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Times 27,077: Ignorance, Madam, Pure Ignorance

This was gentlish fare for a Friday, taking me no more than about 7 minutes on paper, but there was a light touch to the cluing and I chuckled and groaned in all the right places. I don't have a runaway favourite clue of the day but let's say 7dn because it's a nice surface and managed to remind me of the old Samuel Johnson anecdote, always a bonus. Thanks to the setter, and now I have to rush off and spend all day trying not to forget that it's (probably) my turn to blog a Jumbo and a Club Monthly this weekend!

If anyone is at a loose end tomorrow I think some setters, bloggers and lurkers will be meeting in the pub, possibly in Greenwich this time though that's just a rumour. This kind of thing happens more Saturdays than not these days, so if you're a London-area reader and ever get the urge to be sociable, drop me a line and feel free to join us any time...

1 This traps bachelor in messy rooms, the clot (10)
THROMBOSIS - THIS "traps" B [bachelor] in (ROOMS*) ["messy"]

6 Travel by air with a paper (4)
WAFT - W A FT [with | a | paper (= the Financial Times)]

8 Oz runner eventually caught rival (8)
EMULATOR - EMU [Oz runner] + homophone of LATER [eventually "caught"]. Emus, the second largest bird, live in Australia, are flightless, but can sprint at over 30mph if they're in the mood.

9 First of cryptic clues on radio that may mean curtains for some (6)
CHINTZ - C{ryptic} + homophone of HINTS [clues "on radio"]. Do you now or have you ever had chintzy curtains? Own up.

10 County rejects a new border (4)
TRIM - {an}TRIM [(Irish) county, subtracting both A and N for new]

11 Putting cash up front, top businessmen bag river beast (10)
RHINOCEROS - putting RHINO [cash] up front, CEOS [top businessmen] "bag" R [river]

12 They must save old soak ultimately with divine inspiration (9)
THEOSOPHY - THEY must "save" O SOP {wit}H [O = old; SOP = soak]

14 Writing about sanctuary earns points (5)
MARKS - MS [writing] "about" ARK [sanctuary]

17 Suggest Dick should open unit (5)
OPINE - P.I. [Dick (= private investigator)] should "open" ONE [unit]

19 Being successful, this writer's replacing last of belongings (9)
EFFECTIVE - EFFECT{s->I'VE}. Replace the last letter of a word for belongings with I'VE [this writer's]

22 Kiss Adrian, drunk after beer and port (10)
ALEXANDRIA - X + (ADRIAN*) ["drunk"], after ALE [beer]

23 Tree has saccharin, shedding odd bits (4)
ACAI - {s}A{c}C{h}A{r}I{n}, with all the odd letters "shed". Better known for its allegedly healthful berries.

24 Contain wider space by taking in suburbs of Oxford (6)
EMBODY - EM [wider space (as opposed to the narrower "en")] BY, "taking in" O{xfor}D. "Suburbs" is a fun indicator for "outlying bits"!

25 It's galling, using PA bar first (8)
ANNOYING - {t}ANNOYING [using PA, barring the first letter]

26 Cut Hibernian flag (4)
IRIS - IRIS{h} ["cut" Hibernian]. Chestnutty.

27 Chuck’s senior sibling's wine supplier? (10)
ELDERBERRY - if Chuck Berry had older siblings, and he did, being the fourth child of six, each of them would be an ELDER BERRY...

1 How many players at Wembley figure in Heller work? (6-3)
TWENTY-TWO - an elaborate double def, being either the complement of two football teams or the number in the title of Joseph Heller's most famous book, Catch-22.

2 One way to limit batting practice (7)
ROUTINE - ROUTE [one way] to "limit" IN [batting]

3 Where to go brush trousers at hotel (8)
BATHROOM - BROOM [brush] "trousers" AT H [at | hotel]. The very coy sense of the phrase "to go".

4 Where is very ill patient heading? That's easy (15)
STRAIGHTFORWARD - or else the ill patient is heading STRAIGHT FOR WARD. (If he was even iller they'd rush him to theatre, though!)

5 Small rise squeezes City branch (6)
SECTOR - S TOR [small | rise] "squeezes" EC [City]

6 Fry served with milk? Enticing stuff (9)
WHITEBAIT - WHITE [served with milk (as in coffee)] + BAIT [enticing stuff]

7 Iron bolt secures West End joint (7)
FETLOCK - FE LOCK [iron | bolt] "secures" {wes}T. A fetlock is the joint between the cannon bone and the pastern; the pastern is basically a horse's knee, unless you actually care.

13 Nasty old boy, nervous, heading off carrying duck (9)
OBNOXIOUS - O.B. [old boy] + {a}NXIOUS [nervous, "heading off"], "carrying" O [duck]

15 Apparently home counties bishopric impresses China (9)
SEEMINGLY - SE ELY [home counties | bishopric] "impresses" MING [China]. Rather refreshing for "China" not to clue PAL or similar...

16 Servant's fee paid in advance (8)
RETAINER - double definition

18 Corrupt employer ignoring eastern compound (7)
POLYMER - ({e}MPLOYER*) ["corrupt"]

20 Current row involving church is more irritating (7)
ITCHIER - I TIER [current | row] "involving" CH [church]

21 Enemy managed to capture unknown catalyst (6)
ENZYME - (ENEMY*) ["managed"], to "capture" Z [unknown]
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