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Times 27033 - no eventers were scared in the making of this puzzle

A more straightforward offering today than I've had for a while on a Wednesday, no doubt a respite for me before next week's 'golden oldie' arriving alongside another TCC qualifier. One slight bear trap at 18a if you were too hasty to press the 'submit' button, otherwise just the usual mix with poets, painters and rare animals here and there. Around 20 minutes all done with no cheating or looking up.

1 Instrument in vessel about to go on fire (7)
SACKBUT - SACK = fire, TUB reversed goes on it.
5 Dance classes for poet and priest (7)
HOPKINS - HOP = dance, KINS = classes, KIN usually means 'of family' but also can mean 'of the same kind'. Gerard Manley Hopkins was both a poet and a Jesuit priest, so not my ideal dinner guest I feel.
9 Escape, having left before noon (3)
LAM - L = left, AM = before noon. A word of American origin meaning flight or escape, as in 'on the lam from the police'.
10 Number joining party for Africans in US state care (11)
MAINTENANCE - TEN (number) and ANC (party Africans) goes inside MAINE.
11 Refuse a course of action after shock (4,4)
TURN AWAY - TURN = shock ('he had a bit of a turn') A WAY.
12 Cold criminal heading off to be a fellow down under (6)
COBBER - Aussie for mate. C = cold, (R)OBBER = criminal heading off.
15 What was busted in war with power — having a bit of water! (4)
DAMP - The DAM was busted, add P for power.
16 Element of clue, one I'd fit in deviously (10)
18 Players are outside entrance getting rebukes (10)
CASTIGATES - GATE = entrance, inside CAST IS = players are. Go down a long snake if you put CASTIGATED.
19 Last one of the tribe to give utterance of surprise (4)
EGAD - E = last one of THE, GAD = one of the 12 tribes of Israel. EGAD a mild oath originally from YE GODS.
22 Wrongly gaoled when one could be in a home? (3,3)
OLD AGE - (GAOLED)*. I am feeling that way, having three parallel medical processes going on with me at once. Hopefully I shall emerge bionic and revitalised.
23 A knight leaving birthplace somewhere in France (8)
25 PM put down by house of legislature (11)
CHAMBERLAIN - CHAMBER = house of legislature, LAIN = put down.
27 Extract sulphur out of earth (3)
OIL - SOIL loses its S. N.B. setter, SULFUR is now the official spelling.
28 Artists taken aback by male painter noted for portraits (7)
SARGENT - RAS = artists, reverse and add GENT = male. John Singer Sargent was an American painter (born in Italy and died in London though) who painted Edwardian toffs.
29 Horse has calm expression after losing its tail (7)
EVENTER - EVEN = calm, TER(M) = expression losing tail. As in 'three day eventer'.

1 Formally acknowledged something played entering grave (7)
SALUTED - LUTE, something played, inside SAD.
2 Made a deal and embraced, having taken up little time (11)
COMPROMISED - COMPRISED = embraced, insert MO = little time.
3 Renamed city business qualification lad possesses (6)
BOMBAY - MBA = business qualification, inside BOY. Now renamed MUMBAI officially since 1995.
4 Having several sides subsequently participating in test (10)
5 African university given superior temporary accommodation (4)
HUTU - HUT = temporary accommodation, is superior to, above, U = university. The Hutu live mainly in Burundi and Rwanda.
6 Attack malevolent little creature that's got rid of black mammal (8)
PANGOLIN - PAN = criticise, attack; GO(B)LIN = malevolent little creature with B for black removed. The pangolin is also called the scaly anteater and often found in crosswords.
7 Boozer liked being heard (3)
INN - Sounds like 'IN' = popular, liked.
8 What could be nastier component of fat (7)
STEARIN - (NASTIER)*. Glyceryl tristearate, main component of animal fat, used to make candles, soap and other stuff.
13 Encouraging action at end of round in fight (8,3)
BRINGING OUT - clever, this, all about boxing. RINGING (a bell) = action at the end of round, it goes inside BOUT = fight.
14 Roughly what we do as presents are handed out? (4,2,4)
GIVE OR TAKE - Double definition, one literal.
17 Like many a tune coming from evil Hollywood star (8)
SINGABLE - SIN = evil, Clark GABLE Hollywood star of old.
18 Picks confectionery treats: second about to go (7)
CHOICES - CHOC ICES are those treats, drop the C being the second 'about'.
20 Resident embarrassed, upset about non-mains water supply (7)
DWELLER - WELL inside RED reversed.
21 Approach a planet without second source of energy (6)
24 Cricketer accumulating runs, a spoilt youngster? (4)
BRAT - BAT accumulates R. We had this discussion recently about BAT / BATTER / BATSMAN so I won't re-open it.
26 Beautiful female lacking expression (3)
AIR - FAIR = beautiful, loses its F.
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