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Times Cryptic 27128

Solving time: 26 minutes. Straightforward. A typical first-working day-of-the-week Times puzzle. Enjoyable but with no particularly outstanding features.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Flare-up brought about by so much French spirit? (7)
TANTRUM - TANT (so much, French), RUM (spirit)
5 Reportedly track and creep up on wading bird (5)
STORK - Sounds like [reportedly] "stalk" (track / creep up on)
9 Dog beginning to bark at high fence (5)
BOXER - B{ark} [beginning], OXER (high fence), often with  reference to fences in showjumping
10 Slam former partner consumed by TV soap, so to speak? (9)
EXCORIATE - EX (former partner), CORI sounds like [so to speak] "Corrie" (TV soap - Coronation Street), ATE (consumed)
11 Take back park — Liberal’s first intention (7)
RECLAIM - REC (park - recreation ground), L{iberal's} [first], AIM (intention)
12 Poet’s current way to receive bearers of gifts (7)
IMAGIST - I (current) + ST (street) contains [to receive] MAGI (bearers of gifts - Three Wise Men)
13 More confident old men Bede converted (10)
EMBOLDENED - Anagram [converted] of OLD MAN BEDE
15 Source of information, perhaps: one rejected by Brecht’s collaborator (4)
WELL - WE{i}LL (Brecht’s collaborator) [one rejected]. Kurt Weill 1900-1950. Here's perhaps their most famous collaboration performed by Weill's wife, Lotte Lenya
18 Cooler condition (4)
NICK - Two meanings, slang for prison (as is cooler) and condition - in good nick
20 Old college tutor’s initial robbery, one believes (10)
POLYTHEIST - POLY (old college - polytechnic), T{utor's} [initial], HEIST (robbery)
23 Rule about marine mammal crossing this coastal defence (7)
SEAWALL - SEAL (marine mammal) contains [crossing] LAW (rule) reversed [about]
24 Showing forbearance, as 28 could be? (7)
LENIENT - Anagram of 28 Down [as 28 could be]. Setters, please avoid this sort of clue.
25 Satan’s chief aim, ensnaring frail innocents, primarily (4-5)
ARCH-FIEND - ARCH (chief - e.g. arch-enemy) + END (aim) containing [ensnaring] F{rail} + I{innocents} [primarily]
26 Possessing nothing, difficult to stockpile! (5)
HOARD - HARD (difficult) containing [possessing] 0 (nothing)
27 Plant soundly identified by groups of sheep or birds (5)
PHLOX - Sounds like [soundly identified by] "flocks" [groups of sheep or birds]
28 Illustrator’s profile finally framed by retired singer (7)
TENNIEL - {profil}E [finally] contained [framed] by LINNET (singer) reversed [retired]. Sir John Tenniel (1820-1914), Victorian illustrator famous for his illustrations of Lewis Carroll's work.
1 Charge bishop, one about to board hired car (7)
TAXICAB - I (one) + CA (about) contained by [to board] TAX (charge) + B (bishop)
2 No male friend accepts resistance, as a rule (8)
NORMALLY - NO + M (male) + ALLY (friend) contains [accepts] R (resistance)
3 Discharge right hand man originally supporting group of nations (5)
RHEUM - RH (right hand), then M{an} [originally] is placed under [supporting] EU (group of nations)
4 Plant woman found around ridge of land (9)
MACHINERY - MARY (woman) contains [around] CHINE (ridge of land). The latter is more usually described as a ravine but 'ridge' is also in some sources.
5 Second best way to attract attention? (6)
SCREAM - S (second), CREAM (best)
6 Express view about gangster being shot? (7)
OPALINE - OPINE (express view) contains [about] AL (gangster - Capone). As in 'shot silk' I assume. I'm not entirely sure what that is and whether 'opaline' covers it, but I have taken the definition on trust.
7 Welcoming knight, Gael possibly made obeisance (5)
KNELT - KELT (Gael possibly) containing [welcoming] N (knight - chess). I don't recall seeing this alternative spelling of Celt before but it's in the books.
8 Unusual beard, even for a poet somewhere in Scotland (8)
ABERDEEN - Anagram [unusual] of BEARD, E'EN (even for a poet)
14 Calming English gang girl that is not without heart (9)
EMOLLIENT - E (English), MOLL (gang girl), IE (that is), N{o}T [without heart]
16 Play featuring singer in a duel, oddly (8)
LATITUDE - TIT (singer) contained by [in] anagram [oddly] of A DUEL
17 City fathers ultimately suspend drunk by word of mouth (8)
SHANGHAI - {father}S [ultimately], HANG (suspend), HAI sounds like [by word of mouth] "high" (drunk)
19 Risk associated with large part of church (7)
CHANCEL - CHANCE (risk), L (large)
21 Part of glacier one notes during visit (3-4)
ICE-FALL - I (one),  E + F (notes) contained by [during] CALL (visit)
22 Message following drivers over crossroads (6)
CARFAX - RAC (drivers - Royal Automobile Club) reversed [over], FAX (message)
23 Quick-witted character on the staff (5)
SHARP - Two meanings, the second with reference to the # symbol that appears on the staff or stave - the set of lines on which music is notated
24 Left port, carrying heavy cargo (5)
LADEN - L (left), ADEN (port)
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