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Times Cryptic 27098

I needed about an hour for this one but I'm not exactly sure why as most of it was quite straightforward.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Female celebrity put up with leers somehow outside government department (10)
SUPERMODEL - Anagram [somehow] of UP LEERS containing [outside] MOD (government department - Ministry of Defence)
6 Bloke is vulgar, heartless (4)
CHAP - CH{e}AP (vulgar) [heartless]
8 Legally gets hold of this person's cash (8)
IMPOUNDS - I'M (this person's), POUNDS (cash). Hm. Yesterday we had  "this person's" clueing I'VE (in 'alewives') and today it stands for I'M. Am I alone in finding both a little odd? "This person" usually refers to somebody else i.e. in the third person (no pun intended) whereas "I" is in the first person and indicates the speaker. I suppose there are examples of people referring to themselves in the third person (Mrs Thatcher: The lady's not for turning) but as I have said, it seems a bit odd.
9 Slight sign of affection after firm provides a bit of money (6)
COPECK - CO (firm), PECK (slight sign of affection). 1/100th of a Russian rouble. Not a spelling I'm familiar with but it's valid along with kopek, kopeck and copek.
10 Member of hobbit family / captured (4)
TOOK - In The Hobbit  the Tooks are Bilbo's mother's family, vaguely remembered from reading the book years ago. It wasn't bad as a story for children, but if only Tolkien had stopped there...!
11 Meeting zone used very regularly when abroad (10)
RENDEZVOUS - Anagram [when abroad] of ZONE USED V{e}R{y} [regularly]
12 Suffering financially? That's obvious, being given the sack (9)
OVERTAXED - OVERT (obvious), AXED (given the sack)
14 Support hospital organisations? Not the second time (5)
TRUSS - TRUS{t}S (hospital organisations) [not the second time]. Hospital trusts are the main providers of secondary care within the National Health Service.
17 Having crossed river, bed down in rubbish (5)
DROSS - DOSS (bed down) containing [having crossed] R (river)
19 Brainy bits produced by church dissenter, the Parisian (9)
CEREBELLA - CE (church), REBEL (dissenter) LA (the, Parisian)
22 Briefly hold mammal spinning round quite briskly (10)
ALLEGRETTO - ALLEG{e} (hold) [briefly], OTTER (mammal) reversed [spinning round]. I'm not entirely convinced that 'hold' and 'allege' are synonymous but my thesaurus links them via 'maintain' so I suppose there must be a crossover of meaning somewhere.
23 Rugby player acceptable without hesitation (4)
PROP - PROP{er} (acceptable) [without hesitation]. A shortened form of  'prop forward'.
24 Chaste woman loves talking, putting lots off (6)
VESTAL - Hidden [putting lots off] in {lo}VES TAL{king}. A shortened form of  'Vestal Virgin'.
25 Kill rodents — but there's one left inside home (8)
DOMICILE - DO (kill), MICE (rodents) with I (one) + L (left) contained [inside]. Apart from 'party', 'do' is more usually clued as 'swindle' but 'kill' is also valid.
26 Drink and energy-containing nuts (4)
MEAD - MAD (nuts) containing E (energy). Slang terms for madness seem to be causing some dissent in the ranks lately so that I'm not even sure we're allowed to use the word 'mad'  any more, let alone 'nuts'. My view for what it's worth (probably very little) is that as long as such terms are presented in the abstract and aren't being applied with malice towards individuals then there's no reason why they should not appear in crossword puzzles.
27 Services, long ago held for local dignitaries (10)
MAYORESSES - MASSES (services) with YORE (long ago) contained [held]
1 Son isn't outlaw — shows such piety (9)
SAINTHOOD - S (son), AIN'T (isn't), HOOD (outlaw)
2 Infant and old man face the camera full of love (7)
PAPOOSE - PA, (old man), POSE (face the camera) containing [full of] 0 (love). I imagine there may be more dissent in the ranks over this one.
3 Guy has spoken about island on the lord's territory? (8)
MANORIAL - MAN (guy), ORAL (spoken) containing [about] I (island). My last one in. For ages I could only see 'Montreal' to fit the checkers and then I thought of 'Lord of the Manor'.
4 Resident I'd style eccentric, lacking concern (15)
5 Philosopher reading maybe in a secure compartment (6)
LOCKER - LOCKE (philosopher), R (reading maybe). 'Reading' as a school subject is traditionally one of 'the three Rs' but in fact it's the only genuine one (cf writing and arithmetic).
6 Island capital always given low grades (4,5)
CAPE VERDE - CAP (capital), EVER (always), D+E (low grades)
7 A pleasure trip, we hear, comes as an added extra (7)
ACCRUES - A + CCRUES sounds like [we hear] "a cruise" (a pleasure trip)
13 Reclined, maybe, clutching muscle, and given proper treatment (9)
RESPECTED - RESTED (reclined, maybe) containing [clutching] PEC (muscle)
15 Port's edge (9)
SHARPNESS - Two meanings. One of the most inland ports in the UK, SHARPNESS is on the River Severn in Gloucestershire.
16 One keen to change, about to confront past (8)
REFORMER - RE (about), FORMER (past)
18 Little right with priest meeting temptress — take off duty! (7)
RELIEVE - R (little right), ELI (priest), EVE (temptress). Rather bad press for Eve here, I think, as she was led astray by the serpent so was only a temptress by proxy.
20 Stories about old bishop? They may be articulated (7)
LORRIES - LIES (stories) containing [about] O (old) + RR (bishop - Right Reverend)
21 Middle-distance runner beginning to puff, upset? Examination needed (6)
PRELIM - MILER (middle-distance runner) + P{uff} [beginning] reversed [upset]
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