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Times Cryptic 27008

A little on the tricky side at times but there were enough straightforward clues here to provide checkers to help with the more difficult ones. I completed the grid with everything parsed in 38 minutes.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Chief cad? Absolutely (4,4,5)
HEAD OVER HEELS - A chief is a HEAD and a cad is a HEEL so the 'chief cad' is HEAD OVER HEELS, geddit? The main definition here is an intensifier: 'absolutely', 'completely and utterly', especially as in the phrase 'head over heels in love'.
8 Make a slow escape, taking irrational road westward (4)
DRIP - PI (irrational) + RD (road) reversed [westward]
9 Cab's recording device disabled remote chat (10)
TACHOMETER - Anagram [disabled] of REMOTE CHAT. On edit, a number of early comments below query the definition here. For what it's worth I took 'cab' to refer to trucks rather than taxis, in which case the following may be helpful: The cab of a truck is the front part in which the driver sits (Collins). A tachometer is an instrument which measures the working speed of an engine (especially in a road vehicle), typically in revolutions per minute (ODO). This can assist the driver in selecting appropriate throttle and gear settings for the driving conditions (Wikipedia). On further edit: It has now been suggested that the instrument that records is a 'tachograph' so perhaps the clue is in error after all. But anyway I got the answer as did most others, so it probably matters very little.
10 Where one might put in vocally critical team? (8)
QUAYSIDE - QUAY sounds like [vocally] "key" (critical), SIDE (team). Having 'put out' to sea one might later 'put in' to port and land at a QUAYSIDE.
11 Mug grasps end of clasp that doesn't need fastening (4-2)
STEP-IN - STEIN (mug) contains {clas}P [end]. SOED has: a garment put on by being stepped into; without fastenings. Can't pretend I knew that.
13 Overweight boxer getting endless abuse resigned (10)
FATALISTIC - FAT (overweight), ALI (boxer), STIC{k}(abuse) [endless]
16 Second / sign of approval / that may torment pet (4)
TICK - Triple definition
17 Lover's knot you might catch? (4)
BEAU - Sounds like [you might catch] "bow" (knot)
18 Swimmer's haircut an ageing nonconformist might sport? (4,6)
GREY MULLET - The straight defintion is a type of fish. I also know mullet as a hairstyle and if it's GREY the person who sports it may be ageing, but as to the rest of it I can only assume that the hair-do is associated with non-conformity of some sort.
20 French city docudrama finally airs (6)
AMIENS - {docudram}A [finally], MIENS (airs - as in appearance, character or, as in yesterday's puzzle, carriage)
22 Precise net reduction (5-3)
CLEAR-CUT - CLEAR (net - after tax, for example), CUT (reduction)
24 Ignorant landlord interrupts nude dancing (10)
UNLETTERED - LETTER (landlord) is contained by [interrupts] anagram [dancing] of NUDE
26 Section of brig, say, for wife (4)
PROW - PRO (for), W (wife).  'Brig' in this context is a ship. Just to add a little confusion, in another context it can be the section of a ship that's designated as its prison.
27 Accumulated linen  garments on appropriate part of anatomy (6,7)
BOTTOM DRAWERS - DRAWERS (garments) on BOTTOM (appropriate part of anatomy).  For those not familiar with the expresion, a 'bottom drawer' is a young woman's collection of clothes, linen and other artefacts, set aside in anticipation of marriage. I understand that on the other side of the pond this is called a 'hope chest' which sounds slightly desperate to me!
1 New assembly of cruel and humane characters preserved city (11)
HERCULANEUM - Anagram [new assembly] of CRUEL HUMANE
2 Put on / suit (5)
APPLY - Two meanings, the second in the sense of being relevant or suitable
3 Planning nothing contrary during trip (9)
OUTLINING - NIL (nothing) reversed [contrary] contained by [during] OUTING (trip)
4 Key stage before final reversion of property (7)
ESCHEAT - ESC (key), HEAT (stage before final). The reversion of property to the Crown in the absence of legal heirs. I knew it as a legal term but not exactly what it meant.
5 Bands for securing horse that went astray (5)
HOOPS - H (horse), OOPS (that went astray!)
6 Rudimentary XI's first half unbalanced (9)
ELEMENTAL - ELE{ven} (XI) [first half], MENTAL (unbalanced)
7 The woman at the heart of British Empire (3)
SHE - Hidden in [at the heart of] {briti}SH E{mpire}
12 Heads of Church Union in Lourdes treated like sceptics (11)
INCREDULOUS - Anagram [treated] of C{hurch} U{nion} [heads] and IN LOURDES
14 Fun goddess the author's appended to a religious text (9)
AMUSEMENT - A, MUSE (goddess), ME (the author), NT (religious text)
15 Collected material perverted man copied (9)
COMPENDIA - Anagram [perverted] of MAN COPIED
19 England's opening pair, gutted, played again (7)
ENCORED - EN{gland} ['s opening pair], CORED (gutted)
21 Aquatic mammals rolling over, run out and fight (3-2)
SET-TO - OTTE{r}S (aquatic mammals) reversed [rolling over] [run out]
23 For Asians, bread and water after game (5)
RUPEE - RU (game), PEE (water)
25 Writer's junk mounting (3)
NIB - BIN (junk) reversed [mounting]
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