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Times 27004 - in wordplay we trust

Solving time: 10:47, and there were three answers where I had to trust the wordplay alone, one of which was a nail-biter.  Nothing too outrageous or scary here, a lot of good wordplay and fun to be had.

Definitions are underlined in the clues.

Away we go...

1 Amassed a fortune, as Oppenheimer's team did (4,1,4)
MADE A BOMB - double definition, the second based on J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan project
6 Be leader in fashion with Italian suit (5)
BEFIT - BE, F(ashion), IT
9 Disturbed wild gelding (7)
NIGGLED - anagram of GELDING
10 Good question by French female, briefly a writer (7)
GASKELL - G, ASK(question), ELL(e) - the first of mine from wordplay alone, though the name sounded plausible. Elizabeth Gaskell, biographer of Charlotte Bronte
11 One sorry about daughter becoming less civil (5)
RUDER - RUER(one sorry) about D
13 Attendants in hospital department nowadays? (9)
ENTOURAGE - ENT(hospital department), OUR AGE(nowadays)
14 Like a killer’s single crime initially featured in magazine (9)
ARSENICAL - I(single), C(rime) in ARSENAL(magazine)
16 Stop limping (4)
HALT - double definition
18 Dirty farm building, with nothing moved inside (4)
SOIL - SILO(farm building) with the O in this inside
19 Repeatedly mentioning computers etc given low grading? (9)
ITERATING - IT(computers) getting an E RATING
22 Playwright having drink with performer missing start of rehearsal (9)
DRAMATIST - DRAM(drink) then ARTIST missing R(ehearsal)
24 Gong finally sounded, interrupting dinner, say (5)
MEDAL - (sounde)D inside MEAL(dinner)
25 Crampon primarily used by supple mountaineer (7)
CLIMBER - C(rampon), LIMBER(supple)
26 One way to cook food, grand with pepper (7)
GRIDDLE - G(grand), RIDDLE(pepper)
28 One who’s generous with fellow men (5)
DONOR - DON(academic fellow), OR(military men)
29 Gives to heirs with no difficulty (5,4)
HANDS DOWN - double definition

1 Island folk pursued by dangerous sea creature (7)
MENORCA - MEN(folk), ORCA(dangerous sea creature). The one I was most worried about since I've heard of MINORCA and MAJORCA, but not MENORCA
2 Like indigenous houses (3)
DIG - hidden in inDIGenous
3 Flaps, performing in a role at start of show (8)
AILERONS - anagram of IN,A,ROLE then S(how)
4 Maybe pensioner could drive, taking regular breaks (5)
OLDIE - alternating letters in cOuLd DrIvE
5 Piano piece, opening in short musical entertainment (9)
BAGATELLE - GATE(opening) in BALLE(t)
6 Degree question university set in extremely simple language (6)
BASQUE - BA(degree), then Q(question), U(university) in S(impl)E
7 Unkempt beards are, if not kept in check (4,2,1,4)
8 Everything in trial is unbelievable in the extreme (7)
TALLEST - ALL(everything) in TEST(trial)
12 End of journey from foreign terminal, skirting Iran's borders (11)
DESTINATION - DE(from, in French), then STATION(terminal) containing I(ra)N
15 Youngster tailed by one clever old commander (9)
CHILIARCH - CHIL(d), then I, ARCH(clever) - the third of my wordplay alone clues, a leader of a thousand men
17 Amassing newfangled sources of power (3,5)
18 Enticed up-and-coming dandies around city (7)
SEDUCED - DUDES(dandies) around EC(city) all reversed
20 Brass over edge of porthole on old sailing vessel (7)
GALLEON - GALL(brass), then (porthol)E, ON
21 One giving needle or gas? (6)
JABBER - double definition, gas being hot air here
23 Animal, possibly from Bangkok, extinct, reportedly (5)
TIGON - sounds like THAI GONE
27 Performers discovered unknown operatic intros (3)
DUO - first letters in Discovered Unknown Operatic
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