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Times 27075 - Is it still Monday?

After Monday's stroll with the SNITCH at only 70, and yesterday's at 71, you'd think I'd be in for a brain buster. But no, I had all but two of these clues sorted in 14 minutes, and 16a and 22d in another 5 or so. A bit of a skin complaint themed day, with 4d, 6d, and 13a enough to make us 10a.
Not much else to say, I liked 11a best for its 'not that sort of bookmaker' definition.
Anagrams are light on the ground again, only two and a half.
EDIT: 09:16 CET Apparently it's not still Monday, but not yet Friday; the SNITCH is hovering at just above 100.

1 Sacred building, outstanding (8)
HALLOWED - HALL = building, OWED = outstanding, unpaid.
6 Leave cancelled in the wake of report (3,3)
POP OFF - OFF = cancelled, in wake of POP = report.
9 London traders collectively endure visitors on railway (6,7)
LIVERY COMPANY - LIVE = endure, RY = railway, COMPANY = visitors.
10 Sullen guy keeping queen and politician apart (6)
GRUMPY - GUY has R (queen) and MP inserted separately.
11 Deal rigged in game for bookmaker's enrichment? (4,4)
GOLD LEAF - GOLF = game, insert (DEAL)*.
13 Case of pure Tamiflu primarily imported to quell epidemic (10)
PESTILENCE - SILENCE = quell, insert T (Tamiflu primarily) into that, then insert all into P E being the 'case' of PURE.
15 Academy that houses folklore (4)
MYTH - Hidden word in ACADE(MY TH)AT.
16 Feeble bridge pair blocked by opponent leading hearts (4)
NESH - N and S being partners at bridge, have E (one of two opponents) inserted, then H for Hearts. My LOI as a word I'd never heard and had to trust to the wordplay, which is definitive (the only other options being e.g. WSEH or WNEH which are even less like real words).
18 Cash in Brussels, for instance, is principally Euros (10)
CAPITALISE - Brussels is a CAPITAL, then IS E. Once you see the definition, it's simple enough.
21 To break with boyfriend ultimately is what you're aiming to do (8)
DISSOLVE - D (end of boyfriend) IS to SOLVE the puzzle.
22 Proceed east of coastal city to find calm water (6)
LAGOON - L os A ngeles, GO ON. A chestnut, in this or similar forms.
23 Some output from sewer on street, a cause of irritation? (7,6)
RUNNING STITCH - RUNNING = on, ST, ITCH a cause of irritation. Sewer being someone who sews stitches, not the drain.
25 He keeps books in cloak (6)
MANTLE - MALE keeps NT = books.
26 Natural sugar almost redundant in potion (8)
DEXTROSE - EXTR(A) = almost redundant, inside DOSE = potion. D-glucose, also known as dextrose, as opposed to its isomer L-glucose, which doesn't occur in nature.

2 Free comprehensive initially raised cheers (2,5)
AT LARGE - TA = cheers, reversed = AT, LARGE = comprehensive (I suppose).
3 Romantic combinations of complex vocal themes? (4,7)
4 Like toad, cautious crossing bottom of culvert (5)
WARTY - WARY = cautious, around T bottom of culvert. We have a family of friendly toads living just by our front door, they don't seem to have warts. Smooth toads?
5 Angular figure ruined second half of clog dance (7)
DECAGON - (OG DANCE)*, OG being the second half of clog.
6 Most spotted hints provided during training (9)
PIMPLIEST - IMPLIES = hints, inside P T for training.
7 75% of maximum pulse (3)
PEA - three-quarters of PEAK.
8 Background support for cunning aerial display (3-4)
FLY-PAST - FLY = cunning, PAST = background, as in 'he told me about his background / past'.
12 Old street worker moving less well, masking hardship (11)
LAMPLIGHTER - LAMER = moving less well, outside PLIGHT = hardship.
14 Something unwillingly served by pub, that jetsetters must adjust to? (5,4)
LOCAL TIME - TIME in jail would be unwillingly served, LOCAL = pub.
17 Nation's technology about to feature in Time (7)
ERITREA - ERA = time, insert IT and RE = about.
19 First couple of players played streaky shots and swore (7)
PLEDGED - PL = first 2 of players, EDGED as in cricket.
20 Width lacking in dimwitted woman's belts (7)
SLOSHES - SLOW = dimwitted, remove the W(idth), SHE'S = woman's. Took me a while to see the connection; I think if you slosh whisky into a glass, you'd be having a good belt of it? Or is there another way this is a synonym? Ah yes, as pointed out below by jackkt, you can slosh / belt / punch someone.
22 Careless carrying tea, spilling a milky fluid (5)
LATEX - LAX = careless, insert TE(A).
24 Anything other than weight rising (3)
NOT - TON reversed.
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