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Times 27,107: The Battle in Seattle

An abbreviated blog from me tonight that will scarcely do justice to this fabulously intricate puzzle - I'm in Seattle, drinking wine with friends and watching Jaws with one eye while solving with the other, and I really should get back to being convivial before I get tossed out onto the street like a bad guest. FOI 20ac, LOI 24dn following the penny finally dropping on 24ac, Last One Parsed 16dn, which I guess I should give my Clue of the Day award just for keeping my bamboozled for the longest time.

How is the mother country and how are crosswords getting on it my absence? Well I hope! Many thanks to the setter, and let me just say I'm glad I wasn't timing this one properly, because even under conditions of concentration, I think it might have taken Quite A While....

1 Landlord’s agent has trouble stopping strike (7)
BAILIFF - AIL [trouble] "stopping" BIFF [strike]

5 Backing for some recalcitrant heavyweight on the way (5)
ARTIC - hidden reversed in {recal}CITRA{nt}. Heavyweight on the way = substantial road vehicle

9 Fellow setter from Coleraine? (5)
NIGEL - a GEL [setter] from NI [and possibly Coleraine]

10 Bore with patter? One’s cracked, finally (9)
PUNCHLINE - PUNCH [bore] with LINE [patter]. A punchline is cracked at the end of a joke

11 Patent I quietly reward inappropriately (7)
OVERTIP - OVERT I P [patter | I | quietly]

12 Right-winger in London ignoring position taken by Brussels chap (7)
EUSTACE - {Londo}N ignored in in EU STA{n}CE [position taken by Brussels]

13 The King and I sets make for stirring musical! (4,2,4)
KISS ME KATE - (K I SETS MAKE*) ["for stirring"]

15 Story a fraction, as it were, of what the writer possesses? (4)
MYTH - 50% of MY TH{ings}

18 What the French would make of UK newspaper expert (4)
DEFT - DE FT [French for "of | UK newspaper"]

20 Cleaner turned over communists holding pensioner captive (4,6)
SOAP POWDER - REDS reversed, "holding" OAP POW [pensioner | captive]

23 Whack doing no harm at all? (7)
HELPING - double def

24 Rumpus after champion gets three out of fifteen (4,3)
BACK ROW - ROW [rumpus] after BACK [champion]. Three out of the fifteen players in a rugby union team

25 A wrestling champion maybe boxes following change in direction (5-4)
ABOUT FACE - A BOUT ACE [a wrestling champion, maybe] "boxes" F [following]

26 Pop to Eton finally for meeting with Head (5)
PATER - {fo}R, meeting with PATE [head]. What an Eton pupil might call his dad

27 A number of things conveyed by Morse? (5)
DITTY - Morse being composed of dits and dahs, "of things conveyed by Morse" could be dit-ty.

28 Look on stick to support (5-2)
STAND-BY - triple def, I think?

1 Certain players from GB cavalier with rules (7)
BUGLERS - (GB + RULES*) ["cavalier"]

2 One allowed to cut money for American when not working (4,4)
IDLE TIME - I [one] + LET [allowed] "to cut" DIME [money for American]

3 Contribution falling short, paper’s head about to drop setter? (2,3)
IN PUP - INPU{t} [contribution "falling short"] + P{aper}

4 Altered print, eg if manipulated digitally (9)
FINGERTIP - (PRINT EG IF*) ["altered"]

5 Experiences in a luxury car leaving one horrified (6)
AGHAST - HAS [experiences] in A GT [a | luxury car]

6 Having quite a crowd of partners in crime! (7)
TRIGAMY - cryptic def

7 Light food, cold, before short drive back (5)
CREPE - C [cold] before REPE{l} ["short" drive back]

8 Remarkable for Scotland to get sanctioned: it’s just not done! (8)
UNCOOKED - UNCO [remarkable for Scotland] to get OK'ED [sanctioned]

14 It’s blooming strong: ask for a fresh brew (9)
KNOTGRASS - (STRONG ASK*) ["for a fresh brew"]

16 One extracting pardon from base rebel once (8)
HEREWARD - DRAWER EH [one extracting | pardon?] from base = read from bottom to top

17 Suspicion protection is needed for computer device (8)
TOUCHPAD - TOUCH PAD [suspicion | protection]

19 Military command’s unpleasant consequences (7)
FALLOUT - or FALL OUT, the military command

21 Note Yankee keeps corrupt prairie girl in work (7)
DOROTHY - DOH Y [note | Yankee] keeps ROT [corrupt]. The work being The Wizard of Oz

22 Maybe hailing judge after victory (6)
WINTRY - TRY [judge] after WIN [victory]

23 White deposit on tail of red squirrel (5)
HOARD - HOAR [white deposit] on {re}D

24 Produced article (in English) in place of Dutch (5)
BREDA - BRED [produced] + A [English article]
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