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Times 27051 - you need to be full of brightness

Another one of those puzzles, for me, where you struggle along and take an age, then afterwards reviewing the clues you wonder why you found it hard. Perhaps I just wasn't on the wavelength, or it's because I was trying to watch the tennis at the same time. Nevertheless, a fine test, a few quirky but not hugely obscure words, and a GK leaning towards our transatlantic colleagues. 2d was a word I didn't know but assumed it was a parallel term from PODCAST. My CoD was the elegant 3d. I don't fully understand 12d. And it's another pangram.

1 Tax done by the book? (8)
OVERWORK - OVER = done, and a WORK can be a book.
6 Champion oarsmen eclipsing a slightly larger crew? (6)
FAVOUR - A crew of FOUR has A V = five included.
9 Very old date skins, hard leaves (4)
IDES - HIDES = skins loses its H.
10 One’s descent in a plane? (6,4)
FAMILY TREE - Humourous effort, a plane being a species of tree. Time was wasted on FLYING and FALLEN once the initial F appeared.
11 Sparkling set Americanism a Jordanian uses (5,5)
CANIS MAJOR - Nicely hidden words for the constellation, in AMERI(CANISM A JOR)DANIAN.
13 Relinquish saw erroneously picked up (4)
CEDE - I think 'erroneously' means it sounds like SEED which would be wrong, if used as the past tense of SEE, instead of SAW.
14 One would be respectful to this national anthemor mean (5,3)
STAND FOR - Double definition. I don't quite understand the exact sense of the 'THIS natioanl anthem' bit. One would be respectful by standing for an anthem, but THIS and NATIONAL ANTHEM seem tautologous. Or am I making too much of it? EDIT as the first commenter below points out, the definition is "this" and you substitute it with STAND FOR.
16 He sang especially for God (6)
GANESH - Anagram of HE SANG, Hindu God, usually spelt GANESHA the one with the head of an elephant.
18 Substitute monarch posed with Zulu (6)
ERSATZ - ER = monarch, SAT = posed, Z for Zulu.
20 Fitting term’s test material around seminars at first (3,5)
MOT JUSTE - I believe an MOT test (acronym ofr Ministry of Tranport, originally?) is the UK equivalent of a vehicle's Controle Technique here in mot-juste-land. JUTE is a sacking-like material, insert the S from seminars at first.
22 Britain’s ready for something to chew on (4)
QUID - Slang for the pound, and stuff you chew e.g. tobacco.
24 What French can put in report is entertaining on grand scale (10)
BANQUETING - QUE is French for what, (and for which, whom, that and than). So, put QUE and TIN (=can) and IN into BANG = report.
26 Enigmatic husband in extra large lace trousers (10)
SPHINXLIKE - Lace = SPIKE, as in a drink, trousers i.e. contains, H, IN, XL.
28 Chap appearing every so often in Kiev court (4)
IVOR - Alternate letters of k I e V c O u R t, a Ukrainian chap presumably.
29 Cream mostly containing syrup: there’s port here (6)
BRUGES - BES(T) = cream mostly, insert RUG = wig = syrup (of fig, CRS). Place in Belgium we keep meaning to visit for a weekend but not made it yet.
30 Interprets fresh comments on promotion campaign? (3-5)
LIP-READS - LIP could be 'fresh' i.e. cheeky comments, RE = on, ADS.
2 Video maker misrepresented card votes (9)
VODCASTER - (CARD VOTES)*. Not a word I knew but it does exist.
3 In which DA gives consent (7)
RUSSIAN - &lit; DA being Russian for yes. No lawyers needed.
4 Steer celebrity away from European charity (5)
OXFAM - OX = steer, FAME = celebrity, loses its E. For the word play it ought to read ' ... European away from celebrity' really, but that would be gibberish.
5 Boy or girl one announcer holds up briefly (3)
KIM - MIKE is the announcer, loses E, reversed; a name for either gender. Or as many genders as there are these days.
6 Comprehensive reportedly encouraging sort of scholarship (9)
FULBRIGHT - FUL sounds like FULL = comprehensive; BRIGHT = encouraging, as in prospects; American international scholarship program begin in 1945 by Senator Fulbright, now with over 350,000 alumni apparently.
7 Palace the holders, having overcome Ipswich originally (7)
VATICAN - Not Crystal Palace FC, they don't hold any trophies (yet); VAT and CAN are holders, insert I for Ipswich originally.
8 Crook in outlet in centre scrubbed intention (1-4)
U-BEND - UB is the central portion of scrUBbed, and END = intention.
12 Panellist — one of twelve nailing track — a lover of pop? (7)
JURYMAN - RY = railway, track; presumably 'nailed by' JUMAN? Is JUMAN a pop festival? Or is this something to do with the old Juke Box Jury? I think not. Someone put me in the picture please.EDIT see first comment below.
15 Musical devices featuring in hits by The Police (9)
FUZZBOXES - The cops in UK are sometimes called the FUZZ (why?) and hits = BOXES. A fuzzbox was / is a electronic pedal device connected to an electric guitar to make it sound 'fuzzy' or distorted. I wanted one for mine but I grew up before I could afford to buy it.
17 Wrong to disown a fine cabinet maker (9)
SATINWOOD - (TO DISOWN A)*. I spent too long looking for a bloke like SHERATON but it's the wood, not the chap.
19 Going off end of April, stopping work for the summer? (7)
ADDLING - ADDING is work for a summer, insert L last letter of April.
21 Separate strands of investigation commonly acquire point (7)
UNTWINE - 'UNT = 'commonly pronounced' HUNT = investigation, WIN = acquire, E point.
23 Part of boot for hiker? (5)
UPPER - Cryptic double definition. As in 'hike up prices'.
25 Washington-Brussels summit on peace to finish (3,2)
USE UP - US - EU could be Washington / Brussels, P = summit on (first letter of) peace.
27 The trouble Chicago’s in (3)
ILL - Double definition I suppose; ILL = trouble, and Chicago is in Illinois.
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