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Times Quick Cryptic 1100 by Izetti - X Marks the Spot

My solving time today was 9 minutes. For this landmark puzzle, QC 1100, Izetti has given us a grid containing 10 Xs and with one of them checked that makes a total of 11 answers with X in them. 11 multiplied by X (10) happens to make 110 and I wonder if that is intentional or a coincidence or am I just trying too hard to spot something that's not there? On edit: please see Izetti's contribution below.

As I have recently been mentioning milestones achieved by the QC setters and bloggers I thought I would take this opportunity to publish the total number of QC puzzles blogged by each of the TftT team to date. Names in red are the current regulars:

chrisw [216] , jackkt [140], nick_the_novice [111], william_j_s [105], mohn [100]

pipkirby [79], macavity [61], rolytoly [57], therotter [56], emu [38], galspray [36], curarist [24], johninterred [19], oliviarhinebeck [16], robrolfe [14], astartedon [12]

ianb [6], allan_sidcup [ 4], jerrywh [4], brnchn [1], ulaca [1], vinyl1 [1]

(If anyone was going to point out these add up to 1101, it's because there was an additional unnumbered puzzle on Christmas Day 2014)

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 One male leading holy warriors (4)
IMPI - I (one), M (male), PI (holy)
4 Sailor gets with it, drunken chum, rather unreasonable (1,3,4)
A BIT MUCH - AB (sailor), IT, anagram [drunken] of CHUM
8 Garden — it is made awkward by this slope (8)
GRADIENT - Anagram [made awkward] of GARDEN IT
9 Coarse person, unknown character becoming top (4)
APEX - APE (coarse person), X (unknown character)
10 Maiden, well-favoured, wanting kiss — seductive lady (4)
MINX - M (maiden - cricket), IN (well-favoured), X (kiss)
11 Settings in which prisoner is given things to read (8)
CONTEXTS - CON (prisoner), TEXTS (things to read)
12 Hold up one troublemaker needing to meet PM shortly (6)
IMPEDE - IMP (troublemaker), EDE{n} (PM) [shortly]. Sir Anthony Eden, Prime Minister 1955-1957.
14 Maybe fly home with group of believers (6)
INSECT - IN (home), SECT (group of believers)
16 Speaker in the first half is fellow showing charm (8)
TALISMAN - TAL{ker} (speaker) [first half], IS, MAN (fellow)
18 Test in English before ten in the morning (4)
EXAM - E (English), X (ten), AM (in the morning)
19 End of line attached to equipment that can fly (4)
KITE - KIT (equipment), {lin}E [end]
20 Reclusive types as before, little people (8)
EREMITES - ERE (before), MITES (little people). A little hard for a QC perhaps but the wordplay is helpful.
22 Copied it — made it in different format (8)
IMITATED - Anagram [in different format] of IT MADE IT
23 Irish poetry needing no introduction (4)
ERSE - {v}ERSE (poetry) [needing no introduction]
2 Political approach offering new maxims about end of war (7)
MARXISM - Anagram [new] of MAXIMS containing [about] {wa}R [end]
3 Pointer in last pages of book? (5)
INDEX - Two meanings. The second has a question mark as an index is sometimes found at the beginning or may not be present at all.
4 Cut tax — easy? Not entirely (3)
AXE - Hidden [not entirely] in {t}AX E{asy}
5 Goal slammed into net, in at the very start (9)
INTENTION - Anagram [slammed] of INTO NET preceded by [at the very start] IN
6 People complaining — some ran off (7)
MOANERS - Anagram [off] of SOME RAN
7 Dishonest competitor caught ahead of race (5)
CHEAT - C (caught - cricket), HEAT (race)
11 Like the most delicious tea maybe — ice tea Mrs prepared? (9)
CREAMIEST - Anagram [prepared] of ICE TEA MRS. Cream in this beverage is not to most people's taste so I think the delicious 'tea' here would be a traditonal Devonshire or Cornish 'cream tea' consisting of clotted cream served on scones with jam.
13 Demanding old lover on island wanting man (7)
EXIGENT - EX (old lover), I (island), GENT (man). Another more difficult word, but again the wordplay is straightforward.
15 Persuasive types, awfully coarse, cross inside (7)
COAXERS - X (cross) contained by [inside] anagram [awfully] of COARSE
17 A sign of treasure on island in Irish sea? One assumes it is true (5)
AXIOM - A, X (sign of treasure), IOM (island in Irish sea - Isle of Man)
18 Outlaw formerly spotted on French island (5)
EXILE - EX (formerly), ILE (French island)
21 Aim to finish (3)
END - Two meanings
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