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Times 27117 - “The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct.”

Today is a public holiday in my neck of the woods - Assumption - so I have a much needed respite from the daily grind of trekking 220 km by taxi, at the nation's expense, for a 10 minute treatment. And only 2 more to go, so, soon I shall have my life back, for a while.
I was able to solve this at leisure, sitting still, and found it a pleasant, middle-of-the-road puzzle, nothing too obscure or controversial, a 22 minute solve and only one clue - 1a - required a look-up afterwards to make sure I wasn't in Cloud Cuckoo Land. And so 1a is a fitting clue for a largely Catholic holiday, as is 21d. And the chap with the razor must have been a crossword fan.

1 Decorative work in cape and vestment (7)
CROCHET - C for cape, ROCHET is a white dress worn by Catholic (and some Anglican?) priests in a choir situation. I remember my gran's fingers moving at warp speed doing this without taking her eyes off the television.
5 Getting into beds, start to abandon clothes (5)
COATS - A starts abandon, goes into COTS = beds. I think CLOTHES here is a verb.
9 Encourage holy person after word of disapproval (5)
BOOST - ST for Saint, after BOO.
10 Teddy hugging wife in long apparel on holiday? (9)
BEACHWEAR - W for wife inside ACHE for long inside BEAR for teddy.
11 Rough during performance that involves old flame (7)
INEXACT - My LOI because I couldn't spell 8d properly and had 11a beginning with an S. Twit. EX for old flame, inside IN ACT for during performance.
12 Rev. is about to lead church worship (7)
SERVICE - (REV IS)* followed by CE for church.
13 Region of USA to horrify a nameless pal (10)
APPALACHIA - APPAL = horrify, CHINA = pal loses his N. One presumes, the area of USA where one finds the Appalachian Mountains, of which one had heard.
15 Bird in head ornament with tail knocked off (4)
CROW - CROWN loses its tail.
18 Community to triumph, but one missing out (4)
TOWN - TO WIN = to triumph, lose the I.
20 Say word of warning to players, having got cross enough (3,7)
FOR EXAMPLE - FORE ! = word of warning, to golfers; X = cross, AMPLE = enough.
23 Religious group of idiots enthralling a thousand (7)
MORMONS - MORONS enthrall an M.
24 Vehicle, traveller round planet, featured in diagram (7)
CHARIOT - CHART = diagram, insert IO a moon which travels around Jupiter.
25 Moggy kept by doddery oldies is put out (9)
26 Blank out needing peace? That's about right (5)
ERASE - EASE = peace, insert an R.
27 Composer has meal, finishing early (5)
SUPPE - SUPPER ends early. Franz von Suppé, chap born in Split in 1819, d. 1895, wrote light opera and jolly overtures. He looks like Edward VII's decoy man.
28 Miss sent in a spin by your old man? (7)
TIMOTHY - Miss = OMIT, in a spin = TIMO, add THY = 'your old'. Just a random man's name. Not great.
1 Intimate photo of couples misbehaving (5-2)
CLOSE-UP - (COUPLES)* it's that easy.
2 Terribly foul salt water discharges (8)
OUTFALLS - (FOUL SALT)* it's that easy.
3 Way sailor gets into clobber (5)
HABIT - AB = sailor inside HIT = clobber, as Ben Stokes can get away with it appears.
4 Vehicle dropping one with prominent church feature to be discovered (9)
5 Enclosed space with house for university group (6)
COHORT - COURT = enclosed space; replace the U with HO for house.
6 Provocative goddess, one reclining in studio (7)
ATELIER - ATE was the Greek goddess of mischief, delusion, ruin and folly. Add LIER for one reclining.
7 Pair in Durham, say, for drinking bout (5)
SPREE - Durham is a SEE or Bishopric, insert PR for pair.
8 Old boy beginning to enthuse is worker kowtowing to boss? (8)
OBEISANT - OB = old boy, E(nthuse), IS, ANT = worker. Stupidly I first wrote in OBESIANT which, as noted above, screwed up 11a and delayed a finish.
14 Food item in can is sort that's been processed (9)
CROISSANT - (CAN IS SORT)*. I prefer a pain au raisin.
16 Struggled with those left, then took the initiative (8)
WRESTLED -W for with, REST = those left, LED = took initiative.
17 Scottish solicitor with a wit advanced cases (3,5)
LAW AGENT - A WAG = a wit, inside LENT = advanced.
19 Notts town acts with river rising (7)
WORKSOP - WORKS = acts, then the river PO rises. I'd heard of it as the home town of golfer Lee Westwood. Apparently it's also home town to Basil Boothroyd, Donald Pleasance and Graham Taylor, although I expect they don't or didn't crow about it.
21 Quiet woman holding scripture lessons maybe in school (7)
PRIMARY - P - quiet, MARY a woman, one such whose Assumption is celebrated today, insert RI for Religious Instruction.
22 Merry man eating lettuce (6)
JOCOSE - See lettuce in a clue, think COS. Insert into JOE.
23 Unfortunate king in motorway dash coming to premature end (5)
MIDAS - M1 motorway, DAS(H). Moral of story; if things you touch turn to gold, don't touch your daughter. Go look for a Cameron, Rees-Mogg or Johnson to touch.
24 The best stuff, full of energy (5)
CREAM - Stuff = CRAM, insert E for energy.
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