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Times 27016 - we'll do our best

Solving time: 14:27.  Probably should have been a lot faster but I was held up by a few crafty definitions. Definitions so crafty that I suspect this will not be a puzzle for the biffers.

The early appearance of a K, X and Y in the grid made me think this could be a pangram, but it was not.

First definitions are underlined in the clues

Away we go...

1 What artist does is attractive (5)
DRAWS - double definition. Yes, I know not all artsists draw.
4 Obliged to survey Englishmen on vacation (8)
BEHOLDEN - BEHOLD(survey) then E(nglishme)N
8 Queen's night attire simply the best? (3,4,7)
THE CATS PYJAMAS - the queen is THE CAT, and the nightwear is PYJAMAS.
10 Genuine theft, real criminal (9)
11 Contrary old soldier, mother's mate from abroad (5)
AMIGO - O, GI, MA all reversed
12 Present playing cards for the individual (2,4)
ON HAND - ON(playing, as in "on stage"), HAND(cards for the individual)
14 Be marked, cut by one German with sword (8)
SCIMITAR - SCAR(be marked) with I, MIT(German, with) inside
17 Artillery arriving by parachute, presumably causing a bit of a splash? (8)
RAINDROP - I liked this one - the artillery could be the RA IN DROP
18 Nurse, close to despair in scoundrel's grip, fled unclothed (6)
CRADLE - (despai)R in CAD(scoundrel) then the middle letters of fLEd
20 Pants son's wearing split more than once (5)
GASPS - S(son) inside GAPS(more than one split)
22 Person applying pressure on branch to supply cheese (9)
LIMBURGER - URGER(person applying pressure) with LIMB(branch)
24 Penchant, eg. for arresting police inspectors (14)
PREDISPOSITION - PREPOSITION(for, for example), containing DIS
25 Mineral is extracted from fluid epoxy resin (8)
PYROXENE - remove IS from EPOXY,RESIN and shuffle
26 Springtime sound from insect, perhaps (5)
MAYBE - MAY(springtime) then sounds like BEE

1 Bottle after bottle? (5,7)
DUTCH COURAGE - an all-in-one since DUTCH and COURAGE can also mean bottle individually.  Well at least I thought they did, concensus on the forum is that it is a cryptic definition based on needing to hit the bottle to get it. Maybe I shouldn't have done that before solving.
2 Lakeland setting for youth leader (5)
AKELA - hidden inside lAKELAnd - leader of cub scouts
3 Small furry animal, extremely 7, spruced up (9)
SMARTENED - S, MARTEN(furry animal) then the outside letters in EMACIATED(answer to 7 down)
4 Vehicle that is top of range is less available (6)
BUSIER - BUS, IE, R(ange)
5 Rick and Henry always succeeded on course (8)
HAYSTACK - H(the unit henry), AY(always), S(succeeded), TACK(course in yachting)
6 Soft fabric supplier from America completely revolutionised (5)
LLAMA - AM, ALL all reversed
7 Eastern spies with yoked clothing wasted (9)
EMACIATED - as in wasted away... E, then CIA(spies) inside MATED(yoked)
9 Caterer found bananas for lengthy sporting event (4,2,6)
13 Shock solution's risky, Superman from time to time admitted (4,5)
HAIR SPRAY - HAIRY(risky) containing alternating letters inf SuPeRmAn
15 Mum going round university in Paris arranged a place for Joey (9)
MARSUPIUM - the pouch... MUM surrounding U inside an anagram of PARIS
16 Company porters attending church merge in (8)
COALESCE - CO, ALES(porters), CE(church)
19 The author's facade's put on (6)
IMPOSE - I'M(the authot's), POSE(facade)
21 Loner's curious since travelling north (5)
SADDO - ODD(curious), AS(since) all reversed
23 Harsh year, marked by pollution (5)
GRIMY - GRIM(harsh), Y(year)
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