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Times 27034 - sunk!

Solving time: submitted at 15:12, but I have one incorrect.  After a longer look at the one I got wrong, I can see what it should have been, though I don't think I would have come readily.

Odd puzzle this one, lots of head-scratching, and a fair chunk of biffing, though I think I have the wordplay sorted out (for those clues that have wordplay). I won't be surprised if I'm not alone in having an honest error.

For those of you not expecting to see my smiling face, z8b8d8k and I have done a little swap, as he is away from the interweebs today and I will not be around on June 14.

Away we go...

1 Dirty books in second venue for literary festival (6)
SHABBY - B,B(books) in S and the HAY literary festival, which starts in a few weeks (and was a lucky guess for me)
4 Building's top plant installer? (8)
THATCHER - cryptic definition (since it would be plant material used to make the thatched roof)
10 Bury rival, small person applying for job? (11)
INTERVIEWEE - INTER(bury), VIE(rival), WEE(small)
11 Impertinence masked at the outset by daughter's sauce (3)
DIP - LIP(impertinence) with D instead of L at the front
12 Very serious man with stylish clothing (7)
CHRONIC - RON(man) inside CHIC(stylish)
14 You, once humble, putting forward Liberal that's a bit jaundiced? (7)
YELLOWY - YE(you, once), then LOWLY(humble) with the L moved to the front
15 Electronic components cracked on some circuits and died, losing current (14)
17 One's highly strung, which may describe spinal cord (6,2,6)
BUNDLE OF NERVES - double definition
21 Survive disembarking after everyone else? (7)
OUTLAST - or be the one who gets OUT LAST
22 Hooter modified to cover front of brass instrument (7)
THEORBO - anagram of HOOTER containing B(rass)
23 Form of three-way junction without a coupling (3)
TWO - T(three-way junction), W/O(without)
24 Drill bit with vertical grip? (7,4)
PRESENT ARMS - cryptic definition, based on rifles being presented vertically in that part of the drill
26 In study I messed up division (8)
DISUNITY - anagram of IN,STUDY,I
27 Writer needing men in good health (6)
ORWELL - OR(men), WELL(in good health)

1 Bag held up in Candide's Act I, usually (8)
SUITCASE - hidden reversed in candidES ACT I USually
2 Floating platform headed back to sailors (3)
AFT - RAFT(floating platform) missing the head
3 Cowshed shelved, both unfinished and romantically moody (7)
BYRONIC - BYRE(cowshed) and ON ICE(shelved) both missing the last letter
5 It is a question of parentage (4-4-6)
HOWS-YOUR-FATHER - double definition with IT referring to sexual intercourse
6 Possible plagiarism involving Spanish article which is run without obstacles (3,4)
THE FLAT - THEFT(plagiarism) containing LA
7 Drove in rush, desperate to find water on Manhattan's West Side (6,5)
HUDSON RIVER - anagram of DROVE,IN,RUSH - the river separating New York from New Jersey
8 Power for line of forwards is rewarding (6)
REPAYS - P replacing L in RELAYS(forwards a message)
9 Not being satisfied about male campers, maybe, breaking record time (14)
DISCONTENTMENT - ON (about) TENT MEN(male campers) insie DISC(record), T
13 Unruly spirit destroyed debt records (11)
RUMBUSTIOUS - RUM(spirit), BUST(destroyed), IOUS(debt records)
16 Slippery slope limiting America's support (8)
ESPOUSAL - anagram of SLOPE containing USA
18 Unsmiling principal brings in commercial parking (7)
DEADPAN - DEAN(principal) containing AD,P
19 European Court function is set up to protect voter (7)
ELECTOR - E,CT with ROLE(function) reversed surrounding
20 Got Edward as a prize, as usual (6)
WONTED - or WON TED. This was my error, as I had POTTED, with TED being the POT.
25 Wish undone in French way (3)
RUE - double definition
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