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Mephisto 3021 - Paul McKenna

The Mephisto is usually a 12x12 grid, but the setters have some leeway with size, as long as the number of cells and number of clues fit within a publishable space. This time we have a 11x13 grid with 180-degree symmetry. I rather liked it, there are four across clues that span the entre grid and runing from the top to the bottom in the middle.

As usal, Paul McKenna has treated us to a pun across the top row, though it took me a few readings to see it as CUBE ROOTS.

The first definition is underlined in clues.

Away we go...

1 This line comes from outspoken centre of growing excellence (5)
QUEUE - sounds like the gardens at KEW
5 Northern island’s full of right beasts (6)
BRUTES - BUTE'S(Northern Island's) containing R
9 Previously grave and quiet soak to open up (9)
INTERPRET - INTER(bury, grave as a verb), P(quiet), RET(soak)
10 High canto nicely done (11)
ANTICYCLONE - anagram of CANTO,NICELY. It takes a little peeking to find it, but "anticyclone" is given under "high"
11 Lean on reserve fund for bit of protection (4)
REST - this clue is made from all three definitions of REST in Chambers
12 Alternatively such as could be a threat (6, two words)
OR ELSE - double definition
14 Ultimate in mistaken dalliance (6)
END-ALL -  hidden in mistakEN DALLiance. In Mephisto clues, hyphens in answers are not indicated
15 iPod with various changes — weight perhaps (11)
AVOIRDUPOIS - anagram of IPOD,VARIOUS, and a word I cannot spell to save my life
16 Return iron and stand (3)
NEF - reversal of FE(iron), 'N' - a stand you might find on a dinner table
19 Snapper’s stultifying stuff? (3)
PAP - double definition, the snapper being a PAPPARAZZO
22 We keep back storage space during blights (11)
WITHHOLDERS - HOLD(storage space) inside WITHERS(blights)
23 Lubricious bunch in case of skullduggery (6)
STEAMY - TEAM(bunch) in S(kulldugger)Y
25 In Marseilles and bound to enthrall one African as before (6)
ETHIOP - ET(and, in French), and HOP(bound) containing I
26 Case of seeds showing no hint of propagating in a month (4)
ARIL - remove the first letter of Propagating in the month of APRIL
27 Palaeographer, say, may be happier with gist unravelling (11)
28 Mince is another miss in Lisbon (9)
29 Hamper next to stone trough (6)
HOGTIE - the HOG is a stone in curling, and a TIE is a trough for washing ore, found in Chambers under TYE
30 Tipped ciggie is rough (5)
ASPER - remove the end of GASPER(cigarette)

1 Question knowhow over an affliction which repeats (7)
QUARTAN - QU(question), ART(know-how) over AN
2 Macron’s one sadly never put out (7)
UNNERVE - UN(French for one), then an anagram of NEVER
3 Concert in place of study borders on tetchy (5)
UNITY - UNI(university, place of study), then T(etch)Y
4 Carvers and the rest belonging to that girl? (7)
ETCHERS - ETC(and the rest), HERS(belonging to that girl)
5 Dopey dopey bromance is without rival (13, two words)
BEYOND COMPARE - anagram of DOPEY,BROMANCE (despite dopey bromance being a redundancy)
6 United excuse personal trainer that’s risen rapidly (7)
UPLEAPT - U(united), PLEA(excuse), PT(personal trainer)
7 Swagger in hat — old-fashioned dress (9)
TROLLOPEE - ROLL(swagger) in TOPEE(hat)
8 Guides spread amongst Saints (6)
STEERS - TEER(spread) inside S,S(saunts)
13 Fog’s swirling about l-light — it’s not a problem (9, two words)
SOFT THING - anagram of FOG'S surrounding T-THIN(light)
17 Expression of joy over boat being up once (7)
AHEIGHT - AH(expression of joy), EIGHT(eight-oar boat)
18 Ignoring what’s second, just male and female spiritual games venue (7)
OLYMPIA - remove the second letter from ONLY(just), M(male), PIA(pious, spiritual in the female form)
20 One involved with extravagant treats? (7)
ARTISTE - I inside an anagram of TREATS, an all-in-one clue
21 Wit in a devotional book (7)
PSALTER - SALT(wit) in PER(a, each)
22 Scots zip it with hands, learn about going in (6)
WHEESH - W(with), H,H(hands) containing SEE(learn) reversed
24 Crackers with added hot Thai greens (5)
BAHTS - BATS(crackers) containing H. Greens meaning money in this case

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