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May 10th, 2018

Times 27034 - sunk!

Solving time: submitted at 15:12, but I have one incorrect.  After a longer look at the one I got wrong, I can see what it should have been, though I don't think I would have come readily.

Odd puzzle this one, lots of head-scratching, and a fair chunk of biffing, though I think I have the wordplay sorted out (for those clues that have wordplay). I won't be surprised if I'm not alone in having an honest error.

For those of you not expecting to see my smiling face, z8b8d8k and I have done a little swap, as he is away from the interweebs today and I will not be around on June 14.

Away we go...

1 Dirty books in second venue for literary festival (6)
SHABBY - B,B(books) in S and the HAY literary festival, which starts in a few weeks (and was a lucky guess for me)
4 Building's top plant installer? (8)
THATCHER - cryptic definition (since it would be plant material used to make the thatched roof)
10 Bury rival, small person applying for job? (11)
INTERVIEWEE - INTER(bury), VIE(rival), WEE(small)
11 Impertinence masked at the outset by daughter's sauce (3)
DIP - LIP(impertinence) with D instead of L at the front
12 Very serious man with stylish clothing (7)
CHRONIC - RON(man) inside CHIC(stylish)
14 You, once humble, putting forward Liberal that's a bit jaundiced? (7)
YELLOWY - YE(you, once), then LOWLY(humble) with the L moved to the front
15 Electronic components cracked on some circuits and died, losing current (14)
17 One's highly strung, which may describe spinal cord (6,2,6)
BUNDLE OF NERVES - double definition
21 Survive disembarking after everyone else? (7)
OUTLAST - or be the one who gets OUT LAST
22 Hooter modified to cover front of brass instrument (7)
THEORBO - anagram of HOOTER containing B(rass)
23 Form of three-way junction without a coupling (3)
TWO - T(three-way junction), W/O(without)
24 Drill bit with vertical grip? (7,4)
PRESENT ARMS - cryptic definition, based on rifles being presented vertically in that part of the drill
26 In study I messed up division (8)
DISUNITY - anagram of IN,STUDY,I
27 Writer needing men in good health (6)
ORWELL - OR(men), WELL(in good health)

1 Bag held up in Candide's Act I, usually (8)
SUITCASE - hidden reversed in candidES ACT I USually
2 Floating platform headed back to sailors (3)
AFT - RAFT(floating platform) missing the head
3 Cowshed shelved, both unfinished and romantically moody (7)
BYRONIC - BYRE(cowshed) and ON ICE(shelved) both missing the last letter
5 It is a question of parentage (4-4-6)
HOWS-YOUR-FATHER - double definition with IT referring to sexual intercourse
6 Possible plagiarism involving Spanish article which is run without obstacles (3,4)
THE FLAT - THEFT(plagiarism) containing LA
7 Drove in rush, desperate to find water on Manhattan's West Side (6,5)
HUDSON RIVER - anagram of DROVE,IN,RUSH - the river separating New York from New Jersey
8 Power for line of forwards is rewarding (6)
REPAYS - P replacing L in RELAYS(forwards a message)
9 Not being satisfied about male campers, maybe, breaking record time (14)
DISCONTENTMENT - ON (about) TENT MEN(male campers) insie DISC(record), T
13 Unruly spirit destroyed debt records (11)
RUMBUSTIOUS - RUM(spirit), BUST(destroyed), IOUS(debt records)
16 Slippery slope limiting America's support (8)
ESPOUSAL - anagram of SLOPE containing USA
18 Unsmiling principal brings in commercial parking (7)
DEADPAN - DEAN(principal) containing AD,P
19 European Court function is set up to protect voter (7)
ELECTOR - E,CT with ROLE(function) reversed surrounding
20 Got Edward as a prize, as usual (6)
WONTED - or WON TED. This was my error, as I had POTTED, with TED being the POT.
25 Wish undone in French way (3)
RUE - double definition

Times Quick Cryptic No 1088 by Mara

On the gentler side today from Mara. I came in three minutes under my target, with a bit of biffing and help from some familiar clues. There are a limited number of ways of clueing short clues like 6, 11, 17 and 23 across, while remaining accessible enough for a QC, but there was a good amount of originality elsewhere. "Slick stuff" at 5d, for example, along with lots of fun surface readings, such as the wailing YIMBY at 24ac, the mean-spirited pirate at 10ac, and some bonus political intrigue at 13ac and 4d - good stuff, many thanks to Mara!

1 Dash after fresh paper (9)
NEWSPRINT - SPRINT (dash) after NEW (fresh), newsprint being the specific word for the low-grade paper used for newspapers.
6 Fruit in vogue (3)
HIP - double definition - the first as in rose hip, say.
8 Knock back burgundy, one with cold drink (5)
CIDER - "knock back" or return the letters of RED (burgundy) I (one) C(old)
9 Small pebbles fractured leg, bone alongside (7)
SHINGLE - anagram (fractured) of LEG, SHIN (bone) going alongside. Etymology obscure, but possibly onomatopoeic, from the earlier chinkle.
10 Drunken pirate providing small drink (8)
APERITIF - anagram (drunken) of PIRATE, IF (providing). I must take exception to an aperitif being necessarily small.
11 Having run into infant, jog (4)
TROT - R(un) into TOT (infant)
13 Belgians had turned Asian (11)
BANGLADESHI - anagram (turned) of BELGIANS HAD
17 However, those may be evens! (4)
ODDS - In betting, odds can be evens.
18 Old fogy making fresh inroads around university (8)
DINOSAUR - anagram (fresh) of INROADS around U(niversity)
21 Bird finding cold front in Norway (7)
BITTERN - BITTER (cold), N ("front" in Norway)
22 Cove in film alongside lake (5)
INLET - IN (in) ET (film) alongside L (lake)
23 Jack cheers Romeo (3)
TAR - TA (cheers) R (Romer)
24 One crying loudly, getting lift finally installed for tall building (4,5)
BELL TOWER - BELLOWER (one crying loudly) getting T (lifT, "finally") installed.
1 Sweet liquid Cretan stirred (6)
NECTAR - anagram (stirred) of CRETAN
2 Club where wife is on the brink (5)
WEDGE - W(ife) is on the EDGE (brink): wedge as in the golf club.
3 Breakfast time (8)
PORRIDGE - nice and concise double definition, the second being stir or jail time. The OED's first citation is from 1950 in Lag's Lexicon: "when a Judge is giving heavy sentences, he is spoken of as ‘dishing out the gravy (or porridge).’ "
4 Iranian plot is surprisingly uplifting (13)
INSPIRATIONAL - anagram (surprisingly) of IRANIAN PLOT IS
5 Work taking little time, slick stuff? (4)
TOIL - T (little time) OIL (slick stuff / stuff wot makes a slick)
6 Keep to yourself: painting hard for painter (7)
HOGARTH - HOG (keep to yourself) ART (painting) H(ard)
7 Quite insignificant about first of results (6)
PRETTY - PETTY (insignificant) about R ("first" of Results)
12 Fellow into crime, pleasure-seeker (8)
HEDONIST - DON (fellow) into HEIST (crime). "Hedon" is Greek for pleasure, but I see it's also a small town in Yorkshire, where bloody battles have been fought over the centuries between the godly and ungodly over whether the demonym is Hedoner or Hedonist, culminating in the terrible events of August 2000, when God smote the town, à la Sodom, with hailstones and a freak mini-tornado. But you won't read that in the history books (or anywhere for that matter).
14 One studying another's books? (7)
AUDITOR - Cryptic definition.
15 Group circling the globe to find frozen dessert (6)
SORBET - SET (group) circling ORB (globe)
16 Speaker welcomed by senator, a Tory (6)
ORATOR - welcomed into the letters of senatOR A TORy
19 Let everyone down at the centre (5)
ALLOW - ALL (everyone) OW (dOWn, at the centre)
20 Rosemary, say, in another bed (4)
HERB - "in" the letters of anotHER Bed