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Times 201185 - Happy Birthday, Windows.

The day of the last of the TCC qualifiers, so we have an alternative online, from 20 November 1985. (The blog for the Qualifier III, 27069, will, all being well, be published here on 28 June).
For an 'oldie', appearing on the same day as Windows version 1.0 was let loose on the world, I thought this wasn't too silly or obscure, unlike the less rigorously clued puzzles we've seen from earlier dates. I managed to get it right in around half an hour, although as usual with oldies, the exact rational explanation of some answers is not exactly exact. Make of it what you will. I was underwhelmed.

1 Blouse damaged by dagger (6)
OBELUS - (BLOUSE)*; the printers mark which looks like a dagger.
5 More than enough for a graduate — wicked! (8)
BASINFUL - BA for graduate, SINFUL for wicked. Neat.
9 London's road protector (8)
CROMWELL - Double def. There are other Cromwell Roads, but the London one was named after the son of Oliver the Protector, he had a house thereabouts and it ended at Earls Court before 1941.
10 Snug his job — as an army recruit? (6)
JOINER - Snug in MND was a joiner from Athens. Never employ a Greek joiner.
11 Mrs Partington's main opponent (8)
ATLANTIC - This fine lady from Sidmouth tried to sweep back the ocean with her broom, says the poem. See e.g. http://www.victorianweb.org/periodicals/fun/ireland/12.html
12 State is without a port (6)
CALAIS - CAL IS has A inside. Don't stay at the Mercure in Calais, nearly all Mercure Hotels are good but this one is NOT.
13 Subject to "income" tax? (8)
DUTIABLE - I guess this is a sort of pun on in-come, goods coming in being subject to duty?
15 Raising of troops that could reduce our capital (4)
LEVY - Double def; a levy is a military force raised usually by conscription.
17 Resort in South Devon to drink (4)
BEER - Another double def; BEER is a pleasant seaside place in Devon adjacent to a good golf course.
19 Nothing terribly grand that is material (8)
20 National cause of uprising (6)
ANTHEM - Stand up, it's God Save the Queen.
21 Stretched the centre to full length and so on (2,6)
ET CETERA - the centre of STRETCHED is ETC, spell it out in full.
22 Oriental one embraced the church in modern time (6)
EOCENE - E, ONE insert CE for church. Modern time is a bit of a fib, as the eocene lasted from 56 to 34 million years ago, give or take a few hundred. BTA (before the Archers).
23 Flower of remembrance? This is so, to my embarrassment (8)
MYOSOTIS - (IS SO TO MY)*. The genus including forget-me-nots.
24 Eg a TV play, or its players (8)
TELECAST - What it says; a TV play, ot the actors in it.
25 Fabric observed wrapped round a cat's tail (6)
SATEEN -  Insert A, (CA)T, into SEEN.
2 Prohibit one including Italian singer (8)
BARITONE - BAR ONE insert IT for Italian.
3 This popular, if non-U part of Italy (8)
LOMBARDY - Bit of Italy arund Milan, and also main variety of POPLAR trees, hence POPULAR non-U.
4 Periodical shows unusual tact in prose composition (9)
SPECTATOR - (TACT)* inside (PROSE)*, or if you prefer simplicity, (PROSE TACT)*.
5 But inadequate cover for one in six hundred (9,6)
BALACLAVA HELMET - as worn in the battle of Balaclava and described in Tennyson's poem.
6 Set apart one the sun-god consumed (7)
7 Enthusiast's on the ball with this act (3,5)
FAN DANCE - FAN for enthusiast, DANCE for ball.
8 Flower birds turn up on river (8)
LARKSPUR - LARKS, UP reversed, R for river.
14 Curious getting £500 change? Absurd! (9)
15 Body-binder of dressing material used outside sporting contest (8)
16 Direction of take-off in this plane (8)
VERTICAL - to take off you have to ascend in the vertical plane, else you'd still be at ground level. Not necessarily in a VTO aircraft though.
17 Better perhaps putting in duck's eggs as part of the salad (8)
BEETROOT - Insert O O for duck's eggs into (BETTER)*.
18 This book, Smith Minor, is not about physical training (8)
EXERCISE - I can't see much to this except to say an EXERCISE book is a school write-in book not a book of physica exercises. Smith Minor, just a random pupil?
19 A nice company formationdescribes the South Sea Bubble (7)
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