: I didn’t know FINN MACCOOL (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fionn_mac_Cumhaill), but I did know of the book. Follow FINN with EG=say and ANSWE{r}=respond (shortly), and insert A K.

(Edit: Thanks to  guy_du_sable  for telling me there is no apostrophe in the actual title. Joyce wanted it to also be an imperative, with an invisible comma and exclamation point: "Finnegans, Wake!")

1 Prepared text from fuel company about tanker missing deadline? (11)
BOILERPLATE: BP is the company, OILER is the tanker, LATE is missing deadline. Assemble as instructed. The term harks back to when newspapers were printed from metal rollers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boilerplate_text

2 Find horrible Kasbah tours with regular disappearances (5)
ABHOR: every second letter of kAsBaH tOuRs.

3 Witness established uncertainty in row (9)

4 Freud possibly exercising mercy (7)
CLEMENT: double definition.

5 Significant number spread out to dry (5)
NOTED: NO. is short for number of course, but I didn’t know “TED” is to spread new-mown grass to dry.

6 Former copper's competent, which may be forgiven (9)

7 Connection requiring a bit of patience (3)
TIE: hidden answer.

12 Loan reportedly scrapped? I have a doubtful mood (11)
SUBJUNCTIVE: SUB=loan, JUNCT sounds like “junked”, I’VE. The definition is a grammatical mood of verbs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjunctive_mood

14 Underhandedly won title, long after injury (3-6)
ILL GOTTEN: (TITLE LONG*). Another that was easier to biff than to parse.

15 Bodies of fools supporting motor clubs (9)

19 Cosmetic old lady used to cover a skin blemish (7)

21 Polar opposite to start work in shop, showing bravery (5)
NERVE: SERVE in a shop, then change South to North.

23 Thick roll of banknotes curtailed religious judgment (5)
FATWA: FAT WAD, truncated.

25 In Catalonia, the fine, mischievous spirit (3)
ELF: EL (“the” in Catalonia), F (fine).