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Times Cryptic 27056

I'm having a run of bad luck on my blogging days at the moment and once again with this one my solving time was off the scale. Last week when I reported something similar I was relieved later to see so many comments that others had experienced difficulties too, but I am fearful today that everyone but me will have found this one easy. Time will tell. For all that, it was a very enjoyable solve and I haven't any gripes or misgivings about anything in it.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Those tipped to feature in food programme (4,4)
CHAT SHOW - HATS (those tipped) contained by [to feature in] CHOW (food)
5 Appropriate fruit soft after bruising action? (6)
SCRUMP - SCRUM (bruising action), P (soft). 'Appropriate' in the sense of 'steal', and in case the word SCRUMP has not travelled overseas, it means to steal fruit from orchards or gardens.
10 Dicky lands a tuna: fears line gradually slipping (3,7,5)
11 On-line security device, block keeping the second page empty (7,3)
CLOTHES PEG - CLOG (block) containing [keeping] THE + S (second) + P{ag}E [empty]. A nifty definition!
13 A spinner is on (4)
ATOP - A, TOP (spinner)
15 Dog hit cat, say? (7)
WHIPPET - WHIP (hit), PET (cat, say?)
17 Greek letter regarding housing crisis initially framed by artist (7)
OMICRON - ON (regarding) containing [housing] C{risis} initially, itself contained [framed] by MIRO (artist). Joan Miró (1893-1983) who is nothing more than a name to me.
18 Some time after primate detailed impossible dream (7)
CHIMERA - CHIM{p} (primate) [detailed], ERA (some time). The definition is the English title of a song from the musical Man of La Mancha, sung here in French by Jacques Brel. I've added this as it's nearly 10 years since he was mentioned here. One of the few famous Belgians.
19 Fundamentalist movement I outlaw after short conference (7)
TALIBAN - TAL{k} (conference) [short], I, BAN (outlaw)
21 Secure / domain (4)
LAND - Two definitions
22 Infinite praise surrounding contrary maxim (10)
BOTTOMLESS - BLESS (praise) containing [surrounding] MOTTO (maxim) reversed [contrary]
25 European agreement centred on tale I fabricated, unworkable ultimately (7,8)
ENTENTE CORDIALE - Anagram [fabricated] of CENTRED ON TALE I, {unworkabl}E [ultimately]. The treaty of 1904 between Britain and France.
27 Off like a horse, perhaps, heading away (6)
ADDLED - {s}ADDLED (like a horse, perhaps) [heading away]
28 Man behind cover, hiding (8)
SPANKING - SPAN (cover), KING (man - chess). 'Hiding' in the sense of beating or flogging.
1 Brief example: how to invest capital in company that makes money (4,3)
CASH COW - CAS{e} (example) [brief], HOW containing [to invest] C{ompany} [capital]. It's a business or project which provides a steady cash flow.
2 At first, articles will nestle in beard (3)
AWN - A{rticles} + W{ill} + N{estle} [at first]
3 Small crustacean in pond has muddled through (4,6)
SAND HOPPER - Anagram [muddled] of  POND HAS, PER (through).  Sometimes spelt as one word and also known as a sand flea.
4 Yellow top of rootstock is for fragrant preparation (5)
ORRIS - OR (yellow - literally 'gold' but also yellow in heraldry), R{ootstock} [top], IS. I knew this as the plant itself - a type of iris - but ORRIS is also the prepared root or stem of the plant which is fragrant and used in perfumes, and that's the meaning required here.
6 Small restaurant needing cleaning originally, some wiping floor (4)
CAFE - C{leaning} [originally], A FE{w} (some) [wiping floor i.e. remove the last letter in a Down answer]. After I completed the grid I must have spent at least half-an-hour trying to see the wordplay - not the C, I got that easily enough!
7 Complete parts ineffectual — that's beyond words (11)
UNUTTERABLE - UTTER (complete) contained by [parts] UNABLE (ineffectual)
8 Build cricket side that's taken advantage of (3,4)
PUT UPON - PUT UP (build), ON (cricket side)
9 Embracing queen, ludicrously wonderful standing naked below? (8)
BAREFOOT - TOO FAB (ludicrously wonderful) containing [embracing] ER (queen), all reversed [standing]
12 Papa constrained by fixed idea, notion being dogmatic (11)
OPINIONATED - P (papa - NATO alphabet), contained [constrained] by anagram [fixed] of IDEA NOTION
14 Position I am to take up welcomed by mad professor? (5,3-2)
SILLY MID-ON - I'M (I am) reversed [to take up] contained [welcomed] by SILLY DON (mad professor) More cricket.
16 Duck covering extremity to keep wings, primarily, drier (3,5)
TEA TOWEL - TEAL (duck) containing [covering] TOE (extremity) itself containing [to keep] W{ings} [primarily]
18 Upsurge of a coloured resin in crater (7)
CALDERA - Reversal [upsurge] of A + RED (coloured) + LAC (resin)
20 Savings teens wasted on goods (4,3)
NEST EGG - Anagram [wasted] of TEENS, GG (goods)
23 March — miserable time for uprising (5)
TROOP - POOR (miserable) + T (time) reversed [uprising]
24 Bet repartee needs trimming (4)
ANTE - {b}ANTE{r} (repartee) [needs trimming]
26 Old fighter entering qualifiers (3)
ALI - Hidden in [entering] {qu}ALI{fiers}
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