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June 6th, 2018

Quick Cryptic 1107 by Hawthorn

Hawthorn's previous puzzles have been elegant and witty (and slightly harder than average I'd say), and this one is no exception - a very enjoyable solve. We have some examples of clue types that are found less frequently in the QC (such as a triple definition, an &lit, a bit of cross referencing of clues) along with the inclusion of multiple red herrings (preparation of anagram), distracting capital letters and apostophes, nouns indicating verbs, etc., etc. Good training and good fun - thanks!

Definitions underlined.

1 Preparation of pavement art? (10)
GROUNDWORK - kinda double definition, the second requiring some lateral thinking.
7 Married in Polish before a dance (5)
RUMBA - M (married) inside RUB (polish) before A.
8 Natural rearrangement of 5 November (6)
INBORN - anagram (rearangement) of ROBIN (5dn) and N (november).
10 Ball transported by conveyor belt (3)
ORB - hidden in (transported by) conveyOR Belt.
12 Fundamental crack lets in sea (9)
ESSENTIAL - anagram of (crack) LETS IN SEA.
13 I recalled height on half frozen peak (6)
ZENITH - I, HT (height) backwards (recalled) on half of froZEN.
14 Demand or be condescending in speech (6)
ORDAIN - OR and a homophone of (in speech) "deign" (be condescending).
17 Ardently desires to hug American gents in underpants (4,5)
LONG JOHNS - LONGS (ardently desires) surrounding (hugs) JOHN (american slang for toilet, gents).
19 Regularly we climb tree (3)
ELM - every other letter from (regularly) wE cLiMb.
20 Band formed by priest after Reformation (6)
STRIPE - anagram of (after reformation) PRIEST.
21 Meat embargo restricting company (5)
BACON - BAN (embargo) surrounding (restricting) CO (company).
23 People turning up two hours before midnight to boogie (10)
ATTENDANCE - AT TEN (two hours before mignight) and DANCE (boogie).

1 Monster in mythical tale by French author: cheesy fare (10)
GORGONZOLA - GORGON (monster in mythical tale) and ZOLA (french author).
2 A little resistance from old queen (3)
OHM - O (old) and HM (queen).
3 Those most close to me are in family home? (7)
NEAREST - ARE inside NEST (family home).
4 During the time that learner gets into card game (6)
WHILST - L (learner) inside WHIST (card game).
5 Bird with rook and duck on waste container (5)
ROBIN - R (rook, chess) and O (duck, out for no run in cricket) on BIN (waste container).
6 Anger and fury about dreadful trait (8)
IRRITATE - IRE (fury) around an anagram of (dreadful) TRAIT.
9 Cook can gamble, bringing in new dessert (10)
BLANCMANGE - anagram of (cook) CAN GAMBLE surrounding (bringing in) N (new).
11 Some money is secure, protected by curse (8)
BANKNOTE - KNOT (secure) inside (protected by) BANE (curse).
15 Something seen in our beds, developing? (7)
ROSEBUD - &lit. Anagram of (developing) OUR BEDS.
16 Squeal of excitement’s uttered for jolly idea (6)
WHEEZE - homophone of (uttered) "Whee!('s)" (squeal of excitement's).
18 Make a note of eating in informal establishment (5)
JOINT - JOT (make a note of) surrounding (eating) IN.
22 Is able to seal in tin (3)
CAN - triple definition.
By the time you read this, if you can be bothered, I hope to be restored to binocular vision - of a quality I haven't 'seen' for sixty years - and the 'where's yer parrot' jokes will presumably stop. Even with one eye this was pretty straightforward for a Wednesday, I thought, but none the less enjoyable while it lasted; a sub 20 minute time, which is fast for me if not for our top charioteers.
Although of a scientific bent from an early age, I loved Latin at school, in spite of, or because of, our master Mr Percy Cushion, (it's true!) of course pronounded cue-shun, and he was also short and roly poly.
Anyway, I digress nimis.

1 Marries and goes off embracing husband after speculation (8)
BETROTHS - BET = speculation, then insert H into ROTS = goes off. I learnt something today; I'd have spelt it BETHROTHES in a spelling quiz, and lost.
5 Confused chatter about river fish (6)
BARBEL - Crossworders know their fish. Insert R into BABEL.
9 Uniform material was adopted by soldiers and sailor (5,4)
OLIVE DRAB - LIVED (was) inside OR (soldiers) then AB.
11 Moved to take-off after disembarking one becoming stressed (5)
TAXED - TAXIED disembarks its I.
12 Legend of river and lake that is put back beside other legends (7)
LORELEI - Reverse I.E. and L behind LORE. I once cruised past this legendary rock on the Rhine while in Cologne at an advertising jolly (sorry, 'conference') but was tottyoccupied at the time and didn't take much notice.
13 Ravel's one enthralled by flute playing of melodious quality (7)
TUNEFUL - No pavannes or Maurices required; Ravel's one is UN and it goes inside (FLUTE)*.
14 One lacking complaint nevertheless inclined to be patient (13)
HYPOCHONDRIAC - Cryptic definition, ha ha. Why is it one's friends are all hypochondriacs yet I'm the one who has real complaints and they're indifferent?
16 Game UCD alumna put out degree citation (5,3,5)
MAGNA CUM LAUDE - (GAME UCD ALUMNA)*. not a term used at UCD in Ireland, I think, more in USA.
20 Finished a couple of lengths in total (7)
OVERALL - OVER = finished, A, L, L.
21 Cautious about soldier perhaps in US city (5,2)
SANTA FE - SAFE = cautious, around ANT for soldier.
23 I'd recalled way of working one part of speech (5)
IDIOM - I'D followed my MO, I  reversed.
24 Leading attraction? The Queen, among the aristocracy (3-6)
TOP-DRAWER - I suppose this is a double definition, a TOP DRAWER would be a main attraction, and top-drawer meaning aristocratic, posh. Collins has it with and without hyphen.
25 Fall back, displacing new line in reciprocal arrangement (6)
MUTUAL - AUTUMN = fall, reverse and remove N -> MUTUA, add L.
26 Results after cooking will include ultimate in apple crumble (8)
STREUSEL - (RESULTS E)*, the E from end of APPLE.
1 Protection from weather? British happy to forgo headpiece (6)
BROLLY - BR(ITISH), (J)OLLY). Is brolly only an English thing or is it Transatlantic too?
2 Row about component of education for painstaking student? (5)
TRIER - TIER = row, around R one of the three R's.
3 Some deliveries friend picked up showing a degree of duplication (7)
OVERLAP - OVER = some deliveries as in cricket, LAP = PAL reversed.
4 Pair of lines showing Batman and Robin possibly appearing on time (6,7)
HEROIC COUPLET - Well, Batman and Robin could be a heroic couple, add T for time. My ignorance of poetry terms didn't stop me once the checkers were in.
6 Harmonised a duet not disregarding old fashions (7)
ATTUNED - (A DUET NT)*, NOT loses it O for the anagrist.
7 Area for sales and storage beside the rink? (3,6)
BOX OFFICE - A box off ice could be a storage area next to the rink, ha ha.
8 Boy with disgusted comment about large fortune (4,4)
LADY LUCK - LAD = boy, YUCK = disgusted comment, insert L.
10 Preserves narrow strip of land containing core of some abundant resource (10,3)
BOTTOMLESS PIT - BOTTLES = preserves, SPIT = narrow strip of land, insert OM being the 'core' of SOME. I was thinking some kind of jam at first.
14 Cleanliness expertsadly in pig-sty he has no power (9)
HYGIENIST - (IN IG STY HE)*, the P being dropped out.
15 Big store I line up with little hesitation, raking millions in (8)
EMPORIUM - Reverse I, ROPE (I line up), insert M, add UM for little hesitation.
17 Condition I intend escalating among reforming drinkers (7)
ANAEMIA - Insert I MEAN reversed into A A Alcoholics Anonymous.
18 Old soldier cut down after rifleman missed first alarm (7)
UNNERVE - GUNNER loses its G, VET loses its T.
19 Favourite part in brief? It's refined stuff (6)
PETROL - PET = favourite, ROL(E) = part in brief.
22 Whiskey consumed by a military group in former days (2,3)
AS WAS - A, SAS, insert W for whiskey phonetic alphabet.