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Times 27136 - hope you made it to 12!

Solving time: 7:52, and I think this puzzle was very much on my wavelength, almost all of the across answers went in on a first reading, and it was only two sweeps through the clues until things were slotted in. Also helped that a few more obscure words have popped up on my day to blog them.

The first definition in each clue is underlined.

Away we go!

1 Bank agent meets huge politician, one to be entertained (10)
REPOSITORY - REP(agent), OS(huge), TORY(politician) containing I(one)
6 Unpopular worker provided with cards ultimately, then taxi (4)
SCAB - last letter in cardS, then CAB(taxi)
9 A Bishop observed to be half-hearted attracts church attendance? No! (7)
ABSENCE - A. B(bishop, chess), then SEEN(observed) missing one of the E's in the middle, CE(church)
10 Place of refreshment in desolate place man found heading west (7)
TAPROOM - MOOR(desolate place) and PAT(man) both reversed
12 Support immoral position taken by sportsman (6,4)
SECOND BASE - SECOND(support), BASE(immoral) - the name can refer to the plate bag on a baseball field, or the player who normally starts behind it and to the left right (looking from the batter)
13 Commander once more abandoning home (3)
AGA - AGAIN(once more) missing IN(home)
15 Hesitation about going by river? Try again (6)
RETEST - ER(hesitation) reversed then the river TEST
16 It's strange, being single, strange not to be hugged (8)
UNWONTED - UNWED(single) with an anagram of NOT inside. This came up once before when I was blogging, it can mean both unaccustomed to and strange
18 Well-known female with question expressing self-doubt about honesty (8)
FAMILIAR -  F(female), and the ungrammatical question AM I LIAR?
20 Rare fright when cold is caught (6)
SCARCE - SCARE(fright) holding C(cold)
23 Good times of quiet embraced by you and me (3)
UPS - P(quiet) inside US(you and me)
24 Sailor has mishap with mind distracted (10)
26 Return of Communist fury with Russia's leader put out, upset (7)
DERANGE - RED(communist) reversed then ANGER(fury) without the first letter of Russia
27 Party in Cairo is terrific (7)
ROISTER - hidden in caiRO IS TERrific
28 River not in good shape — there's little flow here (4)
RILL - R(river), ILL(not in good shape)
29 Old city that's cheerless, in which sailor eats fish (10)
STALINGRAD - a double container!  LING(fish) in TAR(sailor) in SAD(cheerless)

1 Register money being in short supply (4)
READ - READY(money) missing the last letter.  This was my last in, as I don't usually equate READ=REGISTER, but it does work in the context of indicate
2 Most stylish female in office (7)
POSHEST - SHE(female) in POST(office)
3 No sons of gloom will be excited by this set of love poems (4,2,7)
4 Like heavy material getting thin after short time (6)
TWEEDY - WEEDY(thin) after T(time) - when I first read the clue I thought it said "like heavy metal", which is not particularly TWEEDY
5 Prepares again to control son sinking to the bottom (8)
RETRAINS - RESTRAIN(control) with S moving to the end
7 Firm with nothing left -- worker fluid in a hot situation (7)
COOLANT - CO(firm), O(nothing), L(left) and a worker ANT
8 Soldier recalled touching book without one dull moment (10)
BOMBARDIER - RE(touching), B(book) containing I(one), DRAB(dull), MO(moment) all reversed. Clever wordplay!
11 Assumption before the start (13)
14 Supporting architect is more intelligent (10)
PROFOUNDER - PRO(supporting), FOUNDER(architect)
17 Strongest deer passes away in shelter (8)
HARDIEST - HART(deer) containing DIES(passes away)
19 Bloke lacking energy on a lake is a blow (7)
MISTRAL - MISTER (bloke) minus E, then A, L(lake) - a blow of wind
21 Area covered by minister that gives power (7)
REACTOR - A (area) inside RECTOR(minister)
22 Like some church services more or less hourly (6)
CHORAL - C(more or less, circa) HORAL(hourly)
25 Trained as educationist with grasp of one of the basic subjects? (4)
BRED - the educationalist has a B. ED.  Insert an R (reading, riting or rithmetic)
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