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February 11th, 2018

Mephisto 2997 - Paul McKenna

Woohoo - the script is working again! We can bulk reproduce crossword clues with abandon.

I had a hard time with the last few fiddly bits of this puzzle.  Most of the long answers were easy to get at with wordplay, and a quick spotting of the potential for the pun at the top to be STAKE A CLAIM helped me out tremendously. There's still a few wordplays I'm a little up in the air about, maybe those will sort themselves up as I type this out.

Definitions are underlined

Away we go...

1 Right to assess wood cut for BBQ, perhaps (5)
STEAK - (asses)S, TEAK(wood)
5 Liberal point on according rave review (7)
ACCLAIM - L(liberal), AIM(point) next to ACC(aacording)
10 Dependable sort returning dress, fairly upset about daughter (10, two words)
GIRLFRIDAY - RIG(dress) reversed then an anagram of FAIRLY around D
11 Try hard to plough in historic fashion (4)
HEAR - H(hard), EAR(plough)
12 Relax” — song to dominate utterly (7)
LIEDOWN - LIED (German song), OWN(dominate utterly)
14 Holm is historically obstructed (5)
ISLET - IS, LET(obstructed)
16 Tuning peg inserted in fixed musical instrument (6)
SPINET - PIN(tuning peg) in SET(fixed)
17 Exodus finally seen in choice festival of liberation (6)
PESACH - (exodu)S in PEACH(choice)
18 Protected animal is disturbed in a brook beside duck (9)
ARMADILLO - MAD(disturbed) in A RILL(brook), O(duck)
21 Fancy term for paratactically set and in continuance (9)
ASYNDETON - I think I have this right - an anagram of (practicall)Y,SET,AND then ON(in continuance) with the whole being the definition
24 What stands in front of hearth in a study? (6)
ASHCAN - H(earth) in A, SCAN(study) and another definition that is the whole clue
26 Flipping arrogant gasp with respect to following departure (6)
HOPOFF - POH(arrogant gasp) reversed, then OF(with respect to), F(following)
28 Zulu guzzles out of tin holders (5)
ZARFS - Z(zulu, NATO alphabet) then SNARFS(guzzles) missing SN(tin)
29 Eliot bemused by translator’s poem (7)
TRIOLET - anagram of ELIOT with TR(translator)
30 Cross with one starting to complain about animals (4)
ZOIC - ZO(cross, hybrid animal) then I, C(complain)
31 I ran with tailor fittingly making what looks long short (10)
32 Paradigm of western dress? Don’t change it, sunshine (7)
STETSON - STET(don't change it), SON(sunshine)
33 Sound argument from which ma’ll break free mug (5)
GOLEM - another one I'm trying to wrap my head around - Sound has to indicate GO, but I'm not sure how. The rest is LEMMA(argument) missing MA.  As pointed out in comments, GO can mean to sound a bell or a gun to start a race, so that was my bad.

1 School teaching year shows difference in pitch (7)
SCHISMA - SCH(school), ISM(teaching), A(year)
2 She crosses a line in Parisienne’s very old hat, right? (10)
TRESPASSER - TRES(very), PASSE(old hat), R
3 Fairness would be sovereignty without right (7)
4 Soak vessel upside-down in large bowl (6)
KRATER - RET ARK all reversed
5 Wholly excessive people will dig in here? (9)
ALLOTMENT - ALL(wholly), OTT(excessive) containing MEN(people)
6 Worked on a boat unprepared to be heard (6)
CREWED - sounds like CRUDE(unprepared)
7 These beaches could be packed solid (5)
LIDOS - anagram of SOLID
8 Fusses about spinning fail for Sturgeon (4)
ADOS - A(about), then a reverse of SOD(fail in Scots is a turf or sod)
9 Gosh! Chinese people turned up mimic (5)
MYNAH - MY(gosh) then HAN(Chinese people) reversed
13 Lollard with fabulous felicity gaining frequency (10)
WYCLIFFITE - W(with) and an anagram of FELICITY containing F(frequency)
15 Near indifference over anonymous fashion in poet’s sobriquet (9)
APATHATON - APATH(y) (indifference) on top of A(anonymous), TON(fashion) - edit: I had messed up the wordplay in the original post
19 Paper which is not read can curl (7, two words)
LOOROLL - LOO(can), ROLL(curl)
20 Fellow in shifting focus on mobile refuse (7)
OFFSCUM - F(fellow) inside an anagram of FOCUS, then M(mobile)
22 Ultimate in rearing previously earnest foster-kids from Fife (6)
DAULTS - ULT(ultimate) inside SAD(earnest) reversed
23 Bleeding “Circle of Life” (6)
OOZING - O(crircle) O(of), ZING(life)
24 We resist Article 50 being overlooked from upcoming opening (5)
ANTIS - AN(article) then L(50) removed from SLIT(opening) reversed
25 European run out aboard Geordie coaler (5)
CROAT - RO(run out) inside CAT(coaler)
27 Shocking manager losing the second half (4)
DIRE - DIRE(ctor)
14:26. Nothing terribly difficult this week, but there were a few unfamiliar words and phrases to slow me down a little. Quite a lot of unfamiliar words actually, making for an interesting puzzle, but there was always something else in the clue to help get to the answer. I like puzzles like that.

So my thanks to Jeff, and without further ado, here’s how I think it all works.

Definitions are underlined, anagrams indicated like (THIS)*, anagram indicators like this.

1 Group of subs run over to crowd
WOLF PACK - reversal of FLOW, PACK. From ODO: ‘a group of people or things that operate as a hunting and attacking pack, in particular a group of attacking submarines or aircraft’. This concept seemed vaguely familiar, but I’ve no idea how.
5 Is about to eat a short meat sausage
SALAMI - reversal of IS containing A LAMb.
10 Post contains Howell’s first move
11 Old-fashioned hairstyle worn by Fifties youth
DATED - DA, TED. The DA or Duck’s Arse is a hairstyle I know about because my dad apparently had one in his youth. If I didn’t know about it for that reason I would almost certainly know it from crosswords.
12 Fish on a line is just right
13 Spread on plate for Goldilocks?
BUTTERCUP - BUTTER as a spread seemed OK but I was puzzled by ‘plate’. Collins to the rescue: ‘a cup or trophy awarded to the winner of a sporting contest, esp a horse race’. A BUTTERCUP is (Collins again) ‘any of various yellow-flowered ranunculaceous plants of the genus Ranunculus‘, and goldilocks is ‘a Eurasian ranunculaceous woodland plant, Ranunculus auricomus‘. So there you have it.
14 Sweet American sailor’s an old comic
GOBSTOPPER - a GOB is ‘an enlisted ordinary seaman in the US Navy’, apparently, and TOPPER was a comic that ran until 1990, when it merged with The Beezer.
17 Blue feathers
DOWN - DD, and a bit of a chestnut.
19 In Margate but backing City
AGRA - contained reversed in ‘Margate’.
20 Is cheddar this tough?
HARD CHEESE - not the hardest clue ever seen…
22 Snazzy racing driver’s a cause of much debate
HOT BUTTON - HOT (snazzy), BUTTON (Jenson, racing driver). A HOT BUTTON topic is a controversial one. I can’t think of an issue like that at the moment.
24 It’s refreshing to be returning home, sleeping like a baby
TONIC - IN is in COT, hence sleeping like a baby, geddit? The whole lot reversed.
26 Catch nasty whiff around governor
NABOB - NAB (catch), reversal of BO.
27 Ran to get 50 in over
28 We would change in Malaysia to tour this country
SWEDEN - S(WE’D)EN. A SEN is a 100th of a Ringgit, as you know.
29 Productions of Potter may use this epic metamorphosis in dramatic performance
PIPE-CLAY - PLAY containing (EPIC)*.

1 Including trendy names “Which” is put out with gas appliances
WASHING MACHINES - (NAMES WHICH GAS)* containing IN (trendy).
2 Hire back of hotel and relax
LEASE - hoteL, EASE.
3 It’s appropriate to surmise taking top off
4 At first childish lady is missing Barbies — grow up!
CLIMB - first letters of ‘childish lady is missing Barbies’. The CLIMBing here is being done by some kind of plant.
6 Doc visits a green prince
7 Choir take off for something to eat after Jerusalem
ARTICHOKE - (CHOIR TAKE)*. If you put ARTICHOKE after Jerusalem, you have a Jerusalem ARTICHOKE, which is a completely different plant, so is the ARTICHOKE of the answer still there to be eaten? Hmm.
8 Broadcast newspaper’s political interviewer film
INDEPENDENCE DAY - homophone (‘broadcast’) of “Independent’s”, DAY (Robin, one-time BBC political interviewer).
9 Spooner’s engineer used leg to hurt gatecrasher in bed
KNOTWEED - how the Reverend might have said ‘Watt kneed’.
15 Here’s food for the peckish
16 Rehearsal of first part of play in Priest’s church
18 Minor invention with changing key before rest
21 Judge eating doctor’s roll
RUMBLE - RU(MB)LE. Think thunder.
23 Raised multinational computer company’s popular “cloud” many times over
NIMBI - reversal (raised) of IBM, IN.
25 Finally obstetrician is given a detailed story about birth
NATAL - obstetriciaN, A, TALe.