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Times Cryptic 27044

My solving time was off the scale yet again and I had a one letter error in an unknown answer. Quite a few unknowns for me today, amongst a number of very easy ones.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 I walk about on cold frozen area (6)
ICECAP - I, C (cold), PACE (walk) reversed [about].
5 Cheese pie dished up with corn, nothing more (8)
PECORINO - Anagram [dished up] of PIE CORN, 0 (nothing). And yet again we have this very annoying type of clue, a foreign or obscure word treated as an anagram. I didn't know the cheese  (it's made from ewe's milk) so had to guess the postions of the remaining letters once all the checkers were in place, but I managed to get it right on this occasion (unlike 'pleistocene' yesterday).
9 African yak, I see, finally extinct (8)
GABONESE - GAB (yak - talk incessantly), ONE (I), SE{e} [finally extinct]. I think it's more usually spelt 'yack' but the animal spelling is also acceptable.
10 Vineyard owner on way back hurries at first to bar (6)
NABOTH - H{urries} [at first] + TO + BAN (bar) reversed [on way back]. This reference to an obscure Biblical character was completely wasted on me despite years of compulsory indoctrination.
11 One with specific rights is stopping ambassador entering European country (10)
FRANCHISEE - IS contained by [stopping] HE (ambassador) also contained by [entering] FRANCE (European country)
13 Writer's article appearing in Standard, devoid of substance (4)
SAND - AN (article) contained by [appearing in] S{tandar}D [devoid of substance - so there's nothing in it]. The writer is George Sand, nom de plume of one Amantine Lucile Dupin (1804-1876)
14 Joyful leading lady's part (4)
GLAD - Rather well hidden in [part] {leadin}G LAD{y}
15 One rejected university study, along with guy unsuited to academia? (10)
INEDUCABLE - I (one), DEN (study) reversed [rejected], U (university), CABLE (guy - as in a rope or stay, not Sir Vince who happens be a guy but isn't dead or the Monarch so wouldn't qualify for a mention)
18 Mountain, terrible threat in early part of day (10)
MATTERHORN - Anagram [terrible] of THREAT contained by [in] MORN (early part of day)
20 Uniform Salvation Army made without padding (4)
SAME - SA (Salvation Army), M{ad}E [without padding - once again there's nothing in it]
21 Boisterously play piano coming to end of concert (4)
ROMP - PROM (concert) with  its P (piano) coming to the end
23 My freedom's under threat, for sure (3,2,5)
I'LL BE BOUND - Two meanings  of sorts, the first being a cryptic hint
25 Italian family by the sea here in Cannes (6)
MEDICI - MED (sea), ICI (here, in Cannes)
26 Publicity supporting Democrat backing British city (8)
BRADFORD - BR (British), AD (publicity), FOR (supporting), D (Democrat)
28 Briefly leaving the straight and narrow, girl finds joint (8)
ASTRAGAL - ASTRA{y} (leaving the straight and narrow) [briefly], GAL (girl). Another unknown. It's the ankle joint, apparently.
29 Overjoyed gun owners checked in record time (6)
ENRAPT - NRA (gun owners - Mr Trump's friends) contained by [checked in] EP (record), T (time)
2 Copper leads a training session with a Spanish team (9)
CUADRILLA - CU (copper), A, DRILL (training session), A. Another unknown foreign word which on looking up I find means a bullfighting team consisting of a matador and his banderilleros and picadors. I thought the answer would be the name of a Spanish soccer team well-known to all but me, so I went with wordplay and still got it wrong by beginning with CO{pper} [leads]. On reflection, CU (copper) was going to be more likely but only yesterday in the QC we had an example where 'leaders' indicated a run of letters at the start of one of the words in the clue: "Rastafarian leaders backing former emperor (4)".
3 King Charles admitted wearing something regal (7)
CROWNED - CR (King Charles), OWNED (admitted). CR = Charles Rex  and what we may get when ER's reign comes to an end
4 Pastry confection that is soft on top (3)
PIE - IE (that) has P (soft) on top
5 Iron / stuff in / cupboard (5)
PRESS - Triple definition
6 What follows first of carriages on train? (11)
CONSEQUENCE - C{arriages} [first], ON, SEQUENCE (train)
7 Coffee mugs filled with last of cointreau? Cheers! (7)
ROBUSTA - ROBS (mugs) contains [filled with] {cointrea}U [last], TA (cheers!). Another unknown to me. I never drink 'real' coffee so I am unaware of all the varieties.
8 Either way, it's unacceptable (3,2)
NOT ON - 'either way' indicates the answer is a palindrome
12 Musical artist and I perform song: scary! (4-7)
HAIR-RAISING - HAIR (musical), RA (artist), I, SING (perform song)
16 Writer excising chapter one first of all (3)
ECO - E{xcising} C{hapter} O{ne} [first of all]. An Italian writer this time, Umberto Eco (1932-2016) who turned up in a Quick Cryptic shortly after his demise and also in the main puzzle two years before the event!
17 Sweet, shortened version of French organ work after Rossini intro (5,4)
LEMON DROP - LE MOND{e} (French organ - newspaper) [shortened version], R{ossini} [intro], OP (work)
19 Less sober Greek character brought into line (7)
TIPSIER - PSI (Greek character) contained by [brought into] TIER (line). I think of a 'tier' more as a level than a line but the dictionaries have 'row' so the clue is okay.
20 One who'll eat and drink, briefly entertained by sister (7)
SCOFFER - COFFE{e} (drink) [briefly] contained [entertained] by SR (sister)
22 Gets started? Writer might not, having this (5)
OPENS - A straight definition with a cryptic hint based around 0 PENS
24 Handle dog well, but only intermittently (5)
LABEL - LAB (dog), {w}E{l}L [only intermittently]
27 Cockney's own greeting (3)
AVE - 'ave (own) [Cockney]
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