December 5th, 2012

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Times 25338: Parts on Parade

Solving time: 18:40

Straightforward puzzle with just one possible obscurity for non-train-spotters.

 1LIGATURE. Two meanings: musical slur or tie; combined letters such as æ and . In this case, the latter.
10THE BEGGARS OPERA. Anagram: sheer garbage top. John Gay, 1728.
11ENTROPY. ENTRY, including O{ld}, P{iano}. Short story by Thomas Pynchon, 1960.
12Omitted. Nothing to do with motor scooters.
13FELL FLAT. A word for ‘apartment’ after a word for ‘hill’.
15SACRA. Delete the ‘mento’ from the capital of California.
18W.I.RED. Literal: ‘set up for broadcast’, which is quite a clever distraction. A magazine for geeks.
23FASHION. SH (for quiet) and I,0 in FAN.
25SPONSOR. SPOOR (track) including N (northern) and S{ky}.
26CHARLOTTE CORDAY. Anagram: Old character to; plus Y. She wot done in Marat in his barf.
28MARYLAND. This would be RYAN around L (for ‘lake’) all inside MAD.

 1LUTHER. Replace the A in LATHER with a U.
 2GREAT BEAR. Hear: grate bare.
 3TREFOIL. TOIL including REF. My downfall in a French oral exam once. Didn’t know the word trefle. It was in a passage from Proust.
 4RUGBY. G (for ‘good’) inside RUBY. That is, there’s a stone walling it.
 6CROESUS. CROSS with E&U inserted at different points. The famously rich King of Lydia.
 7REEVE. Delete the L and 1 from RELIEVE. If you see ‘old official’, it’s most likely this geezer.
 8BRAD,SHAW. A shaw is an archaic forest. “ORIGIN, Old English sceaga, of Germanic origin; related to shag”. George Bradshaw, the eponymous publisher of railway timetables.
 9PRIVATES. Two defs; one rude.
14LAMINATE. Reverse ET and ANIMAL.
16CLEPSYDRA. An anagram. A water-clock.
17TWO-FACED. Two defs again, the second of which is ‘devious’.
19DRIBLET. Reverse BIRD and add LET{hal}. The answer fittingly includes the letters D,B & E, in that order.
21Omitted. A case of self-reference?
22BRAYED. RAY is in BED.
24STALL. Two defs again.
25SHE,BA. She who arrives in Handel’s Solomon.

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Mini S&B London 13th December

Ulaca's coming over to the UK from Hong Kong next week, and wants to meet up for a beer or three with anyone who's interested, so I'm organizing a mini Sloggers & Betters meeting at the Doric Arch pub in London on Thursday 13th Dec. People should start arriving at about 4pm. Personally I won't be able to get there until 6 as I'm working that day.

Hopefully we'll get a good turn-out despite the short notice (for which my apologies).