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February 6th, 2018

Times Quick Cryptic 1021 by Izetti

I don’t want to talk anything up here, but there seems to have been a change in the puzzles produced by that once most fearsome of setters - our great friend, Izetti. Time was, when, much younger and naive in the ways of the blogging World, that name on a blogging day would make me stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, square my shoulders and, with a quick ‘once more unto the breach dear friends', I would set forth and valiantly plunge into battle.
Today's and the puzzle I was privileged to blog a mere two weeks ago, however, have been slain with a whoop and a holler in sub ten minutes.
As always, your comments are appreciated to see if my own experiences have anything to do with the reality of the wider World out there.

That is not to say that this is without interest - plenty of long clues today but very fairly clued - only LOI 3dn caused me some pause at the end, lots of multiple twists of word play, lots of anagrams. There’s also a slightly military theme in 9, 14, 16 across and 5dn. So thank you Izetti for a very enjoyable Quick Cryptic.

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Times Cryptic 26954

I found this quite tricky and needed 10 minutes over the hour to complete it. No doubt that 10 minutes will have been enough for some to solve the whole puzzle, but as I never struggled to the extent that I was out of ideas and just sitting and staring blankly at the page, I can take the positive view that I had an hour's more enjoyment than the speedsters. Of course in retrospect I can't understand what delayed me, apart from the unknown expression at 8dn

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

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