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Times 27148 - exterminate!

Time taken: 9:54.
I got almost all of the down answers on a first run though, and probably could have been a little faster than this on a good brain day. I'm in my last week of rehearsals for a show, so I'm a little behind in the regular solving regimen.

I thought today's was a good puzzle for wordplay!

First definitions are underlined in the clues...

Away we go!

1 Youth from east extremely knowledgeable about robot (5)
DALEK - LAD(youth) reversed, then K(nowledgeabl)E also reversed. The robots from Dr. Who (see comments for discussion on whether they were actually robots or BBC extras in upside-down wheelie bins)
4 Eg top young woman’s hairpiece, might Spooner have said? (9)
WHIRLIGIG - Spoonerism of GIRLY WIG. There's a bunch of discussion as to whether WHIRLYGIG should be accepted. I don't recall seeing any other spelling, and WHIRLIGIG is the only spelling given in Collins (the usual standard dictionary for The Times), Chambers or Oxford.
9 Phoney’s daily beat circling US city (9)
CHARLATAN - CHAR(daily), TAN(beat) surrounding LA(US city)
10 Church land where bird has swapped river for lake? (5)
GLEBE - the bird is a GREBE, replace R(river) with L(lake)
11 Unusually dire prospects for group loyalty (6,2,5)
14 Fix some olla podrida, for example? (4)
STEW - double definition - fix being an uncomfortable situation here
15 Tearing of delicate fabric in front of allotment (10)
LACERATION - LACE(delicate fabric), RATION(allotment)
18 Copyist, one visiting a team in French quarters (10)
AMANUENSIS - I(one) inside A, MAN U(Manchester United, soocer team), EN(In, in French), S,S(quarters)
19 Charge for accessing remote estates, primarily (4)
FARE - First letters of For Accessing Remote Estates
21 Loyalty old railways originally showed, adopting alternative tracks? (13)
BROTHERLINESS - BR(British Rail, old railway), and S(howed), containing OTHER(alternative), LINES(tracks)
24 Friend’s note written during a match (5)
AMIGO - MI(musical note), in A, MATCH(go, as in go with)
25 N European’s proposal for first daughter in run (9)
LAPLANDER - PLAN(proposal) instead of the first D in LADDER(run)
27 Excellent, solidly attractive fish (5-4)
HUNKY-DORY - HUNKY(solidly attractive), DORY(fish)
28 Tree-dweller appearing in sundry advertisements (5)
DRYAD - hidden in sunDRY ADvertisements

1 Surprisingly Nice is dank, squalid and poverty-stricken (10)
2 Grassy area providing shelter for listeners (3)
LEA - sounds like LEE(shelter)
3 Fellow entertaining Liberal physicist (6)
KELVIN - KEVIN(fellow) containing L(liberal), for Lord Kelvin
4 Uncommunicative comedian lured outside hotel (9)
WITHDRAWN - WIT(comedian), DRAWN(lured) with H(hotel) inside
5 Like an order mocking customer finally leaves (5)
IONIC - IRONIC(mocking) missing (custome)R - an order of architecture
6 Rest taken after member’s ball (3,5)
LEG BREAK - BREAK(rest) following LEG(member) - a ball in cricket
7 Rough evaluation of visitor hugging son and current chum (11)
GUESSTIMATE - GUEST(visitor) contaning S(son), then I(current), MATE(chum)
8 Anorak Stavros possibly needed, disregarding end of winter (4)
GEEK - Stavros (as opposed to Davros) would be a GREEK, remove the last letter of winteR
12 Quiet about eccentric man from way back in history (11)
PRECAMBRIAN - P(piano, quiet), RE(about), CAM(eccentric motor), BRIAN(man)
13 Limitless and, in Germany, without poetic rhythm (10)
UNMEASURED - UND(and, in German), outside of MEASURE(poetic rhythm)
16 Rage hippy stirred up studying ancient inscriptions (9)
17 Independence of a posh man accepting prestigious award (8)
AUTONOMY - A, U(posh), TONY(man) containing OM(order of merit)
20 Enchanting chap island zoo initially put in charge (6)
WIZARD - I(island), Z(oo) inside WARD(charge)
22 Greeting a man will love? (5)
23 Expression of disgust about leader of socialist party (4)
BASH - BAH(expression of disgust) surrounding S(ocialist)
26 One of those appearing regularly in diary (3)
DAY - alternating letters in DiArY
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