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Times 27111 - not marketed correctly?

I had a lot of fun with this one, for some reason starting with 20a on a quick glance through, finishing the SE corner and working my way up and across to end with the guessed-from-wordplay 2d. Around 25 minutes all told. When I had two X's and two Z's in early, I was thinking at least one if not a double pangram, but it was not so. I am now better informed about a violent kind of dancing and an amateur expert on ice skating manoeuvres. 1d gets my CoD award for its audacity.

1 Exaggerated passion about which to sing sometimes? (8)
CAMPFIRE - CAMP = exaggerated, FIRE = passion. Ging Gang Gooly Gooly, I remember.
5 Ancient Roman wheel mark crossed by modern vehicle (6)
BRUTUS - RUT is crossed by a BUS.
8 Images that are missing beginning to cause doubts (3)
IFS - GIFS (images in Graphic Interchange Format) lose their initial G.
9 Perform a track using axe (2,4,4)
DO AWAY WITH - DO = perform, A WAY = a track, WITH = using.
10 East Windows — since replaced — permitted, revealing everything (8)
EXPLICIT - E = east, XP = version of Windows since replaced, LICIT = permitted.
11 Cardinal featuring in sex-change, excommunicated (6)
NINETY - Hidden inside SE(X C)HANGE are the Roman numerals for ninety, XC. At first I stuffed in NUNCIO thinking the Papal chap would be a cardinal, but had to re-visit when faced with 7d.
12 Jump is something that takes pluck, with unknown ending (4)
LUTZ - On the rare occasions I've watched ice skating on TV for more than a few seconds before switching channels, I've heard the commentator refer to a 'triple Lutz'  which I see is a jump named after an intrepid Austrian chap who did it first in 1913, one Alois Lutz. To get the answer I think you replace the E of LUTE (something that takes pluck) with the unknown Z. For ages I was looking for LUT being a real Scrabble word in English not just an abbreviation in computing; as you may know, a lookup table or LUT is an array that replaces runtime computation with a simpler array indexing operation.
14 Religious leaders call for peace: give affirmative answer back (10)
AYATOLLAHS - Reverse all of: SH (call for peace), ALLOT (give), AY (affirmative), A (answer).
17 Someone evidently bad-mouthing weakness is wrong (10)
DISSERVICE - a DISSER could be a bad-mouther, and VICE = weakness.
20 Touring Australia, leave for island (4)
GOZO - GO around OZ and end up in Gozo, smaller island in Malta.
23 Poles belonging to the workforce (6)
STAFFS - STAFF'S would be belonging to the workforce.
24 Exemplary message: secure? (8)
TEXTBOOK - TEXT = message, BOOK = secure, reserve; TEXTBOOK as in example.
25 Match-winner, or miss? There’s nothing in it (6,4)
GOLDEN GOAL - GOLDEN = or, GAL = miss, insert an O.
26 There’s a surprise, seeing hotel amidst castles (3)
OHO - H for Hotel in between the two 0's used as notation for 'castles' as a move in chess.
27 Drawing stick from a crony for corruption (6)
28 A consequence of murders: riot (8)
OFFSHOOT - OFFS = murders, HOOT = riot, as in he's a hoot, a riot, very funny.

1 Sharply-defined foreign character, marketed incorrectly? (9)
CHISELLED - CHI Greek letter, SELLED meaning marketed in very bad English.
2 In place of wild dancing, doctors knock around quietly (4,3)
MOSH PIT - I guessed this from the checkers and wordplay, as my LOI. MOS = doctors, HIT = knock, around P = quietly. Apparently there is a form of dancing called MOSHING where one aggressively bumps into other people, carried out in a pit, to very loud punk type 'music'. Verlaine may be a fan, perhaps, when he's not in Seattle.
3 Filming technique: fancy German one (4-2)
FADE-IN - FAD = fancy, EIN = German for one.
4 Big Brother and co? Resistance vital, yet hopeless (7,2)
5 Bounty I resolved to accept (3,4)
6 Our standard of higher education about to drop (5,4)
UNION FLAG - UNI = higher education, ON = about, FLAG = to drop.
7 Release body of Manhattan Yank (7)
UNHITCH - I'm a bit lukewarm on this. the UN is a Body with its HQ in Manhattan, true. And a meaning of YANK can be the same as HITCH, as in 'to hitch up one's trousers'. I suppose it works. Not crazy about it though.
13 Tutorial ultimately left Suzy bursting with enthusiasm (9)
ZESTFULLY - (L LEFT SUZY)*, the L from end of TUTORIAL.
15 Scolded, as things removed from to-do list? (6,3)
TICKED OFF - Double definition.
16 What wineshops can do for a town (9)
STOCKPORT - wine shops can STOCK PORT.
18 Note to obtain national insurance, looking up number (7)
INTEGER - All reversed; RE = note, GET = obtain, NI = national insurance.
19 Girl from Central Europe, Polish (7)
ROSHEEN - (EU) RO (PE), SHEEN = polish. I've never seen it spelt this way only the Irish way, ROISIN with an accent on the second I. I suppose it's an Anglicisation like SHAUN for SEAN.
21 Drink up on one's own, welcoming men round (7)
OLOROSO - SOLO welcomes OR = men then O = round; all 'up'.
22 English going out of fashion for American writer of history (6)
STYLUS - STYLE loses its E, the US for American. Old kind of writer, I was thinking of Roman historians for a while.
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